hey class..jus a reminder from Ms Yeo to bring all the materials you have researched and collected to school on monday, so we can discuss the points for the debate topic during GP lesson on monday. if u all do see each other help to pass the message and remind the class abt this can? xiee.. hey debaters jia youu.. =) haha..this reminds me of mr ng saying the oil came out of his ears..a direct translation of "ting chu er you"..lame!! oh no no..wadeverrr..LOL.

- brendan

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In class angel n mortal iz me again (: ..yupz.. just wanna say sumthing abt the angel n mortal game (internal..)

please TRY not to reveal ur mortal to anyone lar..n since we are all in the same class, maybe u all wanna trick ur mortal?? haha..okie..tats quite mean..but all for the sake of fun mar..yupz..and remember to write to ur angel/mortal often k? be nice to them..yupz..and i tink we are going to reveal it on val day?? ani violent objections?? please voice them..erm..n i tink we dun need to have gift exchange for this in class angel mortal money for senior class angels n mortals..haha..but do attach stuff with ur letters..haha..(if u want lar..)..okie..tats abt it..oh yes...PUT THE LETTERS IN THE BLUE BOX.. not the red one...or else there will be confusions...haha..

okie..tats abt all i have to sae lar..have a nice weekend n write to all ur mortals n angel..yupz..and do blog often!!


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i like orange too((: anyway, i wish we didn't have to repick our angel and mortal. i liked mine. boohoo ): nvm, i can still write to them... to my new angel: whoever you are... get me M&Ms!! ask yahting and kailing which type i want... they know which one ((: hahahahha... oh well. 2046 really rocked man!! it rocked so much i left halfway. couldn't stand how good it was... so i had to leave. ((: i want class jacket too!! not pullover larh. my sec 4 class already have one... i don't need another one. and jacket more practical larh. easier to wear. and why wait until after 1st 3 months to get it? the sooner, the better ((: live for the present marh. why worry so much 'bout the future?!?!

anyway, valentine's day is gonna be so filled with activities larh. we're revealing angel mortal, gift exchange, revealing in-class angel mortal (right?), and something else... so exciting! oh.. just wanna say something... even if we don't win the competition right...(although i'm pretty sure we will when the class blog comm does its stuff!!), it dosen't matter right? cos what matters is that we got class spirit, and our motivation for this blog was not some competition, but the 75 spirit in us!! so yeah... it really dosen't matter if we don't win, though of course winning it will be good ((: hahahhaha. but continue to keep the blog alive okay? although i'm sure we will.. and i want the neos we took last fri at ps!! huiling!! where is it?!?! quick quick scan then cut and give those who are in it! hurry!!

well.. play hard now. cos after 1st 3 months, there's no more chance. so all of you hardworking freaks stop scaring me can? relax larh! don't mug so hard!! so scaryyyyy...

okay. that's all i guess. enjoy the weekend ((: and try not to miss the class too much. hahahaha ((: lame.


05s75! we rawk! we stone. ((:

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2046 review

Melvin here for a movie review after today's screening of 2046 by the ELDDFS.

A stunning breathtaking film of how a tong leung goes in search for true love while trying to complete his futuristic novel. The movie was indeed a breath of fresh air from the likes of "the sea inside" and "A ton image" and made us DYING for more. Being action packed, there was hardly a DULL moment. The sudden tremors in the room and the dropping of books caught us off guard and basically we were kept on our toes all the time.

Not to mention the intensity of the love affairs that tony had made us all CRY UNCONTROLLABLY. The chemistry between the star studded cast was UNBEARABLY perfect while the depth of the constant sexual intamicy and connection between tony and his partners were simply OUT OF THE WORLD! Together with the ABSTRACT storyline indeed made it a masterpiece.

Artistically directed and filmed, 2046 is defintely a must watch for those who missed it. It is highly recommanded and deserving of being nominated for best film in the recent golden hoarse awards. Those who havent watched it yet, u must defintely rent this as it is one the the GREATEST films of our time.

Rating: 4.5/5

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angel n mortal

hello people..22 people participated in the inclass angel n mortal game...hope u all can write to ur angel/mortal often..yupz...n put it in the BLUE box...not the red one...cuz there will be mix-ups..yupz..and try not to reveal ur identity to ur mortal..haha..keep the mortal in suspense (eww..)..haha..okie...happy writing to each other, and hope everyone can get to know the class pple better..yupz..oh yes..when do u all wanna reveal this in class angel mortal game?? suggest!!

luv, KL

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It's not war mahz... melvin is indulging himself in his own world war III... eh...a note... our class blog is the MOST active blog of all classes, which includes posting of entries as well as doodling on the board, with active participation from everyone. YAY!

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War between the two clubs aside. Lolxz. Anyway Liyu needs to find out if majority of the class is fine with the idea of having a class jacket or pullover. Even a cup or mug will do. Something symbolic. erms, yeps, so, opinions? Best if we can do it asap lahz, got greater sense of identity also. Will try to collect all views by end of this week.

Then the next thing is the inter class debate!! Guys and gals if you have debated before in your sec school before or simply love arguing please look for me or jonathan to express your interest! I've already received the motion for our class and the first round starts NEXT WEEK. The motion is as follows:

THW require parental consent for teenage abortion.

Our class is the Proposition.

Please volunteer yourself if you have exceptional interest or views on this topic. If you do not wish to be on the front line but still have alot to say, pls post them here so tht we have reference! Yeps, so that's it for now...Banner painting will start next week when the paint arrives, meanwhile the stall group, esp the publicity wing can start designing posters and flyers liaoz...though we're divided into groups to facilitate productivity but any time you got any brilliant ideas or free time do try to help one another out kz ;P O5S75!!!


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RC outing

Your club spokesperson here. Apart from our daily activites I decided to hold an outing to watch a chucky on thurs. Got one or two ppl already. Hope more can join. The ex co have decided to issue PEARLS points to those who turn up.

Also someone told me to remind the class that the angel mortal thing will be revealed on V day, there will aslo be a present exchange. Also those ppl in charge of the class blog com, banner, cny, class tee remember to do ur stuff.

And lastly... Rotten Apples Club sux! WE RULE!!!!!!!! Will post the posts of the club once the blog com is over. LOL!

U noe hu

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haha yah i dowan to write abt jts liao lar.. evbd write. anw the pics are hosted on my webpost.. err just created hahah. its on go see kk?=)

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ooh. my fav colour. hahahaha... and i'm so not a bimbo k? (stupid justine!) yesterday was fun! movie was... urgh. again. i'm beginning to think Golden Globe awards don't really count. the movie was soooooo draggy. although i liked the acting, and the scenery! (struggling through the review now..) bbq was good... thanks for letting us use your condo yahting! and thanks for the cookies, kailing and yahting! (esp. the SPECIAL BIG cookie that huiling and i got ((: ) ooh, and to all the people who actually barbecued yest, thanks ((: sorry i was slacking away, but my eyes really hurt from the smoke, and i didn't want to risk being blind. (although i know this is not much of an excuse..) someone load all the pics we took yesterday, esp. the record no.18- ppl-in-one-neoprint neoprint okay?!?!? cool. i want that as my friendster pic. hahahhaa.

justine's bdae coming up! hahahaha... oldest in class, sure does not act like it. *snickers. oh well, i think we got a surprise planned for her, let's hope it works. i want more class outings too!! but let's have low budget ones okay? cos everyone's kinda broke now... yeah. oh well, jiayou everyone for cny stall thing okay? let's earn big bucks! yay!! and let's stay united as 05s75 forever! should any of us have to leave after 1st 3 months (touch wood!), let's keep in contact okay? and let's not lose that 05s75 spirit burning in us!

05s75. we rock. we stone.

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yEh...first time blogging! haha yest bbQ was FUN. Hmmz.....actually i shld start talking about the movie first...hmmmz....the movie was the opp of fun....THE SEA INSIDE. it was like quite sian...but like got few ppl teared or wat coz sad i tink...haha nvm...we shall endure for the sake of GP. den after that we eat and then go arcade play datona....wah liao sam lost to minyi lor.....haha den later they fight it out at the dunno wat machine keep on whacking the buttons one haha so farnie. hmmz disc hockey waz nice too.

ok to the bbq at yahting first we(me, ying tang, clement, tse yi) were walking towards the condo lor...den we reach the block 20 liao...den suddenly clement recieved a call...den we muz walk all the way back to ntuc buy charcoal...DAmn lame lor...haha budden we picked sheldon at the mrt so he carried the charcoal back...haha. den we also picked up a stupid ball that isnt a ball den bring it to the bbq. haha den there was already a fire and ppl cooking liao...ok lor i admit i was slacking lar...nv cook any food. haha budden can really see that emily was like every min at the bbq pit tending the charcoal or cooking food....really pei fu pei fu. Haha den we played some lame games...the "SUX" game or wateva they call it...den the other group played heart attack i tink.....haha then juz now the stupid ball kena kicked over to another building over the fence....ooOOooo......and den finally we played MRT...hahax at first quite few ppl play den in the end got alot.....den kai ling the worst....haha outram park the end biggest stack so sad......HEHz ....we still have the forfeit haven tink yet hor....anywae.....bbq was really nice and hope the seniors enjoyed too....!


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another post

hello guys... another post from me! hehe... just wanna say... if no time, no money to go for class outing, just go off to sim to eat after school on mon n wed if possible loh... ok? fills up ur hungry stomachs (after a soooo early lunch at 10am on mon) and we get a mini "outing"...
we getting quite busy eh... let's jia you: play hard, work hard!
let's earn a lot in cny stall so that our "financial troubles" can be solved!
another thing... ppl can u pls put ur name at the bottom of the post... dun be anon.


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Haha, in the fish tank now..rotting away after an awfully interesting guitar orientation... lolxz, Sam, Jun Hong, Sheldon and Ying Tang having wu shu just outside...

Anyway, reminder! Please pay Faculty fund to Kegan!! Those who have accidentally given it to tze yi cos he seems to be oblivious to what he's collecting, pls try to get your money back, urgent urgent, needs to be submitted by tml.

Oh yes, and a hyper enthu kailing is moaning for a class outing when our bbq is not even here yet, lolxz... I believe majority of us already have big holes burnt in our pockets yea...with all these payments, school activities going on and tutorials going at full swing... ha, I think we ought to maintain our pace a little ba... Probably this pace is just nice lahz, any more outings within these two weeks is going to prove to be rather taxing yea, physically and financially... In fact the jts is already such a rush. yea we all know they will be busy soon but somehow i feel that it's still too early...but in any case all have been planned, so just have fun and enjoy ourselves!

Ha, as you can see I'm just typing on and on while staring out of the fish tank... so if any of my words above are not to your taste, pardon me, feel free to ignore or delete...

Heading home...


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Crapping version 1.2

Let's go out on tuesday! Preferably to watch a movie!!


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hie..haha hey really like the blog..the music is very nice.. oh the cny stalls ah..haha can we set one food one game..then can earn more money!! hahaha..den can treat the snrs to some high class place..using that money.. har..if our stall lousy never earn money ah? den we go coffee shop lor..hahaha. ehh..its nice mah..everytime go restaurant..the air con so cold..later catch a flu still must see shop got fresh air..and no ++ good. and got all kinds of food where to find ba cuo mee, laksa, guay where to find..haahaha. now quite late le..getting a little lame..hahaha =P

but yeah...our class very united..solid like stone ah..rock..marble..diamond..hahaha. hey..we shld include more entries saying we're the first class to do a blog..then when the judges read the entries..they will noe..then so impressed..or else if we dun ke xi.. so shall start the ball rolling..heyyy judges.....if ur reading this entry...our class first one to do blog 20 points!!~~ hahaha.. 05S75 rock on.. =)


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Hihi, 1st time blogging here. Luv our blog, especially wif the music on. Brings back "memorable" memories. Hahaz. Agree dat our claz's qt united. United in slacking together! Especially in the fish tank. Lovely ambience, wif piano for music appreciation n table soccer for "beckham" wannabes, n of course, cosy sofas for sleepy heads. (Gosh, y i suddenly talk so cheem ah?) Mayb we sld permanently migrate our claz bench there. Seriously, i tink we're one of the few classes who still go together to eat lunch. Sld flood the SIM canteen more often. Oh yes, n let's plan more outings together. 1 dat doesn't require us to do work pls!
CCA orientation was ok today lah, but din noe anyone there, so can't say Too bad i din c the MAD auditions. Really wanted to c how all of u dance. Muz be qt fun. Muz really admire ur courage to dance in frnt of a crowd. Cheers!
Aiya, dun tink abt JAE anymore lah. Jux conc on how to hv more fun during these precious three mths. Dun spend so much time thinking abt things which we can't help it lah. Muz keep an open-mind, den can be happier, k?
Yah, nothing else alr. Lessons start nxt wk, so sianz...let's spend our weekends wisely k, since it's prob e last (not really) free weekend we hv left. ^v^


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CNY stuff.

hey people! this is impt stuff regarding CNY celebrations so read this okae?
1) all the j1 CTs need to set up a stall during CNY celebrations.. either a food stall or a games stall. and we'll have to hand in our proposal by next wed.. so everyone pls brainstorm on what we can do and we'll have a class meeting next week to decide ya?
2) we also need to paint a banner! if i dont rmb wrongly, it's 1m by 4m and the banner must be vertical.. so after we come up with a design we must start work on painting e banner! hopefully the whole class can help in painting it.
anw yup.. those are the more impt stuff la. next week is gonna be hectic for all of us already.. no more hrs of slacking and sitting ard in e fish tank!! =( and oh yes we must discuss jts soon too. hopefully we can have a meeting on monday to settle the CNY and JTS stuffs. =) well today kailing, yah ting, fel and i were watching e MAD auditions. haha quite funky! to all those who went for e audition.. way to go man! =) haha i will forever rmb clement and sam dancing =p
ok everyone have a nice weekend! rmb to do movie review and bio tutorial!

*xin yi

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Crapping version 1.1

I just spoke to a lot of seniors today after band and got really worried. It seems that u have to appeal to stay in HC if u get 9, if unlucky 8. If ur appeal is cleared, u wont be in the same class but shuffled to some vancency in another class, most prob s6 combi. Then appeal cases also depend alot on ur contributions to HC somemore lor. Wah liao... Sian man...

Well found out that my angel is guy, whom i all along tot was a gal. I even bought those girly stuff for him, thinking that he is a gal. And i think that our seniors are really a great bunch, we should try to talk to them more. My friend was formally fom 04s75 but got shuffled into some s6 after getting 9 pts. He told me our senior class rox and he misses them lor. awww...

Anybody got into MAD?

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keep on going!


Just wanted to say that the people who took part in the MAD Auditions were real cooL! haha. ((= Oh well~ Namely, Hui Ling, Hui Li, Hui Yi, Kegan, Clement and Sam. I don't think I missed out anyone, did I? Oops. Anyway, you all did well! At least you all have the courage to go try something new. That's something I don't have. wahahahaha. Okay, that's not the point. But aiya, wanted to say that even if you all don't get in don't be sad k. It's not that you all are not good. It's just that the others are better! *winkZ*

It's kind of sian to think of school starting from next week. No more lots of free time to write letters to our angels and mortals, no more lots of free time to slack in the fish tank or chit chat at class bench. Hardly enough time for us to walk over to TCHS or SIM for lunch. =( But keep the spirit going, yeah?! heeZ.


Sucks sucks. I don't know how it'll be like to be in a new environment or new class after JAE if I cannot stay in Hwachong. Boo. I LOVE 05s75!!

Oh, Ming Swin play piano damn cool. Especially the rock version of Canon. HAHA.

kk, signing off. My entry is full of crap. *shakes head*


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hello pple! its me again! not much to say, just wanna remind you guys to update the blog..and tell u tat i tink we reallie rocks! hmm..everytime i tink of wad is going to happen after the first three months, i feel so sad..i dun want us to be splited up..i want all of us to stay on as a must we hav pae AND jae??? it is just a waste of resources lar..should just let us stay where we want to..rite pple? week the crazy timetable is gonna start..we may not hav so much fun as this week liaoz..but we must still stay united okie??? haha.. rock outside class and stone in class..bleahx..miss u all!! cant wait to see u all again on monday!! haha..aniwae, those who went to the MAD audition today, u all rock!! dance dance dance!


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HehZ ppLz!

Yea, no doubt we've been interacting a lot these days; way to go! Ha, any way just wanna tell ya tht added music to the blog already! Turn on your speakers if they are off! Ha, find it familiar? Move to the groove, lolxz. Anyway it's such a ulu song, very hard to find to find :s lolxz...
woohoo, first class to do up a complete blog!!!


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Parable of Pencil

HELLO all! I'm trying to clear my inbox currently, and I came across this e-mail. Might be a little long, but it's meaningfuL...

The Pencil Maker took the pencil aside, just before putting him into the box.

"There are 5 things you need to know," he told the pencil, "Before I send you out into the world. Always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be."

"One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in Someone's hand."

"Two: You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you'll need it to become a better pencil."

"Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make."

"Four: The most important part of you will always be what's inside."

"And Five: On every surface you are used on, you must leave your mark. No matter what the condition, you must continue to write."

The pencil understood and promised to remember, and went into the box withpurpose in its heart.

Now replacing the place of the pencil with you. Always remember them andnever forget, and you will become the best person you can be.

One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in God's hand. And allow other human beings to access you for the many gifts you possess.

Two: You will experience painful sharpening from time to time by goingthrough various problems in life, but you'll need them to become a stronger person.

Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make. Learn from it, and correct them.

Four: The most important part of you will always be what's on the inside.

And Five: On every surface you walk through, you must leave your mark. No matter what the situation, you must continue to do your duties.

Allow this parable on the pencil to encourage you to know that you are aspecial person and only you can fulfill the purpose to which you were bornto accomplish. Never allow yourself to get discouraged and think that yourlife is insignificant and cannot make a change. You can and I know you will!

Okay, hope it quite enjoyed it, but if you found it boring... then... oh well =X

haha. YEAH. 05S75. class bench. fish tank. our new home. (:


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its me!

hello everyone!! i m here to blog! haha..anywae, i tink 05s75 reallie rocks lar..dun u all just agree? we hav been repeating this for like days...i tink our class is quite united lar..earliest to start a blog...even before we know tat there is a competition going cool rite? but then rite, the guys should blog more often, or else this will be 'dominated' by girls' entries! haha..oh yes, can we not hav our jts on next sat? i hav pri sch class bbq..but if the jts is on sun, i tink i can make it we must plan soon okie? argh..cant believe lessons are going to go full swing so soon..i m dreading the standing broad jump! hope we will still stay united as a class despite of the heavy workload n stuff..okie..shall end here!

p/s: fish tank is like our second home!! haha...maybe we were fishes in the past..*dots*..


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computer illiterate me

haha... i'm so computer illiterate... have to ask min yi how to get here even. ok...i'm finally in. actually just wanted to say that the fish tank seems to have become our class area... good for afternoon naps... oh yar... hope we go play some ball games soon otherwise me with all my eat den sleep, eat and sleep... too unhealthy. plus the oily unhealthy food in canteen. maybe some day, justine will influence us into bringing our own healthy food eg. her characteristic bread and apple...


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heyheyz... jts next wkend ahz?? so sadz...i can't can i not pay? =P I'm having a concert next wk on sun lahz... anyone's interested come support me =D
oh ya!!! there's jts... ='(


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abit of everything

hey everybody!!
yes i agree with huili that the mixing of guys and girls are improving =)
anw hopefully all of u have joined a CCA that u all like!
and i foresee that our hmwk will start to pile up soon.. so rmb to work hard! but dont forget to play hard too haha. but anything we dunno.. can go ask CLEMENT la haha =p
maybe we can have jts like next weekend or sth? wad do u all say? or if the seniors have anything to suggest, pls tag!
haha fish tank is starting to become a haven for us.. sth like the coolest place to hangout in sch heh =p we better spend more time there now.. if not when all the tutorials start next week den wont have so much free time le =(
oh yes kegan, u wanna tell ms yeo abt our blog? haha the criteria for the e-diary thing includes teacher's participation.. i tink it's 20% of the total marks haha.
see you all in sch! =)

*xin yi

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yay* first time blogging here... excited!! but yeah, decided i better blog something, after the announcement today about class diary right? i think we rock lorh.. already have class blog after like knowing each other for err... 3 days?!?! 05s75 is UNITED!!! yay!! but guys and girls should mix more yarh? but it's improving!!

oooh... bio was tough!! as in the lecturer went so fast and skipped so many parts of the notes! go back and read notes hor! and remember to do the review for a ton image yeah? jia you!! oh yes, i got suggestions to improve class blog!! yeah err... we should like try to put pics on our class blog yarh? so we can make the blog look livelier and more interesting (a picture speaks a thousand words!) and we can also err... make the column where the tag board is wider? cos like this very mah fan... got to scroll sideways and up and down... (yah ting, can?) yupp... so err.. yarh.

okay, so please blog! (esp. the guys!!) and let's win the competition okay?!?! and we better decide on the details on JTS soon, before seniors' block tests come... then yeah. so rawk on 75~

3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for 75!
ooga chuga ooga chuga ooga chuga ooh!

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hEhz, just wanna say this again; thnx for for all your enthusiasm, cooperation and initiatives for the past whole week and hope every one can continue to contribute actively to the almight 05S75! Lolxz, keep the spirit going man, 05S75 will not be made possible if not for every one of you! Here's your class committee as on 10th January:

Temp. CT Rep : Kegan
Asst. CT Rep : Xin Yi
Secretary : Emily
Treasurer : Tze Yi
Asst Treasurer : Yah Ting
GP Rep : Jonathan
Bio Reps : Ming Swin & Karin
Chem Reps : Hui Yi & Kai Ling
Physics Reps : Mei Xuan & Min Yi
Maths Reps : Felicia & Hui Li
Welfare Heads : Melvin & Hui Ling

CIP Reps still open... anyway, the whole class confirmed down for ice cream hehz, I contacted liyu already, she'll try to make arrangements...

rawk on ;)
ke9an :[

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We rock manZ! hahahaZ. Are we the first 05 class to have a class blog?? Anyway, thank you to Yah Ting for setting this up! ((:



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haha yay im the second one to blog! haha our class is so efficient.. can't wait for our outings together =) this week's gonna be slack man haha.

-xin yi-

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yayyyy the blog's up! hahahx ok its half-way up lar.. we take some pics tmr and i'll upload them kk? anw thanx everyone for today! i had fun hahah esp at topping the photohunt scores=D yeah do update the blog.. and if ya'll wanna change design, go ahead! cyA~


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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