harloe! liyu here..sorrie i "hacked" into ur account cos i wanna make announcements. hee. yeps as mingswin mentioned i am looking for a few guys (preferably j1s) to go on this laos humanitarian trip. it will be a 6 day commitment (no cip hours btw) and it will cost $1200 per person. Pretty ex, u might think. But actually its cos the air tix itself is alr 600 bucks and we will be staying in good hotels over there cos we dun want disease outbreaks. (also, things in less developed countries are more ex..like a can of coke costs US $1.50)

yeps, we will be setting up a computer lab with the 25 computers in donations we have received. So we will impart comp skills to the tchers and students. we will also be going to 4 other schs to repaint them ( as they are all in a pretty rundown state) and perhaps rebuilding one of them (tentatively). There will also be plenty of time for interactions with the laos students as we are planning games and parties and stuff. yeps as mingswin has stated accurately, we will be leaving on the 28th of may and returning on the 3rd of June.=)

This trips under my volunteer org, called Youth Challenge, and this is just one of the several humanitarian trips ongoing. We are going going to sri lanka, mongolia etc later this yr. I ll really appeal to guys who have interest in doing humanitarian trips to reach out to the poorer students in other countries. preferably, i am looking for a j1 guy, (cos j2 got blks and we have enough girls alr). Anyone can join, as long as u are interested, and u can ask your frens from anywhere to join too!got any queries, contact me! =) tks

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Please collect e DNA bio Tutorial and then hand it up asap to Ms Keung if u want her to mark it. Er she'll b reviewing the topic Ms Ong is teaching on Wed then Thur (e period b4 csp) we can jus ask qns yarh. Then yarh rmb to dl the ppt presentations and da files...

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Verified safe!

Ah-ha...if the virus scan is making you worried. Don't be. Cos' the powerpoint attachments by ms keung are safe. I've tried them. and they prove positive. And so what is the virus scan Felicia got on her yahoo?If you would take a close look at the virus report and ive circled them in the picture above(click to zoom-in) -- you see that the virus report is for a file type of application/x-zip-compressed ; whereas ms keung's file is application/vnd.ms-powerpoint. Very obviously, some lame baddie sent a virus into our yahoo account. You should be safe if you downloaded the correct thing... thank you Felicia for being so alert and informing us about it, ive checked it and it's ok! ... and to whoever that deleted that spam...thank you for taking the initiative as well... Moral of story? don't download anything from your mail unless scanned to be safe. :)

Have a great day ahead. :) Posted by Hello
Deity Zhen
your messenger

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hmmm. that's what i get. x=

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Trip to Laos

So farnie im posting 2 times in less than 5 days. OK there is a request by Liyu for anyone interested to go for a trip to Laos. It will be a trip to help build the schools, painting, teaching etc. It is in collaboration with Youth Challenge, and got ppl from other JC's are going also. eh naturally liyu will be going also....haha. Oh yar and they are donating 25 computers to the schools there and at the same time teach them how to use the com...i dun think its gonna be a slack trip...got alot of tough things must do and prepared to get dirty lar... Ok lastly its from 28th may to 3rd june...if im not wrong lar....AND very important: they only want guys. Coz too many girls are going liao....they need strong guys to do the tougher work...haha....so sorry ladies...hmmz.....as fer gays and les...im not quite sure if can go not.....coz liyu also nv say....hee hee
ok...i shall post it in a neater format

Destination: Laos
Date: 28th Mat to 3rd June
Qualifications: Gender must be male

Who will be going: JC students
Organisation: Youth Challenge

ok...Anyone wanna go or support liyu pls tell her....


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Dear S75,
please visit this enter this email account and download the files kindly prepared by Ms keung...good luck for your bio test. :)

account address: hci05s75@yahoo.com
password: *you-should-know*

thank you. please spread the word to other classmates who may forgot that we actually have a class blog...xxx.

Deity Zhen
the faithful deity
... a msg from ms keung

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class outing!

heyheyyy rmb the class outing u all talked about? its no action done so far! yarh.. sch's quite sian now leh dun u think so.. vvv long no outing liao. no photos.. no lunch at sim or anything.. yahlors. shall we have a class outing this coming weekend? as in between the 29april-1may weekend.. yups bio test will be over by then. den next next week is spa.. so better hold outing next week rite? yarh suggestions? hmm i think bbq quite gd.. hahah miss the bbq food *drools. faster faster reply!! otherwise too late, den past the opportunity, den everybody wanna mug for spa again, den nth done again yadayada..

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yar.picture quite big...paiseh... Posted by Hello

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"yes...my phone batt is flat." Posted by Hello

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"why do u have so many pictures of urself?" Posted by Hello

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oh ooopz. brendan...so what are u hiding in that phone of urs arh? Posted by Hello

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it's a happy life...

yah... a happy life. boiing... nth much to say... just great loh mingswin... hehe... join the grp without hp :)...


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Fone stuck in toilet

so long nv post liao...decided to post sumthing here to keep the blog going....its gonna be sumthing lame but anything also can as long as i post right...
ok its gonna be more of a personal entry....coz im quite pissed with sum things....

FIRStly...I haf no more handphone!!! Its now enjoying its time in the toilet beside the LTs....coz i dropped it into the gully trap on the floor...my first reaction was "its impossible...how can this kind of thing ever happen to sumone..." den i stood there staring at the gully trap for quite long...anyway a gully trap is a hole in the floor ...all toilets have one. AND i EVEN put my hand down the toot hole to try to take my fone...but obviously a fone is heavier than water and it had sunk to the bottomless pit of the stinky hole. I got uncle chong and he took a pole to poke and poke budden still cannot. SO i gave up....now i have no more fone

Secondly...im gonna get last few in class for physics lect test again.....no need to ask why....i failed miserably for the last lect test when everyone passed.....although got 2 others that failed....but no offence kz....

thats the end of my lame entry....hope sum ppl will pity me and givme a new fone.....hahahaha...nah...Jk....anyway...for all those ppl going for chem olympiad....all the bEst!!! dun let john ng down.... =) =) =)

-ming swin

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class outing!

hey class!!
guess everyone's quite tied down by work now yeah with the physics lect test coming up and all the rest of the tutorials.. so it's like we haven't had a clas outing for some time noww?
so do u guys wanna have a class outing after next week after we get over and done with the physics lect test? better have one soon before e SPAs start coming up!! so what do u all say? cos i want class outing!!

*xin yi

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hey guys!!!!!
I need help! i so happy kena shortlisted from 230 ppl to the final 102 for sc in njc! now i need votes desperately!!!! Can U all help me ask ur friends toVOTE for me!!!!
I am Melvin no.80!!!!!!!!!!
Please! I need votes cos i dunno a lot of ppl... but i trying very hard... esp jun hong and weiloon who got tons of friends in nj! Ask them to vote for me ar!!!!!

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Class Outing

YAY! firstly congrats to the 3 of u! So pro!!!!!!! I also want to get in... lucky i nv join or else u all no chance... haha!!!

okok... now for the important announcement! All of u must come to the talk at njc on wed ar!!!!!!!!! Come super early i will pon lessons to meet up with u all... then i bring u all on a tour! Can meet my class also! xiao zhen got kim kim waiting for u there! OKOK?

All set ar! all come ok? not interested also can come! seniors alsop welcome to crash!!!!!!!!


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hello 05s75!


Good job! haha. Jia you wOrx.. [= Don't sOooo busy that you (karin) forget about me hoh =P LOL. no no. Don't forget about the class!!

rOckkk on!


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roflolz. I came here to announce to the world that ALL 3 COUNCIL NOMINEES WERE ELECTED! yay~

from 05s75-- we have Brendan CHUA; Karin Chen; and Sam Tan. Hoooooray.

Deity Zhen

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Council elections

jia you!!!! boobs, karin and sam!!!!!!! i will try to come and support u!!!!!!! dunlet anyone noe ok? but i very stupid post here the whole world noe but nvm... so exciting u Q&A! must answer properly!!! try to be funny also! hope to here good news from 3 of u on friday...

I getting used to njc liao... ppl there are also very nice!! love s16 and band!! yay!! i love the choco milk tea with pearls... u all must come and try one day...

I miss the times we had together!! i wanna kan titu!!!! so long nv kan i feel very sad. can't wait to kan with u all again...oh yeah!!! hi wei loon! u very lucky got into the coolest class in hc!!! hi! have fun ok! must continue the nj spririt! we mug mug and mug togehter!

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LOL. Anti-social?

Perhaps... not.

Okay, see. This is what happened during our break today.

Jun Hong and Wee Loon bought their food and decide not to sit with us, but to sit near us. Oh oh.. We were like, "eeee why you all lidat?"

So, smart Emily suddenly said, "There's one way... we all move to sit with them."

And we all did...

Okay, not funny, I know.

But well... yes... let's nag them to be more enthu. =PpP

heh. Anyway, today's Physics lesson was real funny and fun. =D

boo. Tagboard is down! hahaaa. Let's blog.


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social awareness week. impt!!

hello class.
here's a very important announcement! as u all know, this week is social awareness week and the CIP unit has been appealing to us to donate foodstuffs and old newspapers. however, the response from the school population has been POOR.
so, can all of u please try to help? it's just bringing some old newspapers to school and placing them into that big container. bringing old newspapers to school wont kill you, plus you are doing a good deed. so can everyone please contribute?
in addition, you all can also help by bringing foodstuffs to school too and placing them in the career guidance room. donate things like canned foods and rice and maybe dried goods? basically the non-perishables. this only takes abit of effort and it's within everyone's capabilities. so please do help out. it's for charity.
everything bring to school by friday k? the CIP unit really requires our contribution. so EVERYONE PLEASE HELP OUT. (if not i will bug you =p) thanks!! =)

*xin yi

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yay! so glad that you peeps are all blogging again ((= wheeeeee~

it was freeZing cold yesterday? so stupid. i didn't bring my jacket. put in my bag liao still take out. only felicia would do such stupid things. haha.

it's like, 4.53am now. Slept @ 9 last night. boooo. didn't do anything? except maybe trying to do bio.

sigh. it's our longest day today! and it's.... raining outside.

oh oh... yes yes, people who are SICK, get well soon!! don't try to save money by not seeing doctor okayy. health is more important! (= later it gets worse that you know...

I WANT MR CHAN BACK TOOO!!! Booo. Yah, agree that he's a very good physics tutor although sometimes he looks very scary and unapproachable =/ Okay, actually Ms Tong isn't that bad too. [=

hmmZ. it's kind of weird not seeing white uniform now? last time in sec sch kan guo qu all white one. then first three months also all white, except other 2 shades of blue... LOL. Now all khaki brown. Not used to it.... bleahZ..

LOL... track and field is never for me can. i only go do first aid duty. hahaha. =P but don't worry. a LOUDHAILER like me can help to cheeeeeeeR! =)) heeZ~

oh yes, i wrote the yellow (doesn't it look more like orange?) blank entry and forgot to sign off. *blur me* ask PErep to sign off yet i didnt remind myself to do so. so now i shall SIGN OFF.. wheeeee~

*feL [=P]

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blank =)

lolx. lame title, but i was not the one that posted the previous "blank" entry larh. hahahahha. but yeah, that's very tze yi. anyway... just here to say that you'll can don't bother visiting my that diaryland blog le. diaryland has something against me lorh. everyone else's diaryland can work except mine... so i got pissed off and abandoned that blog. yeah. so can just delete that link le. hahahhaha cos it's quite fei anyway. hmmx... guess i should tell you guys my new blog add since it's so dead, cos no one's tagging (BIG hint: TAG!!!) hahahahah. but actually also not many posts yet larh. but quite substantial le for a week-and-a-half old blog. oh wells. here's the add.. no wait. i'll just relink it myself larh. hahahhaha... supposed to be a private blog but since i can lock my entries... i shall make it both a public and private blog ((: yi ju liang de. hahahhaha. okay. i'm crapping. physics sucks. bleahx.

~huili ((:

p.s: oh wow. my entry is in pink again, need i say more.

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lovely rainy day... cold cool whatever it is. those who really need it, remember your jackets. well, i'm not doing much here... just writing nothing substantial. well, happy recruiting runners/sprinters etc, brendan. you quite on about it i guess... well, we chose a good pe rep. hehe...

sick people... get well soon... the list gets longer and longer... is anyone getting out of the list? mx, xy, jy, my, jon, kegan, kl, ... who else? well, i guess people are getting out of the list. that's good... but kegan... you do look quite sick... jiayou everyone... beat the virus! cause cell lysis yeah! whatever i dunno what i wrote... main thing, more fruits, veg, etc... + water.

yoz... bb


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no title!!

hello people. since i dont want the blog to die i shall blog. eh i jus realised our blog music has reverted back to "electric dreams" haha.
anw, i see that germs have been spreading around in class like mad.. so many people are sick now, including me. so everyone, drink more water! go see doctor.. eat medicine.. dont sleep too late.. etc. yes take care! =)
oh ya do u all want a class outing this weekend?? better have one soon before all our lecture tests and SPAs start coming up!! maybe we can go east coast cycle? and rollerblade? and play? or do u all have any other suggestions? have class outing k!! anw, speaking of tests and SPAs, i am v angry and sad that mr chan is not our physics tutor anymore!! ok i admit that he's abit boring but still he's a good physics tutor. i mean, his explanations are not bad. plus he's strict so that means we wld all do our work. booo. i want mr chan back!!
anw im like so ultra bored now. and take part in sports meet la. dont make life difficult for brendan. oh ya to sam karin and brendan: good luck all the best for council!! =)
yes everyone rmb to study ur hooke's law and elastic potential energy and upthrust and viscosity and centre of gravity.

*xin yi

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Doesn't the title remind you of Tze Yi?

I've been asked to blog but I don't know what to blog about. I shall just make a senseless entry about something in attempt to keep the blog alive.

Understand that the class is made up of 27 people, this blog belongs to the class, just a few of us blogging makes not much difference. Blog more!! Don't let the blog die.......

Well, just a reminder if you haven't received the message. Remember to bring your Chemistry Practical File tomorrow (Monday!).

Don't forget to do your independent learning for Physics.

This entry is so bloodily stupidly crappy.

Sorry if I've ever offended anyone in the class or senior class.

It's just me I don't recognise.

It's the one I don't recognise who offended you.


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hey class..the combined track and field meet is coming up.. i'll jus give the important dates and details..please be enthu abt this competition yahs..or else on the day itself no one to cheer for..very very sad.

Each CT may enter a MAXIMUM of TWO (2) participants for an individual event.

A participant may be entered for a MAXIMUM of THREE (3) individual events and any number of relay events.

there will be a familiarisation course for some events.
Throws: 4/4 (Mon), 6/4 (Wed) and 8/4(Fri)
Long/Triple Jump: 4/4 (Mon), 5/4 (Tue) and 8/4 (Fri)
High Jump: 6/4 (Wed) and 8/4 (Fri)
4pm at Hwa Chong Institution Track

compulsory to wear HC PE attire for the course and event itself.

there will be a points system. anyone who takes part in any event will already help score 1 point for the class regardless if he/she gets pass the heats.


100 m B/G

100 m hurdles G

110 m hurdles B

200 m B/G

400 m B/G

400 m hurdles B/G

800 m B/G

1500 m B/G

3000 m G

5000 m B

3000 m steeplechase B

High jump B/G

Long jump B/G

Triple jump B/G

Pole Vault B

Discus B/G

Shot put B/G

Javelin B/G

4x100m -Inter-Faculty B/G

4x400m -Inter- Faculty B/G

4x100m -Inter-CCA B/G

8x200m Mixed Relay MIXED (4 boys 4 girls)

please tell me if u want to participate in any event/s. the mixed relay will be very exciting. 75..must be enthu =)

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Physics file...

Hey guys, do u all wanna standadise the physics file colour? Or u wan the kls to submit multi-colour files? Ring file or wat? can we dun hv pls? Cuz i tink my hands will break carrying the files everywhere lah...i will most likely be collecting somewhere in wk 5, since sum of us mite wanna prepare for that bonus points or smth, yar, give u all time to do...yeah, mug hard everyone! Haha. :P

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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