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i'm blogging!

hihi..i m blogging at last...after a long long time..haha...got lots to blog last time, but too lazy to log in lar..haha..aniwae..yar..here is a blog entry by me! argh..so sian-ed by all the tutorials and upcoming tests and stuff liddat..juz checked the calendar and i realised we got no public hols until labour day..which is like in may!!! killer!!! oh man..how to survive this whole month??? so crappish lor..bleahx..plus i got tons of undone tutorials...arghhhhhh!!!!! cant wait for the EEP week..no lessons..muhahaha...hmm..wonder who will be the newcomer to class tomorrow??? if it is a guy, it will be better for the class gender ratio...if it is a girl, it will be grool (great + cool) too..cuz there will be one more fellow gossiper!! haha..yay! hmm..like fel had mentioned in her entry, our class is much affected by mel's leaving lar..yar...no matter whether it is shown on the faces anot, i guess we all know that we all feel sad and stuff..but well, i guess this is really life..maybe going thru all these together will make our class unite stronger to each other?? hope so...well..guess we must all help each other..support each other and cheer each other on..cuz we still have 1 1/2 years together...and i m sure by doing this, the time we spend together will be much more memorable and heartwarming..yar..aniwae, hope tat melvin's appeal will pull through..reallie reallie hope so..yar..cuz it will kinda mend all the wounds and stuff?? dunno lar..but lets all wish him good luck..and hope tat no matter what happens, we will always be 05s75, new and old together, as one..
and to the new person..if u ever read this, WELCOME to the coolest and greatest class in hwa chong!!!

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hello people...

haven't blogged for some time, i think. our blog has been quite inactive. the tagboard never ever floods anymore. isn't that quite sad?

haven't been in the mood for anything these days. maybe except for school work. trying to drown myself in it.

i guess we are all upset over melvin's leaving. but we all have to get over it, don't we? as time pass we probably will just get used to it. but no matter what, melvin will always be part of us. part of 05s75. we'll just keep in contact, keep him updated of what's happening in school. he'll still continue to join us for class outings, for school events. he'll still get the class pullover or the class tee or whatever class thingy we're making. he still has the badge we gave him on v day! and of course, his spirit will never leave us.. there are so many things that remind us of him. it might make us sad, but it's all part of the sweet memories we all share together as 05s75 for the 2 to 3 months we've been together. his laughter, his smiles, his jokes, the way he speak, his everything although we won't have someone who will drag time during lessons by asking lots of questions. although we won't know who from the class to support for band concerts anymore.

sighs. let's all get through this as part of 05s75. don't let it affect us so much that our class just fall apart like this. yeah, melvin is one of the glue s that sticks our class together. but we should not let our class just turn into one that we don't love and recognise anymore...



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Anyone interested

Hello everyone. Writing this on behalf of samuel...
Here are some fo the acitivites jc2 are organising

Monday watch movie(tentative-miss congenality)
Tuesday watch movie(spongebob square pants- confirmed- samuel long awaited movie..)
plus sleepover at army house( i not very sure about this...)
Saturday full- fledged activites (examples- picnic, kbox,kite flying...)

Yeah that's all. Well i think it will be good if we can join for some of the activites cos the jc2 are gonna get ultra busy soon so it will be like the last few outings we can go with them. So anyone interested?
Ying Tang(yawn... writing this at 2 am in the morning...)

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stayover at fel's condo... after sch tmr to fri...

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heeeeZ~ feL's in a very very very good mood today ^^ So I decided to blogg. About nothing.. HAHA..

wheee~ back to school! first day was... okay, I guess. [= very enthu about mugging, but I wonder how long it'll last.. heeZ.

I watched SPONGEBOB todayy!! So lame.. haha.. Lame until I cannot laugh la.. Didn't laugh a lot during the show though some siao gin na laugh like it's her own house like that. =/ LOL. Can watch if you wanna destress? Though it didn't help me much..

oh oh.. Hope 1st day of BLOCK TEST was okay for the seniors! (: jia you wOrx~!


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boycott PW!!

hey i think all of you haven done PW rite??
can we all DON'T DO?? pleaasee? i tink u all also dont wanna do rite.
so can we like boycott pw and dont do that stupid assignment?? say yes!!
anw GOOD LUCK to seniors for block tests =)

*xin yi

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check this out...

spot the real and identify the fake...



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winners and losers ...

hey yingtang! at least you won something out of robotics in the end ... me ... my ssef (which i very gladly WASHED MY HANDS OFF of Since 10th March, 2005, 4.30 pm) win nothing can or not ... i'm of course not the only one, but imagine the piss and the dissatisfaction, when your professors, who have both niaoed you, suanned you, ground you to salt and pepper AND vaunted, hoped, prayed, blessed you with words of encouragement that "your project can make it one!" placed so much faith in the project getting at least a silver some more. when i complained about my professors before maths lecture started some of my classmates laughed, because they couldn't believe the incredible tales i carried (and maybe the incredible way i described them) and just how incredible the entire terp experience had been. it had been a learning journey my foot. it was more like preliminary conditioning for NS and i don't mean nucleophilic substitution.

and minnie ... you are so lame!! keep it up!

another post from me

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dedicated to lame people in s75...and to those who are in sianified state at the moment...

Noodle vs Bao

> >Chapter One

One day, noodle quarrel with meat bao(bun).They had a fight but bao was too clumsy and lost badly. He was very angry and he told noodle to stay behind if he has the guts and he'll get his pals to assist him. Meat bao went to find bread, man tou, jian bao etc to get them to reinforce him. Along the way, they saw maggi mee. They ah bish ah bish ah bish and beat maggi mee up and maggi mee beri puzzled why he kena beaten up. He said, "Why u all beat me? What have I done to deserve this?" The meat bao said, "Noodle! Dun think u perm your hair then cannot recognise u!"

> >Chapter Two

Maggi mee, who was beaten up for no reason, was very angry. So he went to find bee hoon, udon, fried noodles etc to seek revenge. But on the way, they met small bao. Maggi mee looked at small bao for a while then told his brothers, "Bra-der! Whack him!" Maggi mee whack small bao harder & harder. After the noodles family has left, they asked Maggi Mee why he hated small bao so much and beat him up so badly. Maggi mee said. "At first wanna teach him a small lesson only, but then see him act cute, made me so angry."

>>Chapter Three

The more small bao thought of it, the more buay song he was. So, he found the bao family to whack Maggi mee. Then they found ying shi juan (noodles covered with bun). They brought him back as hostage and were about to but him on the stove to force him to talk when the bao head said, "That's not noodles! That's our undercover!"

> >Chapter Four

The family of bao and noodles are now enemies and they have gang fights whenever they see each other. One day, the noodles family was having a walk when they saw char siew bao alone. Seeing the good chance, all of them attacked him. The noodles family shouted, "Beat him hard hard! Don't give chance just because he's vomiting blood!"

> >Chapter Five

Poor char siew bao, with his injuries, went to the bao headquarters to look for help. All the bao family was activated and together with red bean bao, green bean bun etc. they went to seek revenge. All the passerbys siam them as they look like they will kill. They saw french fries jalan jalan along, shopping. The bao family attacked him. The bao head shouted, "Noodle people still wear gold go shopping! Whack him!!!"

> >Chapter Six

Finally, the bao family manage to kidnap noodle, the one who started up the whole show, and brought him back to the bao headquarter. All the baos took turns to whack him. At the end, the chief of baos - dua bah bao took a final roll over noodle before they dump him. When the poor noodle finally went home, none of the family members could recognise him bcoz he is totally disfigured and flattened. In order not to let the family bear the bad name, he appears as a new member named Mee Pok.


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this is for those who haven't read, or haven't access friendster for a long time, or haven't checked mail for quite some time...

the jc lightbulb...

Q: How many RJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: 4 whole faculties. One faculty to design the newbulb, one faculty to test it out, one faculty tomarket it and one guy to write a stupid E-mailabout lightbulbs.

Q: How many HCJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: The whole school. To compete with RJC.

Q: How many VJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: The whole school. One student to screw it inand the rest to cheer and wave flags and bannersto give him/her support.

Q: How many MJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: None. They're too busy trying not to get retained.

Q: How many NJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: None. They can study without light.

Q: How many AJC students does it take to changea lightbulb?
A: They're too busy trying to be one of the top 5JCs.

Q: How many ACJC students does it take tochange lightbulb??
A: None. They'd use all their money to employYJC to do it for them.

Q: How many YJC students does it take to changea lightbulb?
A: None. Only one teacher to tell them what alightbulb is in the first place and to demonstrate(how do you think they're able to change it forACJC?)

Q: How many CJC students does it taketo change a lightbulb?
A: They'd prefer it darker. *raises eyebrows*

Q: How many JJC students does it take to changea lightbulb?
A: None. Their physics is so bad that they makethe male teacher cry.

Q: How many TPJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: They can't be bothered.

Q: How many SAJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: None. They believe in praying for it.

Q: How many NYJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: None. They are still using oil lamps.

Q: How many SRJC students does it take tochange a lightbulb?
A: Huh, wat litebarbu...

Q: How many PJC students does it take to changethe lightbulb?
A: F*** the lightbulb lah, the principal will dosomething about it. Let's do 300 jumping jacks fornot wearing the proper school attire

Q: Don't you guys wonder who wrote this?

Q: How many TJC students does it take to changethe lightbulb?
A: None. They think they are very bright already.

yupz...hope all of u have a few good laughs. (to those whom i've given the wrong or insufficient info, paiseh... here's the comprehensive one...)

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super lame

Yoz. Just writing abt some unrelevant stuff. Hope you ppl dun mind.

Today was quite corny. Woke up at 11am finally had a long and nice sleep. Then suddenly got a phone call from my team member asking me to rush down to science centre for some interview for some stupid award... I was like what the... cos i live in se
mbawang then i took taxi and pia there. Then we tok a lot of stupid stuff with the judges interviewing us. My first time getting interviewed yeah and they asked a lot of typical question like how you feel about the whole experience ... etc Then in the end during prize presentation we got the best sportmanship award. I was quite lamified. Still got other stupid awards like The best supporter award and most bizzare robot. Anyway in the end only the alliance that got first got award... even second and third dun have. Then chs got nothing although their alliances got fourth. yeah the most lame thing is that the best alliance award was the same size as ours except only words different... lol... The only reason i can I think of is that they are trying to promote robotics in singapore not trying to make it too competitive.

Ying Tang

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Win liao

Heya all! Hope you ppl have a great holiday! I have a fastantic and fun-filled holidays :)
Let me share with you all my experience

Friday- Robotics reach home at 11.40(while you ppl have fac outing)
Saturday-Woke up at 8.30 reach school for robotics Afternoon end, night capriccio reach home at 11.20

S unday- Woke up at 8.30 reach school for robotics. Then went west mall buy allen key reach home at 8pm wasted 12 hours
Monday- Woke up at 7.30 for wushu(damn tiring) then go for robotics reach home at 11pm
Tuesday- Woke up at 6.30 am go science centre reached home at 7pm
Wedesday- Woke up at 6.30 reached home at 10pm.
Thursday- Woke up at 5.30 in the end never get into final quite depressed then at night went huang cheng in the end 11.47 reached home...
Also not to mention that we spend over one month stuck in the project room doing until damn late. Joyce can testify to that.
Moral of the story: dont join robotics if you know what's good for you unless you have a lot of patience and ability to tolerate failures.
So basically after all this crap the point i am trying to make is that if anyone tells me he or she has NO time during the holidays to do hw or study i will slaughter the person.That's all folks. Thank you for your kind attention
Ying Tang aka Anonymous

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kls outing

hehex..welfare rep is back..feeling healthy..and stronger certainly..=) S.A.M shld know..i meant Sam And Meixuan..haha=p

okiex...now tt i am back, can do sth 4 the kls..okiex..bt the jacket havent settle yet rite...kegan has sorta described the rough idea..so anyone with more suggestions pls express in the tagboard okiex..really really..we need those ideas cuming in~

for body language..those who are interested must apprach either me or kegan..cox we must start on the registration and then the steps soon..for the senior kls peeps..ehx..can u all confirm who wana join and then tell us asap?thankx..know ur block tests cuming soon so we won;t make things difficult for ya all dun worry..=P

lastly kls outing!!!urm the day is this saturday for sure...but jux duno if u all want a stayover or zoo outing..personally i wld prefer a stayover lahx...cox sat morning yl pple wun be free..and stayover will be so so fun..of cox u all dun hafta agree with me..but ya...if we are having a stayover can anyone offer their hse??the huangchen pple can oso join us later on..=)

respond respond..

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Dear students,
As the high sch section would be preparing for Founder's Day
Celebration, there will be no combined flag raising ceremony on
Monday, 21 March .
The college would continue to have our flag raising at 7.30am at
college assembly ground.

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heh! interact campp [=
log com aka bao ka liao com aka jie mei club aka exco `o6 rocKss! hahaha.

huang cheng tmL! =) yess bobbert really looks like yanchengxu. wonder why people don't agree! haha, NEVERMIND. i think it's a matter of angle. cos my senior interactor says he really looks like yan cheng xu from the 45º angle. bet vincee, jonny and bernard (the priest in Apollo DramaFest), those who disagreed with me, haven't seen bobbert from that angle.. hehehe.. that means.. we shall take a photo of him sOooonn... :P

i realised that some of the J2 girls have been taking note of some J1 guys.. that includes bobbert and COLIN.. haaaa lalala~


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champions for touch rug!!

hi everyone! how's the hols coming along?
anw, guess what?! hwachong touch rugby got double champ!! the j2 team got gold for under-20 category and the j1 team got gold for under-17 category!! =D yayy so happy now hehe. =D
anw tmr's huang cheng.. haha think all the huang cheng peeps are damn busy now.. jiayou ok!! you all are gonna see the fruit of your labour soon!
anw so i gues e sleepover thing is not on anymore since fel's parents din give permission? anw cant wait to see all of you again.. =)
whee so happy now haha. take care everyone! =)

*xin yi

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Feeling a little bored and lonely? Me too. *tsk* Try some webbies here... hope to entertain you...

Singapore Paranormal Investigators: for brave souls only; weaklings like me - stay away.

Talkingcock.com: Satirical Humour

Dance Choreography--i wonder if it helps...cos' it looks quite easy for our pro dancers liao~

Have sum fun reading them if you like... basically; i havent read any of them... ok maybe one--the cock one.

Deity Zhen
from Heaven Monotonous

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Class Jacket


Haha, before I mention what's mentioned in the title, just want to say Capriccio damn nice. Although I personally enjoy the solos tht much as compared to the other pieces, overall it was really not bad. Cept for the fact tht some irritating pplz can't seem to keep to time and be punctual as well as those who kept shouting until the conductor got totally pissed. Out of point anyway. Mel looked smart! But he so looked so sian through out the whole thing...=( nvm bout the opportunities now lahz, you shall and will get more. Right now you have a bunchful of flowers and the class's support! =)

Oh btw I think the double bass is damn cool man. I mean tht guy was playing so professionally but I couldn't hear lorz. Hehz seriously I'm not being sarcastic. As in it's so darn low tht you can't hear it yet you still have to play to the notes... Most of the time I could only hear from the tuba, samuel there but I just couldn't pick up the double bass... And it's so towering and looks so majestic lorz, haha.. It's damn zai if you get what I've been tryin to say.... It's not like the first time I see one, but dunno, haha, saw it in a different light suddenly.

Back. The class jacket ritez, that day I randomly discussed with a few of you all and currently we have this suggestion. A black jacket with the zip shifted slightly to the right but it's still straight lahz, not slanted. Then maybe the sleeves or what has some very few white lining or design like a sports jacket like tht... haha try picture... the design and lines are very minimal one lahz... alternatively I suggest army green? But I dun think the girls will like it lahz, like how us guys wun appreciate flaunting a pink jacket in the audi or lt... anyhow if you got other suggestions just throw, we'll filter again.

Oh...I heard you all are intendin to head to the zoo or sentosa this hols? I think kailing they all organisin ba...sorry can't join you all again..hols schedule full liaoz, fri and weekend got sec4 class chalet...the other weekdays training all occupied...=(

Regarding chalet I think I have to agree yaozhen. Prob we should hold a big scale one at the end of the year after we get to know each other really well then we can really enjoy one another's company. Meanwhile, how to get each other really well? More minor day outings spread over the year! =P ha, prob june will be one or two day outings ba, since we have to prepare for block tests. Prob you can take the hols to do some CIP also. For me my exEXCO's organising a training camp back at my school... Yea, probably we source and book a chalet in advance once the block tests are over.

Last announcement, next week everyday, can you all please stay around the class bench after flagraising as well as stay in class for a while if the next period's a tut, cos there are some changes in class room venues due to j2 block test so I need to inform you all where to go...wander off and you'll probably be late for lessons by the time we can contact you...

Meanwhile enjoy your hols! =)

Oh btw, body language. The following pplz who have expressed interest...brendan, melvin, sam and awyong...next week we settle registration can? Then we can start choreographing... Can we have two more girls join pls?? more balance... compulsory for huiling and me to take part so no point ask us. anyhow my fren just recommended me a song, 1,2 step by missy elliot and someone-I-cannot-remember-who, not bad, tempo quite strong... any one got any suggestions for songs, strong tempo, best is got some variation in tempo, also not too many chorus parts if possible...but have also nvm, just suggest kz, thnx.

:[ ke9an

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hello? Posted by Hello

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how are the pictures??? the words up there a bit small huh... u save pic and see again loh... anyway, for lazy people, these are the words...
wad??? yan cheng xu lookalike... check it out yourself... pls stare hard.


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Tentative Stayover

Fel is now askling her parents whether we can have a stayover at her condo. Hope it works. Who can make it ar. It like we go for huang cheng then we go camp at her house. How many nites u all want? 3 day 2 nites can? Kailing say we can go huang cheng then sleep at fel house. Then go out on friday. Go watch movie or sentosa. Then sleep at Fel's house. then go zoo on sat?

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hahaa... people blogging!!! hooray!!!

hahaa... people are blogging! actually, i'm very tired now... actually exhausted mentally and slightly physically... long day with the kids in school... but come here and see the blog, feels like i just had a sugar dose like the kids and hyper liao...

haha... i actually went to the grand seniors' blog a long long time ago and super kpo, go n tag in german at their board... hahaa.. good... sustain the blog all through our years...

stayover? i dunno... super headache now thanks to the day i had... scared of another headache... hahaha... i'll ask lah... but anyway... (i don't really think that if other people's house, i can stayover... the guys present thing??? hey guys... u so mah fan...)

hehe... people hu dunno wad to blog? haha... see wad i have been doing in the past few weeks lah... i dunno wad i doing but... hahah.... liven up the blog!!! later i shall go n see the pictures put up... maybe put in the captions... dunno how cum fel will know that the first 3 were my works... haiya... meant to be anon... hehe... dun care liao... say i wanna sleep (cos tmr still got one more longer day of noise and running ard with kids...) but i will still watch tv-- 10.30pm to 1pm sth... haha...

wad happened to huiling arh? injury? though huiling, you will not be reading this any time too soon, wish you all the best and jia you... same goes for sam and mx... haha.... :) miao... time to go see pictures!!!


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haha guess what. i was inspired by minnie's entry.. so decided to blog here! ok im guilty of not blogging for a long time!! oops. =p
band concert was really cool la!! so glad i chose band concert over ttime hehe.
anw, i just write down what i feel like writing down la so forgive me if things get abit incoherent.
yes i want class stayover!! hehe emily can can?? i like your hse =p or anyone who wants to offer their hse (at your own risk =p) for stayover also can! of cos must be prepared for lots of noise that can tear the hse down =p yes. i want stayover!
and ya whatever happened to our class jacket idea... anw i want sth that is simple heh.
oh anw kpo me went to our grandseniors' class blog and den i went to look at some of our grandseniors' blogs which are linked from their class blog. ya and i went to look at their pictures. anw i tink it's so cool lor.. den can see all e fun they had together haha. den i thought of how nice it'll be to look back 2 years from now on all of our blog entries and pictures taken during our 2 years together in 75.. so heartwarming rite!! yay so continue taking more pics!! =) and ya i am trying to imagine how all of us will look during prom nite. abit far hor. =p
oh yes and i just changed my blog layout again. yes im abit crazy cos i just changed it erm 1 or 2 weeks ago =p but den i xin1 xue4 lai2 chao2 so changed it haha. oh ya and i thought emily's description of e fac outing was very good. clear and precise. =)
good nite!

*xin yi

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after much psycho-ing from ylime for quite a number of days... i've decided to blog!!
the "swine injury story" by melvin was quite convincing for me (i actually believed it!!) because one of my friends actually had her leg ran over by a bus before (no joking). She was practically stuck at home. yupz... then i went jH's blog and found out that i was fooled!! :'( stupid me...

Band concert rockz... especially Phantom of the opera as well as Pirates of the Carribbean. melvin u rockz too! although u looked kind of bored sitting by the side while the others in your section played and solo-ed. That oboe guy (not mel) was very cool... he's like...super good?

I think chalet or slpover will be quite cool and we should take the chance to do so during the hols(chalet's impossible lahz...) ylime!! volunteer your house again!! then i might be able to go... It's like...after the band concert, i was at the bus stop waiting for the bus with rw and xinyi and jiaying, there were a few guys waiting for taxis, apparently for some class chalet. (fast ehz?) so ya... someone plan!!

and yes!! class sweater/pullover/ jacket/whatever!! how how? can use huiling's cartoons :D:D but quite ex tho...

how come everyone keeps tagging at the board and hardly blogs now? ehz people... pls blog too... or it'll become stagnant like other classes' blogs (with the exception of the cbox). yupz... juz type crap or anything lahz (learn from ylime) or put some interesting links to quizzes or whatever jokes for sianified ppl (like me) to access...


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new uploads`

erm... no need for me to blog this entry but ive uploaded new pics for capriccio on our album~ the only few i managed to salvaged... `weeps`...

Deity Zhen
from a sad failure heaven

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Class Chalet or stayover

Hey guys and gals
I want a class chalet or stay over!!!!! I mean it was damn fun at ems house last time and I want it again!!!!! Maybe we go and stayover at someone's house after huang cheng? Want or not? I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice pics at shutterfly! thanks xiao zhen and fel!

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far-mily portrait. Posted by Hello

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that's his price priZe [=

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our representatives.. (:

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chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny.. good job ruowei! we love you! *muAcks

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LOL. that's the way we dressed.

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wahhh really looks like yan cheng xu mannnn... someone said we can sell his photos to earn money =D fac prince leh! best actor leh!

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the fingers game.. ti ti ti ti ti ti ti~

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wahhhh HEART ATTACK!! why did kegan keep winning... =(

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and that's the other half of the gambling den...

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cca...why i never felt it sian.

lolz...like totally~ to many i beleive that photog soc must have sound really boring. and yes i agree. cos this what we do. sit and look. but. why didnt i felt it at all boring? cos' what is happening is really cool if only you like photography. the reviewing of pictures gives you plenty of new insights on the angles to take, on the things to note when you take pictures, prepares one to be able to handle photography in many fields- like sports photog, event coverage, journalism, arts potography...etc... it gets really boring to other people like some girls that sit there and engage themselves in their own conversation throughout the hour, is simply because what the guy is about to say really makes no sense at all to them...but actually... even small remarks about a picture are useful cos' you will start to think about how to improve on the shot and how you could better cover an event coming up...:) yar...true... i can understand herbert and why he quit photography cos it's like boring... the simple reason to this boredom is more than the activity it offers but because it is hard to have a club that holds photography without any professional or maybe any zai people inside to instruct you along. there isnt any photographers in the market that conducts sessions or offers to be the coach... and so when the club is filled with noobs or amateurs like me, then the session becomes meaningless. who is there to comment and teach?! but. luckily...this time round... we have one zai photographer in the club and he's the head...so; for the time being- im not quitting photog! :)

the only thing i think when i pick ccas now that pearls is gone is by interest... like drama and photog and one dreadful huang cheng (also photog group)... in this way- i wont really feel any angst against it... :)

deity Zhen
from a red heaven
-blog in red-

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fac outing!!!

<>report on apollo fac outing 2005... <>

start of journey
weather: rain...
the main grp of us braved the drizzle and boarded the bus awaiting at the gate... we sang songs... we tied our identity bandanas... melvin's on his head about which he says, "if i tuck in the 'fringe', i look like cancer patient." the rest tied on their wrists...

arrival at spans jom club house
most heard word: "wah..."
long backed chairs spotted at the entrance to the function room... people so tempted to sit on them and take photos? but didn't in the end... dunno y... hmm...

enter the function room
first thing to do: obviously, put down our heavy bags...
next thing: entertain ourselves... the finger dadadadadadada game and den the appearance of cards!!! strange thing is someone from the other class stole a mike and started singing off-tune... bridge game... bridge bridge bridge... 3 sets of cards, 3 games of bridge... official gambling den eh??? next, the famous mrt game!!! xiaozhen went on a losing streak! hehe...

identity crisis
our identity bandanas not obvious enough!!! tie where??? last decision... not the milkmaid way... no way... ard the neck... plus class badge on the knot like super big-sized button...

self-entertainment over...
mcs take over!!! dinner time! girls first!!! hahaa... end up some girls of other classes take for their class guys??? haha... dinner!!! hungry people leh... menu: rice, beehoon, tofu, veg, fish... mushroom soup... fruits (must be health-conscious... balanced meal...)

yam sei
dunno how to spell that lah... but super big yams from 05s75!!! three!!! hehe... den the whole fac together!!! hahaa... quoting emcees "like wedding like that..." hehe...

quite mad lah and lame... and all so LAME!!! poor ruowei... chubby bunny game with her stuffing marshmallows into her small mouth... aiyoh... yao zhen at the mini lame skit... "like totally..." yahting and brendan at the fac prince, princess thing... "what's ur favourite colour?" so easy... just look at the colour of that thing around the necks... hehe...

won in the end
brendan and yahting: most spontaneous couple
brendan: fac prince!!!
the whole class, though not official, won greatest presence and most enthu!!!
kegan picked a ticket to free bowling games!!! whoohoo kegan!!!

last highlight
fac dance!!! sudden announcement that we shall try move all the tables and dance!!! sudden return of those already out of the function room!!! hahaa... clement go super enthu according to people in front...

after fac outing
bowling!!! free bowling leh... cannot waste!!! trouping off to bowling alley at spans jom... hehe... dunno wad time everyone got back home

<>end of report <>
presented to you by me

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half of a gambling den [=

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LOL! the class poto we tried SO hard to take? =] *evil laugh* okay hope the 2 of them not angry la hohZ.. bleahZ~ hehe. Brendan, Karin and Hui Yi not in photo because they joined us later. Anyway think this photo not very well-taken.. Nevermind...

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Fag Outing

Hey yoz...
Havent posted here for a long long time... Wanna talk about today's fag outing. It was kinda cool the bandana thingy. I think we should have won cos the stupid S7b only wore a lousy yellow tee... Not even uniformed lor... They should have give the class that wore all green... HAHA....
Anyways... I think the dinner was ok and the games were generally entertaining. Yay for our fag couple! So cool got the most spontentous couple... LOL... And surprise surprise our dear bobbert won again to be crowned FAG PRINCE! Who would have tot... lol... Maybe he is the first person in Apollo history to clinge both best actor and fag prince... So xian mu.
The best was indeed saved for last when we danced the fag dance! At first no space so not really very fun. Then when we moved to an empty space... We got so high dancing that we dun mind dancing the whole night lor... Hope this will spur us to win body language! haha
Oh yes... Bowling was cool! Esp me! I rox! I beat all the guys for once lor! so zai! (not to mention lucky also) haha! Then the funniest part was when i took the taxi home with the fag prince and his friend brian. The taxi driver was so hilliarious that all 3 of us were laughing thru out the entire trip home! Like he just mumbled strings of vulgarities that can't even be found in the coxford at jay walkers lor... It was damn fun, Hope to sit in his taxi again. LOL
Ok... Damn sian now... Should be going HK for hoilis but then i nv go cos of a band nite... Argh... Tomorrow those goign must remember to buy flowers for me! Or soft toy better! haha.

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hey... new style of blogger.com!!! to understand, sign in and write an entry...

so... great seeing the photos up so fast!!! nice! hehe... so shiok!
haha!!! today is the first thursday that we get to eat fast without having to queue long long time... first thursday that we can actually eat finish with 20min more to hang around class bench!!! hehe... every other thursday, we shall chong down to canteen also!!!

so good hearing that the pearls have been dropped. although we will still need to do stuff to furnish our testimonials, it'll be more of interest base and not so sickening... :) and i guess, it means more heart put into doing stuff cos you will do things without thinking about points points points all the way!!! all the way for doing things with your whole heart in it!!!

to those joining council, (sam, brendan, karin, melvin) jia you!!! after hols we'll see you people campaigning!!! we're behind you!!! jiayoujiayoujiayou!!!

fac outing tmr!!! after fac outing, people can write entry for class... and i mean class blog... hehe... liven things up here!!! wadz??? latest:
-dark blue shirt (which i have to borrow from huiling)
-denim bottom
-a bandana (dunno correct spelling or not...)
-and ur class badge (i go put it in my bag now...)
+ sch bag that we'll have to tow there...
+ supposedly $10 to pay class fund that apparently tze yi doesnt seem to want to collect...
+ the hype that 75 will bring to the outing!!! yeahyeahyeah... go for the food! we paid for all that!

now... i stop here... i still have yet to complete the gp project thing... aiyoh... and people... the super mario hw... remember to send in hor...


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like, totally!

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hello 75ers (:

If you didn't know, all the photos are already up on Shutterfly. Including the latest class photos! A big THANK YOU to Mr Jerry Chai for his kind help in taking arranging our positions and taking the photographs for us. [=

If you don't remember,
email: hci05s75@yahoo.com.sg
password: same as that of class blog

Check them out.. hehe. Well, if you want the original image file, feel free to ask for it. [=


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nice photo of Kegan!

[click for bigger version ((:]
hahahaha! This photo really make me laugh like mad. Okay it's taken in NAN HUA canteen. Kegan looks so FUNNY okay.. LOL i can't stop laughing now. =D i just snapped it anyhow la.. The guy beside Kegan is his Council Vice President (I don't really know what he's doing but according to Kegan, shaO's trying to invert Kegan's badge [=). If you noticed, there are 3 fingers at the side.. it's my good friend, who's also in council exco, de fingers.. LOL no no, the main point is.. KEGAN LOOKS SO FUNNY IN THE PHOTO!! But quite nice la. =) hehe.


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Dont bother reading if you hate lame blog

Hihi blogging just for the fun of it. Today was like super niao... cos i slept at 2am the previous day was half-dead when i came back to school. I was taking the bus when i fell asleep..... then i slept all the way to chinese high side then a kind rgs girl woke me up. Otherwise i might have ended up at the interchange then i will be later than swine for a change. Do i look like i still from secondary school...
Okay i am laming... but since i typed all this out liao i might as well as post it, keep class blog alive. Anonymous

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hallo hallo and hello again...

okay... i shall clear screen again... that green tortures the eyes... i think when they say green is good, they mean the grassy green and not this kind of green.

today was a fairly long... okay better word is very very long day...the highlight of the day... chemistry practical: cracking of test-tubes and for brendan, i think, spilling of FA1...

i was happily heating the dearest FA1 and hand tired so i put it down on the tile... quite unlike clement who decided that he would forgetfully burn the rubber tubing connecting the bunsen burner to the gas pipe with the hot test-tube. and so so, i heard that strange taktaktak sound... look down at my testtube and saw the carbonate stuff jumping up... all so strangely... i mean, y should it be jumping? like bits deciding they should have some exercise...

hmmm... seconds later, the truth finally dawns. my test-tube cracking!!! aiyoh...

fac outing around toa payoh area... 7pm to 11pm... dunno how to get home lah!!! r the choa chu kang ppl going to camp at someone's house? i dunno where exactly it is... maybe someone can write down the details somewhere... and yltc people... aiyoh... cannot force u people to go lah... but 11pm!!! so tired!!! aiyoh...

haiz... just another day... nono...it's not just another day! it's 8/3/2005! wadeva...


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things that piss me off about cca

hey. i was writing so much on the tagboard, and i realise i have lots more to go, so here i am. thx to emily -- ylime -- my angel -- legna -- for your key to this blog. unlike serene, my guessing skills and memory work are totally off the mark. i kinda knew what the password was, but i added in one or two words in excess. i was vaguely afraid that trying too much would jam up the blog ... and 51 people will come for my head. and besides, i haven't done my work (as usual).

yah ... basically this was not to be told to anyone, especially my angels and mortals then ... my 4 ccas, which was essentially an overkill and overload kind of strategy. my idea was that, since we have so many inherent interests and probably talents as well, we should just spam ourselves with lots of ccas, then when the going gets tough, then we drop the ccas one ... by one ... by one ... if you have so many that is. not ashamed or abashed by anything, my ccas are strings, green club, photography and library. i wonder who joined library here? perhaps the other aspects of it are fun, or rather more fun, but for me the viewing scope that i had for library in the first 3 months or so was really myopic at best. cos i was doing mainly shelving, shelving and more shelving. there were many points i felt stupid to sign in my attendance at the counter, and sometimes i even felt stupid way before i actually got up from the class bench towards e block.

in a bid to attract us members there, the aesthetics head smsed all of us (ok she missed out my name, another disincentive ...) and promised us one enrichment point for turning up this particular meeting. it turned out it was a briefing for this exhibits publishing event for library week of sorts, that when we do a book review (for me and my group) we participate in this event, and we get our E point. i was like thinking, why the hell would i need E points for - i am practically overloaded with them, because i'm in a performing cca, and i believe any other performer will be overloaded with them as well, way beyond the max of 4. same goes for participation and if you're actively sourcing for cip, service. you can tell the harder ones are A, R and L. you must win something and place (as in 2nd, merit, gold, distinction, champion etc) to get A points, you must take part in the name of your school or your nation to get R points, and to get L points you simply have to be elected an exco member, but even then the lowest for being a mere undifferentiated exco member is a 2.

but of course there are loopholes to this pearls system. like for me, i think the enrichment point i scored for participating in the library event was not cancelled, as in i got it anyway, it stayed in my records, even though i stopped attending library after that. i know of a senior who joined strings, played for syf 2003, and quit it on account of being not good with the conductor, joined co, and played for syf 2003 with co as well. theoretically he can get points for both participations, except that if you join events of the same nature (ie of the same cca category - like performing arts) then your A and R points don't stack. ok ... i'm getting a little confused here ... and the pearls system is indeed a confusing devil to meddle with.

what about photography? i can pretty much identify with deity zhen - the members are more or less made of rock and stone. and it's worlds apart from actually rocking and stoning. the members probably join it thinking it's quite a slack cca, and on many counts it is. but the inherent danger of regarding a cca a slack one is that its meetings frequency, even if it's really reasonable and sparse, like maybe once in a week or two, you will find every summoning and calling from the exco a real pain in the ass. this is exactly how i feel for green club, where all we mainly do now is weeding. for that, i was actually pleasantly surprised to find so many ppl in the class joining green club. so why did i quit photog? i guess i thought i had better things to do. my only regret is being so enthusiastic when i was still there, hence giving my senior classmate, the chair of photog then, the wrong impression of me.

what's happening at green club now? they apparently have this green audit thing every year ... apparently, ELT you do as a green member will net the school its brilliant, environmentally-friendly attributes, and auditors who judge the schools will come in and measure the school's green stats at regular intervals - such as whether plumbing networks are leaking, the green area of the school, the number of plant species in the school, efforts to recycle waste etc etc etc. and lo and behold, i was only told of such a thing happening only this year. and that was when i asked somebody who knew more than i do. i mean, everybody has other ccas to take care of and attend on wednesdays, and then green club had to schedule their irritating short and meaningless meetings slightly before we have our ccas, sending us running for our lives to be in time for our next cca. coupled with the fact that i wasn't always informed of meeting times, my attendance last year was 38.9%. everyone who didn't get their achievement points (for partaking one way or another in the green audit - evidenced by attendance above 80%) would be involved in this redemption kind of project (i feel like i'm in cca purgatory) which requires you to manage a waste recycling project. when have you guys last heard an announcement to put your waste paper in a4 boxes in block e? it was aeons ago. it was only recently that i realised, the 8 girls, all in S3 classes except one in S69, are not in this winner's club for nothing. i couldn't push them to do much at all.

so that goes to say i'm really happy and contended in strings? not really. for one, the exco is quite defunct. i can testify to that since i'm totally overwhelmed with time management issues (i'm secretary btw). and i would be really happy to hear a moment of correct intonation when the cello section plays in a group. really. did i mention the juniors this year are almost going going gone ... their standard is really CMI. i wonder how the conductor chooses the members really. he doesn't have any marking rubric, no scoring sheets or means of recording - after every auditionee has gone for their shot at stardom, he just went up the list in reverse order of appearance and thought out loud to all of us - this person ... i can't really remember his/her playing, but it should be ok right? and the vice chair would say ok lah. this is made even better by the fact that our conductor is away on sso overseas trip for one whole month ... and he will be back just before syf. what's going to become of our syf?!

cca cca ... i think most of my cca decisions and actions are largely pearls-driven. i am guilty of that and i think there's no hiding it. but as i go along i realise what a possible farce it can be sometimes ... like you get 4 points for winning the exco elections, and you can be a slacker after that and not do your job properly. i know that really isn't nice, so i'm really trying to crank out the next edition of minutes like maybe after ssef blows over? i even once had the naive hope of changing the state of green club administration by running for exco, but then again maybe it's cos i was afraid people won't choose me to be their secretary in strings. but by the state of present things, i guess it really isn't easy, both as a member finding your place and your role in green club, and as an exco member, taking care of so many underlings under you, most of which are either slack or totally blur about their role.

what's the pt of writing all these? i really don't see what kind of advice i can give for joining and maintaining active membership in cca. maybe except for the multi-cca strategy i adopted, and i guess it was useful cos dropping is always easier than picking up. so here i am, sharing and shared my lame cca experiences, and hope that the problems i face can be circumvented in some way or another, by preempting or simply not being as complacent and blur as i was.

i'm hungry, my mom is calling me, and i still haven't done my work. term 1 is going to be hell while it lasts.


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like totAlly~

and of course... there isnt really a need for me to blog this article but since the blog is getting quieter... i shall add an entry here... lolz.

and yar correct... photog soc rox... please join leh felicia... i hope there will be more people there who i can speak and can communicate effectively with and without tolerating a foreign slang... bleaghs. not that they are not nice people but it's like totally~ sian there lor... everyone speaks with a slang~ that im beginning to have one in my chinese when i talk to them- *oh my* ...also many a times i dunno what to talk to them about... cos' like got barrier between me and them? and all of them look as if they're dead?... yar. very sad... so must come join and accompany me... arghhh ... anyway your photog skills are quite zai lor... it's like numerous of your shots were really cool... even for me i need to take 150 pictures to get only several photos approved.... *so tiring* ... one day i must show my senior ur shots so can drag you inside... hehehe... i so sad... so must join photog... ... ...


-Deity Zhen
from a painfully desperate heaven

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lousy throat

YUCKs.. I got sore throat! Was feverish just now. Felt like shit. Thought that I wouldn't be able to make it to school tomorrow. LOL. But now feeling better liao. whee~ =)

As usual I was quite slack. I only managed to complete Mathematical Induction and Partial Fractions. Slow.. yeah super slow. helpp!

Sighhhhh. LOL. Are we going anywhere tomorrow? I think I got to go Interact.. kids need help =D bOo. I'm like so tempted to quit First Aid.. and join Photog or Sensorium Vale.. What crapp =P LOL.. Aiya, I don't know why I'm writing this. Quite tempted to join Council toooo. LOL. feL has gone mad. Council?? =/

lalalala~ Kind of cannot wait for tomorrow. Then again.. that means school... work... and everything else. BOO.

Okay people blog more okay. Like me got nothing to say de just crap through the whole entry.. lalalala~

Oh by the wayy.. the previous entry was by my dear mortal, Serene =PpP LOL.. she said that our password isn't difficult to guess.. Quite true ehh. ooOpps.

I wanna go KBOX!!


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yozz! ;)

haha ur snr here! ;) ur tag board has been down for a long loooooong time... anyway i juz wanted to say i tink ur blog rawks! i tot u guys stood a very very gd chance of winning e blog competition! (oopz quite long ago... budden u noe ur tagboard was n is still down) haha yeah... rawk on k! write more here... its quite interesting to read =)

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Talentime 2oo5

wow wheee! Talentime kinda rocked. Though I think Drama Feste was better =P bleah, fine, okay, it's 2 different occasions. hehe. The people quite zai la. But the gymmer and yue tuan thingy so diao. Sorry if I offend anyone la =/ I mean if you train and train you'll be good like them? Okay okay, you need a little talent too. Congrats to all those who won! Front seats were cool. Can see all the faces. haaa...

yO Wei Lin! I think you did quite well, so don't think you screwed it up okay? (wonder if you'll be reading this) Pretty pretty. hehe. Way to go!

yeaah. Supper was quite funny. Tze Yi made us laugh like mad la (as usual). Or at least, made Kai Ling and I laugh like mad. LOL. I hope this is logical to you... hehe.

I think this entry is extremely crap la! Anyway I'm really looking forward to the band concert and huang cheng! oh oh oh.. YL people don't be too sad. There's always next year! [=

ehhh.. I miss the tagboard la. Can we like change it or something. How come it's working on Jun Hong's blog!! grrrrrRr..

hmms. Lastly, those who haven't register, please do so like NOW!! Don't drag le. Those who CAN'T register now cos you haven't applied for Sing Pass, then hope you can like do it soon. pon school on monday to apply =P no la. good luck anyway. LOL.

crappPPppp. think I'm going to have sore throat.

P.S. Melvin, I think pink's nice just that orange's nicerrr. hahaaaa.

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heyhey... thinking meaningful...

thinking has become this weekend's work... here's my finding...

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."
Muhammad Ali

"The years teach much which the days never knew."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

thinking thinking philosophy...



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no title!!

thinking of what title to put for the entries really kill my brain cells man!
but anyway everyone, my training this morning was cancelled ahaha!! ok nvm haha. i sound so slack =p oh yar liew commented that when we go for guitar practices like going for class outing liddat cos so many ppl are in guitar!! =p
okae now must congratulate miss keung on her damn good results!! ok at first i typed out all her results eg. "congratulate miss keung on her (blank) As, (blank) for GP, (blank) for german.. etc etc." and then i realised that she will kill me if i just publicise her results to the whole world on this blog haha. so i deleted that part and wrote damn good results instead =p. anw, chinese newspaper today got her name la.. so go and take a look haha.
and just some random reminders. you know rite, when u want to rename a file on your comp, you must be very careful.. cos the delete function is right above it.. so don't accidentally delete your file when you want to rename it!!
yay i just successfully crapped through a whole entry. see all of you on mondayy!! rmb to do tutorials! so happy no more tests liao!

*xin yi aka awyong

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it's me ((:

okay.. that title was so crappy. dun mind me. listening to 93.3 now... they're talking about how guys like to give girls the wrong impression that they like them when they actually dun? hahahah... wonder how true that is. anyway, emily keep asking us to blog... so here i am. hahaha. actually it's cos diaryland high traffic, so i cannot update my own blog. ): which is sooooo outdated. anyway, council elections coming up! who's joining? cos it'll be kinda sad if our class got no councillors. lolx. oh well. anyway... wonder how our grand seniors did for As? pretty well i'm sure... so saddening cos like in a few MONTHS (yes it's only a matter of months) then we'll have to sit for As, then take results. hahahhahah. i think until so far... but it's so crappy lorh. argh.

playing hearts now... sheesh. i'm addicted to it. sigh* badddd... this week so slack in tuts. i've got to catch up alot man! ah wells. mon got half day!! wow. this is like reliving ny days, where we also get half days (it used to be full days off until we changed principal ): ) off too... ((: are we going out? and when are we gonna go zoo! it's gonna be soooooo fun!! hahaha i love the zoo, though it really is a LITTLE smelly. hahahhaha.

well well. it's late. i should catch up on my sleep.. *yawnz goodnites everyone. hahahaha((:

p.s: 05s75ers! blog more!!

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hey people...

hey... don't abandon this blog people... blog competition may be over but our ct blog will rock on leh... hor...

so how about decoding the following...
1. Dieses wird auf Deutsch offensichtlich geschrieben.
2. Fühlen Sie schon dumm?
3. Ich bin ernster.
4. Lassen Sie uns den Spaß und das Leben fortsetzen, die wir gehabt haben.

for those who went to altavista babel fish to check, good for you... for those who are too lazy to do so, why don't you do it now...

normal people will ask if i learnt german... smart people will know that i went to altavista babel fish to translate everything... well, those out of this two categories will ask, what language was that???

okay okay... the words don't come out good... let me decode:
Fühlen: feel
Spaß: fun

the rest you can do some agar'ation and guess the meaning of the whole line...

now read the 2nd line of deutsch again... do you agree?

okay, i'm acting dumb... well, main point is, come on people... blog more... apparently not a lot of things happening now but er... blog about daily life??? hmmm i also realise that reading yingtang's nick in msn may be quite interesting... you can go take a look...

dat's all... for now...

okay lah... this is a very bad attempt at getting people to blog... okay. wadeva...
yar so since doodleboard is down, just blog k...

okay i shall be nice.. and decode the whole thing:
1. This is obviously written in German.
2. Do you feel dumb yet?
3. I shall be more serious.
4. Let us continue the fun and the life which we have had.

anyway, if what you think the translation is does not match, don't worry too much because i basically have a very bad memory and i forgot a bit of what i wrote...


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~ minnie bombarding the blog with bdae wishes again~

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hey people...

hey guys (and of course, girls...)
check out this... erm... actually, i mean, check this ((..these..)) out...
i'm a little lazy to type in everybody's email to send this...




watch out for the link between the 1st one and the 3rd one...

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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