spot him...best actor!!! Posted by Hello

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awards for brendy... Posted by Hello

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Congrats... Posted by Hello

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guess who this is...

as ruowei says, i'm going to be an anti-climax and add one more entry... hahaa.... sam faints...
yoz... so this is another entry!!!

haha... cheerioz everybody... though our results are still unknown at this moment, 11.20am according to the computer time, we can still face things happily... dun be too stressed... yeah... i see all your faces... arh... well, things will go on no matter what happens...

we'll survive, we'll live, we'll go on...

so people, look forward!!!

one table of people playing cards over there... and people in the fish tank doing things as normal... in the end, actually everybody woke up late today!!! haha.... i see minyi walking towards the fish tank... and well.... so today, people came with panda eyes and half-asleep minds... nevermind all that cos... so... meixuan and min yi walked off already... ruowei singing with her friend... i wanted to sing songs but apparently too sensitive for people...

anyway, the main point is, just go on! we'll survive!!! --no matter what happens...



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a few more hours left....sighz...stoning @ fish tnk now...
so much to say...
but dunno how to put them down in words....
time realli flies....
it seemed just yesterday dat we juz met each other during orientation...
and in the few hours our fate will be made known to us...
whether we'll b able to continue this journey together as 05s75.. ...
... ... .. . .
no matter wat happens...
we shall always rmb the times we have spent together....
we always remain as 05s75.....4eva...
good luck to everyone.....
good luck....

dis shld be the last entry up on dis blog b4 the release.....all the best....


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hallo.. 27th feb...

haha... well... so i left the few of them (huiling, melvin, sam, brendan) in my room while i'm here at the comp... sorrie lah... but they are trying to pia hw... i trying to slack...

aiyoh... i did some great exercising today... great... somehow decided i should run a bit... so i ran a bit of distance home, leaving the ten over people behind me... but i waited k... just that you all walk a bit slow lah...

so gathering... actually just getting together to breathe each other's air... support each other, play cards (UNO for the first time in dunno how many years...)

speaking of cards, me and meixuan really had a great time extending the time of the game... uno... like since when did i last play that! well... updating of memory then...

my memory is really bad bad bad... the people who stayed back can verify if they did observe... well... so people got very sian... i'm very sian... i'm alone here... actually i'm not alone... i've got this comp... i've got air... i've got music...

we'll wake up at 4.30am if we do sleep and go out at 5sth... okay... i feel like i've got jet lag... somewhat want to sleep but cannot sleep feeling... this is feeling very good... i'm not crazy today rite... different mode... i'm in a sian mood... hmm... except for the running bit lah...

it's great today! it's countdown for fel's birthday... though the countdown here was early due to my comp time error... well, that's a prelude to wad came online(msn) haha... happy birthday fel... u're indeed a very nice girl... hope the video that we took came out fine... and the pictures too!!!

hmm... they seem to be screaming in my room... haha... girls, meaning huiling and i will get my room for sleeping... while the guys... all the way downstairs in the guest room... breakfast in the morning: tuna + bread... which i think means tuna sandwiches... i have no idea whatelse... anyway, i do not have an alarm clock in my room... actually i have some... but all not exactly working... well, hope we get up in time...

i seem to be rattling non-stop... i'll stop here or the midnight syndrome will kick in... actually, i think it's already on...

well, cya people... who are still online and will read this blog... those at kailing's house...

hallo people who just read this blog...
this is em in a sianified mood... in a midnite syndrome case... goodnite everybody... actually, good morning everybody...
stop here
ok... here...


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~ minnie ~

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Hello 05s75..

I must say that these 2 months together with you guys really rocked and still rock. Sometimes the word is used so frequently that it has already lost its meaning, but I'd still like to say that I really appreciate this time together with all of you. From the first day we met till today as the day for O Level Results release draws closer, these memories will be part of me always, even if I don't stay in Hwa Chong.

I think our class is really cool and we started off pretty well. We've got a cool CT Rep who was very keen in buidling up the class spirit. Only after the first day we met, we started asking each other for handphone numbers, added each other on MSN and have mass conversations. The 6th day after we met (10 January 2oo5) we already have this class blog. It's really darn cool to be the first 05 class in Hwa Chong to set up a class blog.

Remember orientation? We didn't have many many many fanciful cheers like some other classes. But our cheer was definitely one of the loudest. We didn't win any of the prizes, but who really care? It was the orientation that bonded us together, that we all understood that it wasn't the prize that we all aimmed for in the first place. It was the fun we all had together as one class.

There are like so many so many events, so many so many activities. GP movies, JTS, CNY, Sentosa outing, STJ, 18 people in one neoprint machine, Drama Feste (there screaming for Bobbert), lots and lots more.

I've never regretted coming to Hwa Chong no matter how stressed it can be even like NOW.

`Like, totally` never regretted.

Because it rocks just to know 25 friends from this wonderful class of 05s75, not to forget our senior class.

"bu zai hu tian chang di jiu, zhi zai hu ceng jing yong you."

Thanks so much. Really thanks.

I really hope to be with you guys after JAE. Each and every single one of you.

To Em, Hui Ling, Bren, Sam, meL, Karin, Jia Ying (for SMS-ing ^^)Ying Tang, Tze Yi, Zhan Pei, Min Yi, Awyong, Kai Ling, Hui Li and Yah Ting

thanks so much! Especially to those at Em's house! You guys rock. whee~ Love you all. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and .... !! The super cool COUNT DOWN on class blog and in mass convo!!


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Photo Album: X-country

sorry if it took you so long to open this blog up... cos' i just dumped everything here... do enjoy them and try spotting yourself if you went on the race. Not everyone was shot... like some senior guy... cos when you guys came in... i was elsewhere liao... zzz...sorrie:(. Anywayz...if this was my last photog assignment...hope can share them with you guys...

PS:*if you want the real fine pixel picture...can get from me. these pictures were shrunk quite badly.

-Deity Zhen
from heaven

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congrats... ms keung. lolz...pls look at the camera next time...if there's one...Posted by Hello
(this was shot by another photographer)

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BEST. congrats mr ng! Posted by Hello

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:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

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my fav pic. only too much sky...spoil it quite badlyPosted by Hello

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chiong...Posted by Hello

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mr chan! not bad... Posted by Hello

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spot her? Posted by Hello

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hide again. Posted by Hello

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run again...poorthing. Posted by Hello

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poor thing...so tired... Posted by Hello

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correct...run. Posted by Hello

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lolz...xxx. correct...laugh.Posted by Hello

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jun hong...so shy?Posted by Hello

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xxx. smile! Posted by Hello

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peek-a-boo! Posted by Hello

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lolz...xxx. sorry i shot you... :) Posted by Hello

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latest news for gathering on sun

okay here are the latest news updates...

gathering at emily's house:
meeting venue: yio chu kang mrt station
time: 5pm
ezlink card needed to travel two three bus stops down...
time unlimited cos
pls inform if going for sleepover...


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arhhh see so many entries pop up. ohman i feel so stressed!.. skip that part kay. lets talk bout class outing!! yay i think em's hse is a gd idea cos its soo much nearer than changi((: yarh and like wat fel blogged.. play games, lame ard, and just enjoy each others' presence! yeah i was listening to ge qian on hling's blog and i think we can all sing songs tgt too!! haha if u all want tt can like print lyrics of the songs u want lol.. or we can conveniently get them at em's hse la=D ohmann hope everybody turns up!! cya all tmr.. love ya all loads!

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no title.

hi everyone!
ahh so sad i can only stay till 7.30pm for tmr's outing cos im meeting some of my sec school frens at 8! but nvm going dere for 2hrs better than not going at all.. hope all of us can have lots and lots of fun tmr!! 75 rocks!
oh ya, just now i coincidentally bumped into the danceworks comp. at toa payoh when i was dere.. then saw the hci MAD team performing their dance.. weidi was damn good!! oh ya huiling was there too.. hehe saw her in makeup! but too bad din see her perform!
see you guys tmr! =)
*xin yi

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details for class outing

Location: Emily's place ((:
Activities: lots of photo-taking dinner (probably pizza delivery), each other's company, any game anyone brings, lots of lame jokes, many "like, totally" and "whatever", crapping, talking, laughing, thinking, dreaming, ...
Time: 5 pm - 10 pm
Meeting place: Yio Chu Kang MRT
Meeting Time: 5 pm

note: Inform Kailing if you can/cannot make it. Bring money to pay for dinner! Thanks!


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IMPT-outing tmr

hey pple, there's a class outing tmr at emily's house, everyone try to make it k?like what huili said, it's e last outing we have as a class b4 doomsday...so yar meet at yio chu kang mrt station at 5p.m. then we'll take a bus to em's house...it's only a few stops away. erm, dinner's not confirmed yet...might be ordering pizzas or sumthing i guess, but latest news so far is em's mum wants to cook beehoon for us =) anyway, who cares right?as long as we can just sit, eat and talk together...so must go to class outing k!!!

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OUTING!!! important. pls read and tag.

heyys. i've got good news!! kailing and i planned a class outing for sunday, 27th feb. which is like tomorrow. please tag and give comments or suggest better things or places to do and go okay? cos this is like only a rough plan, and is open to changes and comments! but quick suggest okay? cos... it's like TOMORROW! so yeah. here's the plan:

5 p.m- meet at changi airport mrt control station
then eat dinner, chitchat, play, bonding seesion etc etc.
9plus p.m-go home... and think about getting results the next day.

sgh* people, try to make it okay? cos this is like the LAST outing we can have before... well. we get our results and know whether we stay or not. cos once we know, it makes a diff even though we still have at least 2 wks together (if some of us leave lar... although i hope none will...) yupp... so please reply to this by tagging or blogging.. or smsing me or kailing. hope to see ALL of you... and if you'll got better suggestions, please blog!! yeah.. or, if anyone wanna offer their house, even better. cos it'll definitely be nearer for ALL of us instead of changi airport!! so yeah. reply quickly! we'll confirm new plans, if any tonight!


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yoz..its me!

oh well..so we must go out more often before u-know-wad..hmm...anione got ani suggestions where we can reallie talk and enjoy ourselves?? probably can have it on sun??? sigh..time flies by so fast..but dun worry..i m sure most of u all will get to stay on..yupz..oh yes..read my blog too..i have blogged sumthing there abt the class...didnt want to do it here cuz will flood the whole thing..yupz..okie...x-country was quite good today..although there was a loooong waiting time before we can go out of turf city..haha...yet another of our shared memories.....love u guys!!

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hehe,,, clean and very clean...

haha... i feel so very clean now... i bathed and scrub and all that... the loofah cloth or sth and some brush... hehe... actually i bought that during the hunt for valentines' day presents... just when i went all so mad and frustrated... wad did i buy? Ans... loofah cloth and scrub... well, it came in handy...

sorrie arh... not joining you guys... well, u must update people like me who din go by blogging!!! blogblogblog... actually i was so very disgusted with the sweat and sticky feeling... got sand somemore... so... did you guys stink up the entire cinema at lido??? well, i thought of joining you guys after i get home and wash up... if the venue is at j8... but, lido... i'll get lost on my way there loh...

x-country today very FUN rite... nice scenery arh... me and minyi... mass run (hmm... walkaton... big walk... mass walk...) well... we did jog and sprint at the last few metres... not like people who really walk all the way... those people who missed the walk arh... you guys really missed out a lot!!! the exercise dun need to mention... the beautiful scenery... (of the whole line of people walking behind you and the whole line in front of you... prob covered the whole track part... and arh... horse oompahpah... and trees...) and the wonderful air to breathe in... (complemented by lots of carbon particles and sand particles...) the gravel we were running on was so super good.... rmb? we rock we stone we pebble we boulder we particle... this run is so suited for us!!! hmm... doesn't my writing remind you guys of the sand particles in the air??? all the dotz... everywhere... super!

after the run, it was nice having a bit of warm down... arh. i mean cool down climbing up the stairs... breathing in some lovely air... up and den down... and den getting into the little space for prizegiving... lovely air...

the moment i finished bathing, i came online to blog... u noe... with a bowl in my hand... dinner at the computer... hmm... doesn't sound very healthy... studies show that the keyboard is the dirtiest place in the study... but, what has been done has been done... who cares... it'll increase my immunity levels...

you noe... we were rocks at first... (let's have a bit of geog) after much rubbing and attrition and all that, (very fast attrition at that...) we became cobbles... pebbles... gravel... sand... silt... clay... particles... well. clay particles are very small but they are very difficult to erode... we are so fine that we are so cohesive and we tend to stick... we'll ... argh... what am i writing??? okay let's organise our points:
we clay particles will overcome all odds... we'll stand together and stick together!!! we clay foreva!!!

anyway... must round up to start of story for nice ending...

i feel so clean now... and fel, hope your comp is working again so that the photos can be posted!!! i very qi2 dai4...


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YEAHH... i know the password for this blog... so clever right... guessed it myself... actually is sam say one...
anyway... just wanna WISH U ALL GOOD LUCK... *sprinkle some fairy dust or something*... remmeber to jia you no matter wat happens (sounds bad)... im sure nothing bad will happen... anyway the most impt thing is u all got something each from this 1st 3 months... muz treasure the times lah... sch is not all about studying... i feel so weird saying all these... *words of wisdom*
After cross- country go do something leh... can make up for the lousy STJ... pui all the pple who never go loh... *angry*... STJ somemore... how can dun go... instead Sentosa was more sucess... so strange... but it was fun...
GOOD LUCK AGAIN!!!! everione bring ur rabbit's foot when u all collecting results... The SENIORS love u all....................... i think

super nice samuel

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lolxz.(get it claire?)

the title's lame. ignore it, cos only guitar pple and claire will understand. hahahahha. anyway, quote of the week:"like.. totally!" lolx. and please, do it with your hands in that "i'm a dog begging for food" position.. you know, like poodles always do? hahahhah yeah. lolx. maybe when the full moon comes again, you'll get to view it exclusively once more. go ask the yingtang look-a-like. oh no, i sound really crappy and lame. too much influence from the class. yah, that's really what i wanted to tag about. and well... i really don't wanna talk about monday, but... once a s75er, always a s75er... so yeah. sooooo cliche but true. i really dunno what to say... but, well we MUST meet up on mon, after getting results okay? and thanks to all that have blogged such sweet and meaningful entries. ((:

as we go on, we remember all the times we had together.
and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.

love you 05s75!!!

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haha..1st tym blogging in class blog...oh well..yesh results cuming out real soon..everyone is getting freak out and stuff..haix..i really duno wat to say..maybe we shld grab the chance and try to spend more happy tyms with one another..so everyone, try to enthu in all the outings planned 4 ya all k..though we may haf lotsa hw..n a stupid bio test cuming up..oh well..[ speaking of which i havent done any]..grr..cham le..and my whole sat gona be down the drain..haha..kk back to the topic..eh..really got like nth to blog..all i wana say to 75, i have already put it in my blog..so go my blog n see okie..in case some pple lazy or sth..urm i will say it again..


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thinking back..

heys..really liked the music very much..thx so much for putting it up.. these days..guess everyone has been really caught up with homework..and other commitments as well.. but guess wad i really want to say is.. i tink its good to jus stop for a while and really appreciate that we were each given a chance to be part of this wonderful class.. =) jus as the music is playing..maybe take time..a minute or two..u noe..close ur eyes..and try and bring urself back all the way to the orientation days..we have truly gone a long way... bonded really well as a class.. from not knowing each other..to the first lesson with ms yeo..the introductory session..the dos and donts..to the orientation games and skit.. to slacking together during the first week of school..to valentines and cny.. great experience for everyone im sure...

hm..jus thot of leaving an entry here before monday.. bahh...

- bobs

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let's see...

hmm... there's one thing to say here...
mr Jerry Chai... we noe you read our blog... pls tag??? yes and thank you...

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well then...

hmm... i guess deity shen should still deserve some claps for doing a lot of the creative stuff... banners etc... flag... and photographs... and ideas for the blog... and and and... the rainbowish ness... and all the aiyohs you bring to our ct...

and sam... you really very bang4. super di duper good. hahaa... well... tALenTed... yar... provided a very interesting photo for our class too! well... those mystified, wait till the latest photos come up... hopefully that one is not censored...

since i'm at it...

xinyi... you rock! haha... aCt rep haha... the best is the crush tY thing... haha...
[[..xinyi: i crush you!!!; tzeyi: i luf you!!!..]] oh no...

kailing... yoz... one of the cooks... u are a very good friend to have...

jiadi... you arh... your uncontroooolable laughter hor... haha... laugh until cannot stop one...

and ruowei... characteristic voice... hmmm... dun need to say much rite? u arh... but really have to admit that your naughtiness makes part of the fun...

ying tang... or ying teng... or well ... (tze yi) lookalike... or serious look but er... is there really anyone in our ct who is really serious???

cheng yang... thanks so much for your bobbertibobbert... the great fun... your laughs also... aiyoh...

hui yi... oh no... you're not a rock! you're a boulder!!! and at that, a boulder-- strong reliable friend... you're dark (skin) but bright (brains)

hui ping... you and your lameness sometimes... really amazing how you do things... sometimes serious is mean serious... but look what happens when you're not... oh...

hui ling... haha... reliable friend... you dun really look dao to me... but you're sure friendly!!!

min yi... another laughter maniac... hahaa... contagious laughter... and your squeezable stuff... blue freak...

qi ye... really... you can go open clement enterprise at clementi... we'll all support you... you... childlike??? or childish??? or young at heart??? hmm...

mei xuan... small petite figure... well... lame a logy... crappalogy... everything... but u sure can be serious at times...

hui li and your pink ness... bimbo??? arh... let's say good pink fanatic girl... keep your smiles... you can sure brighten up your tan...

de'en... hooo... baad boy... or girl??? no lah... let's confirm your gender some day... hmmm well... you sure bring the class lots of laughter... :)

yah ting... cook of cooks!!! so impressive... pineapple tarts to cake to cookies... and ur really deep dimples... really... ok... wad i want to say is, keep on cooking for us!!!

jiang hao... oh no...jiang1 hu2 hao2 jie2 arh... i guess u'll now be known as corny ct rep... corny... yar i agree...

jia ying... u impress people yar... one more lamer... actually... our ct is a lamer class... is anyone not a lamer here??? well you're a great friend... :)

rong xi... one of the most unfamiliar chinese names to me leh... nice hair... hehe... like your smile... keep cheery... u and your wadevazz...

tze yi... oh no... the ying tang lookalike... and the super funny person... aiyoh... the yuan2 chuang4 zhe3 of "like totally..." really dunno what to say... let's just all faint...

ri chu.. hmm... not sunrise yar... it's daily saving... erm... crazy cheemalogy... but really... you're good...

ming swin... aiyoh... the person who is always confused with wei shen... bad boy... rainbow club... which eva... i think the whale with legs is so happy that u stopped bullying it...

jun hong... super lame guy... aiyoh... never thought such things will come out of you... oh no... lamelamelame...

seng loong... brainy... brain... rain... ain... in... n... well... smart guy... even in the /rain/... /ain/ someone you will forget... esp after you're put /in/ the metal "cylinder"... n well...

well... that should be all!!!

thanks as a whole for being such a great class... the fun and lamealogy... hahaa....

guessing who i am??? figure out that yourselves... very easy answer...

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This Blog

There is something important that i would like to say and i hope that everyone will pay attention to me.

I will be speaking on the keyword: BLOG.

Firstly, i need to urgently clarify something here and i think it's quite important...

Although im glad that many people actually found our 05s75 class blog fantastically nice, it is of upmost importance to note that Deity Zhen is not the person behind this bloggggg. Sam is the one! The only thing this deity did, was to share with sam what heaven had roughly in mind and he went on to do up everything... so in fact, this blog nothing from Deity Zhen......it's SAM!

please keep that in mind...

Lolz...and so. why is everyone thanking me?
buzzzy! thank sam will do.

thanks for making things right.

-deIty zHen
from heaven, in Beijing

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Today rox rite? We had such great fun during Chem period. Sure is one of the most funest time we had together as a class rite? And Jerry Chai ROXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes he rox ok...

Ok... watever happens on the release of the shitty results we will always stay together ok. Actually i say say only lor... if anything happens to anyone of us or ME.... I will be damn sad... and even cry but we will keep in contact ok.... Must spend more time together as a class. Ah.......... So we can have more good memories together.

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okay... so 28th...

so well... 28th... what day issit?
nono... think deeper and recall...
give you more time to think
have you got it?
it's fel's birthday!!! yes... can check the contact list...
dearest welfare rep pls take note... and er... guessed my motive yet? okay... shall reveal... it's to get rid of the impt announcement (below) from appearing first...


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important announcement

hello everyone.
O level results will be out on the 28th feb, monday 2pm.
from extremely reliable sources.

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let's see....


what Tze Yi called "reference point". check it out!

wheeee~ my internet is back!! *cheeeeers*


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what am i doing here??? i'm supposed to be studying!!! or am i? well, just wanted to point out the most shocking thing in senior junior gathering last sun (yesterdae...) haha... guess wad? it's tze yi suddenly popping out from nowhere! so to those who weren't there, here's the story:

we decided to go to the skygarden at esplanade after dinner at kenny roger's.... why? 1. to find one big space to encompass the whole lot of us. 2. maybe to disrupt whatever romantic atmosphere for the couples at the skygarden... (to them, sorrie arhx...) well anyway, we sat down in a circle and after much deliberation, decided to play zhong1 ji1 mi4 ma3 truth and truth... okie... so we playplay... so there is this other group of people sitting just at the border of our big circle... dunno who... den they disappeared! and den tze yi appeared!!!

hypothesis 1: tze yi was hiding behind the bushes
hypothesis 2: tze yi was hiding behind the group of people
hypothesis 3: tze yi was sitting among them!!
hypothesis 4: okay... so tze yi fell from the sky like bird oompapa...

oh no... anyway, that was tze yi's birthday! great special appearance you made! haha... people can add on to my story for the gathering...

so the very truth... tze yi decided to make his grand entrance through the vegetation... dunno how much of the little grasses or bush he injured though...


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bdae wishes

Happy birthday Tze Yi!! hahaz...join the old men club....

~minnie aka meanie~

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yoz everyone...i've created a shutterfly account (its under [links]) fer d class...the account id is hci05s75@yahoo.com.sg & d password is the same as d blogger's one..haha...if u haf any pics u would like to share wif everyone...do upload it okaie? 05S75 rox!!

cheers =]

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stj details

sunday 20th feb
meet at 5.30pm at city hall mrt
dinner at kenny rogers. suntec city.

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a whole lot of stuff*

as promised (to yahting), i shall blog about yesterday's happenings. hahahhahah. okay, firstly.. my bench in the bio lab is like haunted or something!! yesterday's lab period was sooooooo scary. firstly, the rubber tubing connecting my bunsen burner to the gas tap caught fire!! like... what the?!?!? but seriously, i think something was wrong with my bunsen burner cos the strongest fire i cld get was sooooo pathetic. my beaker of water took AGES to boil. so it caught fire and good thing yaozhen spotted it. i quickly shut off the gas.. then i was like screaming (ok, so i wasn't screaming) for Ms. Keung, but yao zhen like so pro, take the distilled water bottle and squirted at the fire, extinguishing it. hahahah.. then yahting's beaker of hot water broke, causing some to leak into the bunsen burner, then i think there was a small fire. lolx. then ms keung helped her to clean up and broke a test tube in the sink at... yes! our bench! se-ri-ous-ly (lolx. sounds like shiwei) our bench is like HAUNTED or something!! hahahaha ((: oh well.

dramafeste!!! before that, thanks to fel, em, minnie, ruowei (did i miss out anyone else?) for getting our kfc dinners for us ((: thanks for braving the rain and travelling ALL the way to btp and back.. ((: *huggsss so back to dramafeste... well, what can i say?!?! APOLLO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!! BRENDAN ROCKS TOO!!! seriously lorh... the other plays were like.. dortx. esp ares' play. hahahah maybe i'm biased against the cast, but yeah. but we not say abit zai lorh... win 6 out of 8 awards... hahahhaha. BOBBERT! i almost died laughing... how did brendan manage to keep his voice so HIGH-PITCHED the whole time anyway?!?! o.0 hahahaha. but best actor eh someone? not bad!!! woooooohooooooooooo~ so high yesterday, me and yahting esp were screaming (and i really mean screaming) the whole way, esp when they were giving out the awards!! lolx. i think we were LOUD (read melvin's entry abt the girls being so enthu) hahahahah ((:

oh yes, i don't think anyone in our class got the letter abt teaching as a career right? cos ppl are saying that if you did, you got 14-18 pts for Os... no one got that rite?!?! pls.. say no. suggestion here: we meet up after we take Os results can? i mean... yeah. wouldn't it be.. i dunno. fun may not be the word, but i really wanna know if like.. everyone is confirm in or not. and IF one or two do not get in... well, we could comfort each other yeah? but seriously, i think EVERYONE will get in. or rather, i WANT everyone to get in. badly. i want that sooooooooo BADLY.

anyway, remember pple, there's stj tom.. i think we're meeting at 5:30 p.m. at city hall mrt right? and we're gonna go kenny roger's to eat? yeah. so pls take note... i'm not going though. hahahahha cos got smthg else on.. and i'm really quite broke le. so have fun ppl, and take lots of pics and share it okay?!?!

love 75 loads...


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Yah... Apollo so cool lor won everything. Brendan was super cool he is my IDOL!!!!!!!!! The play also rox! I was like cringing thru the other 3 plays lor esp the first and third. the second one so sick lor. The gals in our class very enthu scream until i got headache lor. The worse was the vegetable thing, very lame leh.

The highlight today has to be our fav lesson with our fav teacher. Man he rox lor. I love his lesson sooo much that i cried when i left the classroom. His wise sayings really put a whole new perspective in my life. I have learnt that i am not supposed to read my script and introduce myself whenever i speak. And any reason for rejection mus be due to accesiblity, scope and depth. I cant wait for his next lesson!!!!

Today damn sad. I got stranded at the bus stop!!!!!!!!! 2 170 passed me. Argh... was there until like 12.00 am. argh!!! I tired to flag the second one but it left! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed. Ended up paying $8.20 cab fair! I am nv gonna take a bus for the rest of my life lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U noe hu.

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dramafeste: stagefight!!

hahah yoyoz.. its me! im sooo hyped now. haha ok maybe not SOO. but still vvv happie for apollo! so glad i went for dramafeste lar hahax.. i think the plays quite nice.. i like artemis n apollo one! esp apollo cos of all the songs integrated into it.. heh moulin rouge =D and i think the emcees quite lame but.. its a gd job done! hahah obscenely TIGHT tchs uniform eeew lol. yeayeayea apollo koped home all the prizes!! we won 6/8 prizes.. haha zai yea?!! *beams* BOBBERT, wo men yong yuan zhi chi ni!! hahahx.. yAyy we so enthu can. i was busy screaming right frm the start of the whole thing till the v end!! hahah esp when apollo won almost everythingggg.. (i cant help but keep emphasizing that heihei) ohmann hope i dun lose my voice again lol. yUps 3 cheers for apollo!!

on another note.. i wanna complain bout bio lab!! hahahx we promised to blog abt this lol. me and huili's cursed bench.. so stoopid lohx. at first her bunsen burner that plastic tube caught fire, den my beaker (used as water bath) cracked at the bottom and started leaking, den ms keung broke a test tube at our bench.. hahah shooots. so dumb x.O

aiya anticlimax.. hahahah yayayyayayyyyy apollo rocks=D yeah the blog design oso, tho its not fully done yet.. thx sam n yaozhen! haha jiayou on the touch up ba.. (:


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apollo rox like mad!!!

wohhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... wah. i'm so super hyper now! apollo rox like mad! brendan is so super! hahaa!!!

6 out of 8 prizes!!! best actor-- BRENDAN!!!!, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best director and best play!!!!!!!! yahoooooooooo!!!

brendan.... you rock!!!

here's the discussion me and jia ying had...
apollo is so great! apollo is veri enthu esp 75 and 7B... super fac dance, crashing other fac dances, and nang2 kuo4'ing 6 out of 8 prizes!!! 05s75 has two modes... one rocking like mad, like in the above situations, and stoning... that's in tutorials at times... stone...
wohooo.... rock and stone! good combination!!!!

yahoooo.... yeahyeahyeah!!!

main point: apollo rox! brendan aka bobbert rox!!! and emily is mad right now!!! hahahahaaahahaahahaahaahaaha....


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yawnz..very tired liao...spent the whole dae making flash animations fer the blog...in the end dunno y these animations dun appear..try and try fer soo many hours still cannot...hai wo haf to change to normal image files...haiz...aniwae...this is the basic design of the class blog..will be adding new features very very very soon...=]

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much ado abt something.

hi everyone! im sorry for that stupid title cos i couldn't tink of anything else to put! haha my brain cells are dying due to lack of sleep but nvm =p
well. what i wanna say is that i really love hwachong alot. it's such a nice and warm place i really look forward to coming to school everyday seeing all of you! (although tutorials suck =p) really appreciate all the joy and laughter that you all bring =) and anw.. i tink it's still 25th not 28th.. but anw it's approximately one week from now.. not much difference la. everyone just cross your fingers yeah?
as i was saying last nite to all those who stayed for debate.. that it's my biggest wish now to be able to see all of us in 05s75 don on the proud uniform of hwachong after we return to sch from march holidays. i can imagine how good all 26 of us wld look in the hc uniform.. i really hope every single one of us can stay.. cos it really wont be 05s75 anymore if anyone of us leaves.. and i know it's quite bad to say this, but i guess if there are new members coming to join us.. i dunno if i can accept him or her..
really love hc and really love all of you so much.. i hope i dont have to leave you guys.. i hope all of us can stay.
may the 75 spirit live on forever.

*xin yi aka awyong

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class blog

((: yay. i'm blogging again at the first 05 class blog in Hwa Chong. haha. In the school library now with Emily and Jiaying, 2 seats away from me. Lonely me.

And a nice senior just came by to say hi. hehe. Told him that I can't do my tutorial questions and he asked if I need help. whee~ thanks a lot, mr nice guy =D okok, that's Herbert la.

Anyway, Sam jia you for the blog okay. thankew Sam & Yao Zhen for the efforts. [= Need help remember to ask kaeZ. haha.

My good friend from S7B just told me that according to reliable resources, we were be receiving our results slips on 28 February 2005. *speechless*

About my intra-class mortal. Yes yes I know a lot of people have been saying we very you yuan la. ~whatever~ =PpP hahahaha. but so sad lorh. [start complaining] lost the card he's supposed to give me on behalf of 05s75 guys. don't have wan mei de qu hao for our intra-class angel and mortal. [now start appreciating] but the flower very pretty and the bear very cute. can. :D:D if not later say i jiang cuo hua again.

Ayee.. I will seriously miss everyone from 05s75 if I don't get to stay. But what can we do now? But wait. =X Sighh. Everyone jia you for now! I must survive all my tutorials first. HAHA.


*feL (the "whatever girL" with da "watever" badge & "whatever" pencil case [=)

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oh ya...add on to prev entry... shall tok on my blood donating experience...

first... there's this survey or questionaire that blood-donaters ( referred to as "we") have to fill up before blood donation... the questions are a bit @_@"'....and a bit r-rated so cannot say here...
then there was this blood test thingy... they hold up your finger...clean it thoroughly... then *piak!*...blood flows out... one drop only lahz... this one is not exactly that pain...feels like an ant bite and i assume that it's less painful then puncturing ear-holes (i'm anti-earhole =D ). then the nurse use this yakult-like straw to draw out blood from that little hole on your middle finger. draw one time not enough lehz... she squeezed the finger to push out more blood... that was the painful part... cos she kept rubbing the straw against the blood drop on the finger...
next... they instruct you to lie on this "comfortable" chair. i think i'm too fat...so they couldn't really spot my artery directly using their eyes lahz...so the nurse started feeling for it. den i ask her..."muz be left hand ahz...cannot be right ahz..." then she replied that she needs to test both first... my artery really very diff to find lehz...
ok...she decided on my left...since the table was there. she gave me a blue stressball (blue rockz) and asked me to squeeze while drawing blood from my blood vessels. first....she smeared this green colour liquid on my arm...yew...i tot yellow liquid or transparent one would be nicer... then the nurse, holding a syringe, told me, "this will be quite painful..." so she stuck that needle in and injected some liquid into it. ok lahz..not pain...the *piak* thing was worse. next one was nightmare.... she pushed this hollow tube into my arm lahz... not pain lehz!! and she pushed it in so swiftly...i tot she was slicing some toufu...
oh ya...before she did all that, i heard the nurse at the opposite bed telling the guys to squeeze the ball once every ten secs... and the nurse tt attended to me told me to keep exercising my fingers... hmmz...
saw my blood flowing into this packet... while blood was flowing out...no pain was experienced.. seriously....not exaggerating... ask any that went...
last part...it was the bandaging part... the nurse wanted to use a pink one (!!!!!) then i requested a blue one.... =DD (blue rockz...it really rockz...) got smiley face ya...and i'm still keeping it with me =D
lastly... yepz...i'm minnie the meanie. 05s75 rockz!! we rockz ! we stone!

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ok...this is my SECOND time blogging here k...i blogged before... one of the nameless-but-nobody-claimed entry... hahaz... i've been giving latest updates of everything =D
Anyway ya... i went to browse some of the blogs of other classes. Some of their designs were simple, some were complicated, some were really creative and nice... the highest no. of entries i've seen is about 200+ (whoa....) anyway... wad matters most isn't the no. of entries... it's the no. of ppl blogging =DD
aiya...so sadz lorz.... i was happily playing the bottle game with ruowei, jiaying and zinnie until i forgot to bring back my water bottle!!! sms-ed huili frantically to help me bring back... budden nehz... :D:D:D:D so the water bottle still there... die lahz...i'm so absent-minded lorz...
oh ya... oso heard from huili that the debate ppl were still in sch while i was happily surfing others' blogs... feel a sense of guilt but anyway...let's all give them our support !! *clap clap clap* *cheer.....* yep... and let's b more enthu during the crossfire! help our debaters earn a few more points!
lastly, a lame joke from me... wad do get when u heat Ba(OH)2 ?
ans: shui3 jing1 bao1 !! cos Ba(OH)2 -> BaO + H2O
wuliao rite???
oh ya... in case ppl accuse me of not bloggin... i'm minnie (aka meanie). have been reading the blog diligently lorz....tho i din really tag or blog a lot =D.... shall do so more often...

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Hello ppl first time blogging at class blog. Just came back after wuhsu training damn tired loh... Anyway can we quickly decide on the stj. Actually swiss hotel not that ex is about $20(not that i am very rich) Personally i prefer a place where we can make noise and play without disturbing others. The meal is not very important actually, we can go where we want by ourselves anytime wat.
By the way, i also want to thank my angel/mortal for being such nice ppl and writing so many letters to me :) Emmeline,Stacy,Felicia and Ruo Wei.
Ying Tang (05s75 and 04s75 roxs!)

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thankew to the hardworking creative directors of 05s75 (sam and yaozhen), always striving ahead to do the creative stuff like banners and class blog! jiayou! i don't really know how to do these stuff, so what i can do is to give moral support! (hmm... sounds so familiar) need any help pls raise to the class hor... once again, thankew!

also, to everyone, for making 05s75 05s75!


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v day!

hi all! i'm currently in the school library. hee. yay. v day rocked ((: sad that we didn't take enough photos.

haha. thanks to all who gave me presents! okay i was complaining that my angel got me a really ugly pencil case, but thanks a lot because i know you purposely got orange de la. [= so i'm appreciating k. and hope serene likes the thingy i got her!! LOL. paiseh la, the things i got kinda lousy. =/ lalala~

as for my MORTAL in class.. *shakes head* nothing to say :P my angel rocks!

ok hope you all like the badges & candles. ^^

2 weeks left leh. *cross fingers*

aiya, i dunnoe what to say liao. got to go for CCA. jia you peeps. don't slack so much. =P


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V day crap

Hi guys and gals
Me waiting for my charmed episode to download finish so decided to post some stuff while it downloads...
Wanna write about yesterday's v day too... So fun loh can exchange presents!!!!! Some ppl still owe me lor so better buy. Thanks to all who made stuff for everyone in the class. Like the badge, candles, heart key ring, the cookies and the cards. You all so sweet lor make all these stuff. But in my opinion, the best of all was the flowers leh, wonder who made them. OkOk... Sorry for those gals who havent got theirs yet... Promise u will get them latest by tomolo ok.
Today damn exhuasted after running the 2.4 run. Sam legs so long can run so fast overtook me when i was chionging. Hiaz... Tomolo got fire drill!!! Yah!!! HOPE IT WILL BE DURING TUTORIALS SO NO NEED TO CHECK HOMEWORK! Love fire drills can stroll and laugh at everything that is happening. Maybe like my pri school got fake smoke lor. Haha.
Ok i think i can watch charmed now... Later watch CSI then do tutorials. Oh yeah, have to go mug the coxford dictionary to get a1 for my singlish.

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hie..happy valentines to the class~!! =) i had a really great valentines day in school today..hope everyone has the same sentiments.. must thank the class and snr class angels and mortals for being so enthusiastic abt this game..faithfully replying each others letters..and when valentines was finally here..im sure the gift exchange really brought smiles to the faces of everyone in class.. =) also special thanks to all the girls who have helped in one way or another to do all the valentines gifts for the class as well..and huiling for writing vdae card for everyone in class..thank u! of cos the cookies!! yah ting..kailing..huili..big thank u =) the cookies are comparable to famous amos..im serious..haha yummy.. felicia passed around the class badges..meixuan, minyi, karin, jiaying, ruowei..huiyi too? thank u so much for the candles..very thotful of u all...green apple club rox!! haha what a rarity.. =PpP oh yes..xin yi for the hearts too..so sweet.... xiee =) 05s75..u ppl rockxzxzxzxzxz!!! LOL..learnt that from clement.. thank u guys for making valentines such a wonderful day..really enjoyed that experience..

yes..great big thanks to the guys for trying to do something for the girls too.. sam, mingswin, clement, melvin, jon, sheldon, ying tang... and all the rest of the guys for trying to help in one way or another too.. rainbow club rox too..haa special thx to the president for the flowers.. =)

finally...class remember its 2.4 run tmr...so bring ur best pair of running shoes..this will be a good guage for napfa..so everyone spur each other on..jiayou!! we can do it! =) ur sports sect has every faith in all of you.. =)


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hello everyone! my sentosa pics are up!
here to see them! =)

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feL :: i miss my internet access. can't read all the blog entries. so sorry. erm, i'm just crapping. but anyway, these few days have been real fun. ((:

minnie: fac dance rockz. cny celebrations rockz. sentosa outing ROCKZ!!! =D

ruowei: ruowei rox=) [feL: whatever lor. feL rocks more...]

meix: I'm being forced to write this...er....i tink sentosa trip realli rox, sld hv more outings b4 u noe wat, yap, more memories to cherish! :)

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Aw man yesterday we damn fun!!! I loved it totally. Me just back from my frends house. Met him and his frend yesterday on the way to the south west line, then we decided to cam p over at his place. LOL it was so fun... Slept at 2 plus...

Anyways back to the sentosa trip! Man!!!!! It was totally awesome and unforgettable. Perhaps this could prob be the best time i had on Sentosa.My fav part was walking along the beach bare footed at some island. The sea there was so clam and nice and liyu even called it theraputic. After I went to look for sea shells with hui shan but i totally forgotton all about our stash and left it on stacy's slippers. Oh yeah... U all dun see yaqi very guai gaui one... She and Stacy hid my slippers and nearly psychoed me into believing that I really lost them! Oh yeah... The frisbe thingy also very fun. I rock as the goal keeper rite!! LoL!

Hope we can do this again sometime... Maybe next week we going to watch constantine together? Wan or not? I really wanted to watch it badly yesterday.


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I am so bored rotting at home... My parents dun let me go out with kailing they all cos CNY must spend with family but we ended up shopping at SEiyu. I bot a new pants for tomolo.... Wonder wat we will do tomolo. I WANNA WATCH CONSTANTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also no time to buy V day. Argh... Cant wait for tomolo. And for my date with someone... Dun tell u who... LOL... Fac dance Fac dance Fac dance Fag dance Fag dance!!!!!!!!

-lame melvin

(anw you cant buy a day ok...u meant buy vday prezzies rite..not funnie lorhx..-huiling)

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haha..cant wait for friday!! no one is online now..so basically i m rotting in front of the computer..smsed pple just now to ask who wanna go river hongbao...but so few replied!! sad~~ haha...aniwae..i cant wait for fri!! we are meeting at 9 at harbour front mrt station control if i m not wrong..and we will be watching movie or sumthing liddat after the trip..cuz kbox is too ex..yupz...remember to bring money and a new set of clothes..haha..see u guys tmr!

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Happy New Year

Hey guys and gals... Hope u guys have a rocking time with ur families just now... Today was damn fun! Xin Yi we rock rite!!! LOL. Wonder how much we made today... The malt candy like ppl eat halfway throw away, i think it is more fun playing it then eating it... Hehee... OMG the best part has to be the fac dance competition! We totally rock the house down... I think i can dance quite well leh. MAD ppl say i quyite good somemore. YAH
And tot anyone feeling down or sad today cheer up COS its the new year! We are all gonna be rich tomolo! Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then gonna be broke again after v day... Sigh...
MY NEW NO. 81232596

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hello everyone =)
hope all of you have had a yummy and happy reunion dinner by now! =)
i suppose everyone had fun today during cny celebrations right? hehe. we should all clap for ourselves for doing such a great job during the street market and fac dance! =)
for me, i think that the cny qi4 fen4 at hwachong is the best i've ever experienced so far in all my years of schooling.. can really feel the spirit of cny in the air haha! and part of it comes from all of our enthusiasm today =)
although i think we didnt earn thAt much.. we still made a profit right? hehe. anw what matters most is the experience and combined effort put in by the class.. =) *three cheers for 75!!* and fac dance really rocks la.. we were all so super enthu haha.. way to go man! =) oh ya i heard our fac dance song twice when i went town just now!
oh ya if im not wrong the entry before me was by jonathan right... i think what he has written is so so true.. really captured the true spirit and meaning of being in 75.. that's a really nice one jon.. hope all of us will really treasure the times spent together as 75.. something that will stay in our hearts forever.
well, it's gonna be cny in a few hours' time! may all of you have a great time and receive lots of angbaos! rmb to drink lots of waterr after eating all e new year goodies!
have a good year ahead! =)
PS. i think friday is 9am at harbour front mrt. pls correct me if i'm wrong!

*xin yi

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the title compulsory meh :(

By the ineffable will of God, or perhaps the authority of the college, we've been blessed one another's acquaintance. Yet it shall be by the same ineffable will that we may, for reasons possibly stupider than your average garden snail, part after merely three inadequate months of unwavering companionship. Nevertheless, those who fortunately remain will, two precious years later, inevitably arrive at the conclusion that there would never be such an amount of time adequate enough where friendship is concerned. It encompasses every stage of our lives and lasts eternally beyond death. 05S75 will remain an immutable memory, even after we depart from our earthly existence. Where human memory and printed archives cannot sustain, our rapport, our love and the memories of times long past will be inherited by our descendants and unendingly course their veins through all of time.

Thus the duration carries scarce significance. What matters is the quality of both our time and legacy. Until the guys are forceably shipped off to become very healthy government slaves; until the girls scurry off to university so as to enter the workforce two years earlier than these same government slaves; until this class blog becomes a permanent, abandoned archive; until the campus loses 25 highly intelligent students and an abnormally organised mass of lipids; until we become mere names and smiling faces in the yearbook for curious juniors to admire, we have that time to create our legacy.

This will be JC experience as that we will only know in this lifetime, and we have but one lifetime and one chance; let's make it great. Let us be able to rejoice in retrospect countless seasons later. In the winter of our lives, Alzheimer's will fail to conquer 05S75. As Comet Halley pays us its next visit in 2061, let's all transfix our weathered eyes on this celestial gift and know that we're on one another's minds, that when we had been young, beautiful and happy, we had been in the company of 25 wonderful saints; when it had been the last time we could ever have experienced friendship in its purest and sincerest form, Fate brought us together and meant well. When, decades later, I am asphyxiated in work's pernicious and stressful traffic, I know I can find comfort, reassurance and motivation in 2005. There will come times when the tides of life sweep us into a treacherous rut, when hope is in short supply; those are the times, when we feel the loneliest and the most melancholic, that we will remind ourselves that we have in fact never been alone. We have each other.

Let's leave with no regrets, without wishing "I should have done this" or "I should have done that", but instead smile unashamedly back at the best times we've had in our lives. Truly then will 05S75 live on.


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happy new year!!!

HI pple!hehz i'm finally blogging...think we all had great fun today right?thanks for your cheering during wushu performance =) , helped a bit in boosting confidence though i think i still screwed up in e end...and to all those who braved e hot sun trying to sell cocktail and malt candy today, you rock!!!how much did we earn, by e way?oh, and did apollo win e fac dance competition?still quite blur about what's e outcome but i think it's quite obvious apollo should win =) we are so enthu!all e yellow shirts unite!haha =) k, have fun during cny, get many many angbaos and try not to get sore throat from eating too much tidbits :))

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Happy New Year!

Nothing to do at home?
Come blogging like me. :)

lolz...anyway. Hope you guys had fun at the street market today. And im quite sure you did... especially for dear Sam... for almost hour holding the board to promote our stall (who ask him to be so tall?) And just how much did we earn from the stall? =) . And not that i arrogant larx. but our class was like the best and the most enthu in dance liao lor... I toured all the four fac dance. not only was our Apollo dance the coolest the students were the neatest-- all lined in two rows. Our fac was the only fac with the most complete class inside dancing lor. It's like Artemis? a big bunch of guys stuck at the back turning in circle. Wait till you see what i shot of the class then you will know lor. I was like so proud of my class. the only one that was like lined in two rows and almost everyone was dacing...even if some dunno also try their best to dance. whats more was that we made double appearance lor. It's like. wah... we are the best one liao... unbeatables.... so good that i must come here to announce to the world (lamex)... hahaz.

So hows on fridae? Hope the day wont stretch too long leh...very tiring... and why must Sentosa...it's like so far and it's so expensive lor... aiya. dunno lar. But still am looking forward to it. How is the info going to be dispatched? And yar... when do we wanna ask the teachers to come here? it's like only ms keung is here lor. oopz. Hmmmmmmz. Ok. Happy New Year!

7575--the best the best! :)

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Nothing in particular


Lolxz, I was contemplating to change the words "Mr Jerry Chai" to "Super Mario" but figured that I would have the whole class pouncing on me...

Anyway really big apologies....I only managed to send in the blog add today...If you realised I haven't been online for the past few days... Hope not penalised since it's just one day after the dateline.... :s brrr. guilty.

Just a reminder, 75 sentosa outing on this coming Friday! Tentatively to meet at 9 a.m., Harbour Front MRT, it's gonna be a fun-filled day with lots of water and sun! Haha... rem to bring more water and extra set of clothes etc.... preferable can go and eat reunion dinner together also.... take the time to really bond!! =)

Yeps... thtz for the outing...anyway I won't be joining you pplz...I won't be in town for those three days so have lots of fun yea, haha, have fun on behalf of me too! :P Must take more photos then school reopen I can see what you all did, lolxz...

Lots of homework havent do.... going to do liaoz.... oh wait and one more thing! Next tuesday ritez, can wear anything but we're encouraged to wear yellow for Apollo. I was thinking can 75ers all wear the same thing, as in yellow top and denim bottoms? or three quarters or black. what ever is it, can we wear the same dress code, haha, quite nice, got sense of identity to both fac and class rather than every body different things... dun forget we're setting up the booth so if wear the same thing, ok not the same thing but same dress code then very easy to identify 75ers... think about it ba, I suggest denim, throw in more suggestions than Monday we decide again.

Last but not least, Apollo fac dance rocks!! =P any enthusiasts interested to practise after lessons on monday? Haha =D

:[ ke9an

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mr jerry chai rocks!!

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how was today??? hahaaa... oh good... oh bad... we are good children and shall forget the bad rite... n let's focus on the good!!!

wad to say??? the guitars .... so new (duh...) so shiny... wah u guys hor... bring for gatherings next time wheneva possible... create atmosphere...

i just realised that valentines' day aka friendship day is so near!!! straight after CNY leh... no time to prepare anything... all the mysterious people.... hmm.... dunno lah... wad am i toking about!!! wadeva.

oh yar... and the girls are asking for teddy bears... (well... i dun really like teddies but other bears are fine...) anyway and flowers, and chocs and anything else... hmmm... so guys...................................................

dat's all for now. cos i'm going quite gibberish...


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Always Have A Dream

FORGET about the days when it's been cloudy, but don't forget your hours in the sun.

Forget about the times you've been defeated, but don't forget the victories you've won.

Forget about the mistakes that you can't change now, but don't forget the lessons that you've learned.

Forget about misfortunes you've encountered, but don't forget the times your luck has turned.

Forget about the days when you've been lonely, but don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen.

Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right, but don't forget to have a dream!

If not all 26 of us get to stay...

Forget about the pain from separation, but don't forget the short yet wonderful time 05s75 spent together.

((: FAC dance session was fun? Sorry I couldn't be there to have fun with you guys and to play a part in the banner painting today. Glad you all enjoyed yourself anyway.

The debate was quite good. Keep up the good work, speakers! And Clement rocks can. haha. Plus all those who spoke during the crossfire round. whee~

Anyway, Melvin, stop asking people for presents!! =P will get you one la, okay. Thanks to the girls who baked the brownie for us! It was great! (: Ms Yeo said she didn't taste anything nicer than your brownie. hee. Love you all!

Sorry that I've yet to post the photos. Promise to do it real soon, perhaps by this weekend. (:



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hello ppl! =)
today was FUN rite hehe. i think our fac dance really rocks =) jac will be so happy to hear this haha. i think apollo is so enthu abt dancing.. esp us and s7B heh. it was nice seeing all of us who were learning the dance being so on.. haha den we laugh at each other and ^5 and practice all the steps togetherr =p we shall rock the hse down during cny celebrations =)
and our banner is finally completed!! it's super duper chao ji nice.. so much better than the rest of the classes which mostly used cartoon chickens on their banners! ours rock =) big thank you to all those who helped paint the banner =) and also those who gave moral support like emily haha =p
anw GOOD NEWS: GP essay is now due on monday!!! =)

*xin yi

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hahaaaa... i finally decided to blog again! hey melvin... u're going to be in trouble... u missed out people in your thanks for birthday cake... u beta go find out who made the super good cake for the february ladies... hemmm... ah ok... lady and gentlemen. hahaa...

melvin's birthday over liao... hmmm... do u seem any older??? well, fel and tze yi up next... 20th and 28th...

CNY!!! oh no... i dun have any yellow shirts loh... all pink blue... no yellow to be seen... hmmm... dunno lah. thanks so much for the great effort by the people who stayed back for the red banner and the stall stuff... though i couldn't stay back today, u noe i'm always behind u guys, giving moral support!!! jia you! and let's earn a lot for the stall so that we can cover the upcoming increasing costs... oh yar... have we finished preparing???

today's fac dance session was quite fun... though i err... couldn't dance at all... haha... but watching u people was fun enough. most people quite hyped up rite... wad with the "open close open turn * open close open turn* open turn x3" like real exercise mastering hor...

dat's all for this entry... and people blog more... write more... crazy a bit more... ah... hype a bit more... feng1 a bit more... siao a bit more... boing***

arh... crazy liao... anyway, good job by the debaters : yaozhen, jon, sheldon , and those hu crossfired... let's stone ahh... rock on!!!


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My birthday today

Hey guys... Thanks for the awesome cake yahting and kailing rite? Hui li also issit? Oh yea thanks to ming swin and justine for the present. Oi the rest better give me after the weekend ok. Anyway happy birthday to me and i hope i will continue to grow and mature into a better gentleman that i am already am. Can't wait to eat Jac's cake tomolo. And lastly... I WANT MORE PRESENTS!


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hihi..i tink we hav to submit this blog on fri rite? yupz, so everyone please BLOG..yar..and a reminder, pls write to ur angels n mortals. oh yes, tmr the CNY decor grp will be staying back after the fac dance to do our class stall decor..er..anione else wanna stay back and help? the more the merrier! i tink the banner pple are painting the chicken tmr too, yupz, so i guess tmr will be a long day! have a good rest tonite, but dun forget to do ur tutorials for tmr!! see ya!

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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