Message to all.

[11:55:09 AM] *// to move : post on the blog..
[11:55:40 AM] *// to move : ask the pple to bring tong's well wishes
written on a piece of paper and bring on wed.
[11:55:52 AM] *// to move : THIS wed
[11:56:02 AM] *// to move : and pass to huiyi before tong's lesson

Do what she says.

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Tong Hua lovers... here's something for you...
~minnie =D

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pw lesson

Mon 30/5; 8-9am at A316. grp leaders pls help spread this ard to ur grp members if u dun wannr turn up alone tt dae n face joelim urself =P if u haven handed up the hardcopy to him bring it along cos agenda of e lesson is fer him to discuss gpps wif each grp~

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fish tank...

in the fish tank again.. but like no aircon lehz...... hahaha. weird.

waiting for the bloooooody piano which is occupied by a blooooooody person who is playing bloooooodily lousy. not that we are better, but at least our SONGS are nicer than what HE'S playing la... yucks.

right. guess who i am. the meanest person in class.

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badd nEwws ><

hey pple.i regret to inform yall tt there'll be a pw lesson on monday 30.5.05. yes.joe lim's request.hAIXXX.okie. so yall mus tell mi if yall can mk it in aftnoon(aft 12) or morning( b4 12 duh) it'll only be an hour long. basically he wants to c us abt our gpps. oh btw HC138's gpp got him so happie n he deems it an EE piece of work. yeeps so model gpp up fer reference in class yahoo grp.tsktsk..using class mailbox fer personal interest=P everyoneee. tell mi when yall free on mon..i'll tk the time when most pple can mk it la. last min can.grrr.n he wants the gpp2-UPDATED asap so tt he can look thru over dis wkend. rmb to give him hardcopy n send him the soft one. so TELL MI ASAP OKAY.esp if yall cant mk it during morn or aftnoon.can sms mi or tagg (: thnx
~rw =)

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Nj Band concert

YO YO! Come for my band concert! PLeaseeeeeeeeee.......... Its on 6 july... the day of the cl ao ppl... but the rest can come rite? please support ur dear melvin... its at vch 7pm... we are playing cool pieces like our syf piece... AMAZONIA... very cool and scary one... like the jungle like tat... then got PHANTOM... maybe i will beplaying the solo... but i trying very hard to prove to my conductor now... Orient Express... a very happy piece that sounds like a train... also.. the INCREDIBLES! u noe... the movie... there will be more but not confirmed... Can Can? Class outing ok? its 10 bucks a ticket! Can? Melvin

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Nj Band concert

YO YO! Come for my band concert! PLeaseeeeeeeeee.......... Its on 6 july... the day of the cl ao ppl... but the rest can come rite? please support ur dear melvin... its at vch 7pm... we are playing cool pieces like our syf piece... AMAZONIA... very cool and scary one... like the jungle like tat... then got PHANTOM... maybe i will beplaying the solo... but i trying very hard to prove to my conductor now... Orient Express... a very happy piece that sounds like a train... also.. the INCREDIBLES! u noe... the movie... there will be more but not confirmed... Can Can? Class outing ok? its 10 bucks a ticket! Can? Melvin

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time in fishtank is so cold...

yoz... i'm fel!
and i'm ruowei! (super mousey, high-pitched)
and i'm emily!
and jon is somewhere!!!

and we're in the fishtank cooling off!!!
okay the above was all typed by one person. one person who is getting very very cold...

the 4 of us ate in school, refusing to go out to coro. yesterday we went sim. now, we can slack here and hahaaa... blog!!!

today's so fun!!! da aloysius (instructor) came! hehehe... he said yesterday, he may not be coming... but he's here! yahoo... and he not so strict. can it not rain... stop raining...

otherwise we have to continue gagagaaing (- sound of getting stuck) on the super rocky surface outside the auditorium. basketball court.. basketball court... okie. we kept falling lah... very tired but at least we are starting to skate. only, we realise the great difference between left leg and right leg huh.. right leg can push but left leg gagaga... from yesterday, absolutely unable to even stand up on the skates properly, to today, able to skate and move!!! hehe... later maybe will learn to go up steps and slopes and swivel??? dunno lah. very fun!!!
basketball court.. basketball court. we want the basketball court!!!

argh. fingers getting so cold. nose also. but at least now cannot smell the stinky hands. yeah... we've got stinky hands, stinky elbows, stinky heads, stinky knees and not to forget, stinky feet!!! hehe, all's in the fun of it. i took dunno how long yesterday after i went home, to try and get rid of the smelly smelly smell...

and hahaa.. we've got 10 75 people in inline skating!!! hahahaaa....

yohhoooo.... it's 12 noon!!!

wahh... i see people really really like tong hua a lot. someone playing it on the piano now... just now whole group of harmoc people playing... den someone played that on the phone b4 dat... yeah... most loved song in jcs 2005: TONG HUA!!! yeah...


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netball finals

hey people! try to go watch netball finals if your electives don't end tooo late tmrw okay! (= go support Hwa Chong netballers! if not our opponents will fill up the whole stadium and there's no one cheering for them very sad de lehZ... =( hahahaha crappp. please go! (=


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Class Outing =)

Haha, ok I know after the ultra interesting entry this sounds abit like an anti climax (P.S. I heard those words directly cos I was standing just beside the male lead!!!Ah....teeth dropping....too sweet too sweet)

Back, yes! Class outing @ East Coast Park (closer to marine cove side)
Week 3, 15th June, Wednesday
Meeting time to be confirmed at a later date (soon)
Please let me me know asap if you cannot make it kz. =)
Gonna play on the beach, cycle, roller blade, bowl, arcade, eat... whee~!


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the story of him and her...and a bear..

this is a story about a guy, S, and a girl, M. if u are smart, u will figure who they are. persona: S

S: M, i got something to give u.

i dared to give it to her at last. a cute little bear. small yet cute. petite yet brave and tough. just like her. so glad to see her smile- so pure, so innocent, so beautiful. hope this lil bear will accompany her through the tough times there. shall i say it? or not? the bear represents my lo..for her... i wan a part of me to be with her there.... so she won't be lonely

but her parents are there (heehee my future parent too ...1st time seeing them.... mus get use quick.haha). my classmates and schoolmates are there. i just cant pluck up enough courage to say the three words. the three magical words. have been wanting to say it so long,i move closer to her inch by inch.. stared right at her eyes....opend my mouth .."ahemm errr....goodbye.."!!!!! just cant bring myself to say it. why is it so difficult? is it becos i noe she will noe wat i wanna say? :S...

there she goes. the glass panel separates her world from mine. so near yet so far. trying so hard to smile as i wave to her. my heart is aching. 12 days without her. 12 whole days.288hrs. 17280mins.1036800 s so long..1 second without her pass by so slowly.......pain pain pain.......... how can i bear this??? HELP!!! (Wanna rush in but the malay guards stop me god how?? wat if the plane crash? wat if she was kidnapped by some mongolian?? Wat if she miss me and i'm not there??? OH NO!!!!!!!... )

remembering the times we had together. day one in school- a cute little girl sitting at the back of the class, looking so fragile, so sweet. one look at her and i knew she is meant to be mine. orientation nites- painting the class banner together. sitting so near yet so far.tried to impress her with my talent ...:D.. i can still remember the warmth from her body, her rhythmic breath and her focused look.this make her even more attractive yltc- held her hands for the first time and definitely not the last. my heartbeat increased as i held her hands..(i gotten use to it :D). a jolt of sparks shot through me when she looked into my eyes.i looked at her. ahe looked at me. i looked at her agian. she looked at me again. we smiled and we looked at each other again. how i wished that was for ever. tt nite.. i simply can't sleep her face .. i miss it...urgh....break time- sitting at the class bench alone, chewing on a burger, just like me.if onli we were chewing on the same burger wondering if she is thinking what i am thinking.

maybe we are meant to be together. are we?.... shldn't ask this qns... rather, when will we be together?? can't wait for tt day to come

i know i cant leave it to fate to bring us together. fate is in my hands. i regret not saying the three words just now. just three words only, it cant be so difficult. right? i must tell her when she gets back and before i go to perak for the adventure camp. wonder what is her response. hmm....

till then i can only do one thing- wait. i can olso buy an air ticket and rush over to her side but it's impossible... it will be a long wait, will it be worth it? will she wait for me? will she like some mongolian??? ahhh thinking of this makes me even more worried..... tonight, the stars seem to be gone, covered by the clouds.( it better dun rain) but i can still see the moon. the same moon she will be looking at. Hopefully she will think of me..... jus like i will think of her... i will stared at the sky for 24hrs jus to think of her.....

dreaming of a future where we will always be together. The two of us running together down the beach... or round a tree like some bollywood stars's gd....heheheeee ... but it all depends on her.....

Just For You

from perfect strangers to good friends we become,
it has been a long way.
from not knowing you to treasuring you,
it has been not short a journey, but it has sure been sweet.

the first time we met, i remember
the sparkle in your eyes,
the heat rising to my face
and a feeling creeping into my heart- more than just joy.

that nite when i held ur hands,
oh, how natural it felt.
secretly i had wished,
it would be forever- the fateful, starry nite.

till this day, i dare not
make the move or say the words.
can only give you this-
a little bear to accompany you, throughout the nites without me.

however small this gesture is,
it meant a lot to me.
waiting for 3rd June to arrive,

DUN DELETE THIS OR ELSE.............but others can edit it!! haha :P
Image hosted by
edited by abyss...shhhh!!! dun say anything cos i'm not suppose to started this hey tell me

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yoyo..welfare rep speaking..kk tmr we are going to send the mongolia pple off right..and oso miss keung..hmmx..try and go if u can make it okiex..then it will be like a mini kls outing..=) cool kls outing at the airport=)

meeting at 6.00 pm at COMMONWEALTH MRT STATION PLATFORM ( near the start of the train)..haha cox it's near my hse and it is nearer changi=) please inform me if u are going or not going..cox i dun wana be waiting for someone whom i expect will be going but nv turn up..=P thanx =) tell me via sms or jux give me a call..or can tell me via msn oso..=) btw we are having dinner there ok!!!

for those who wish to know.. the mongolia pple are gathering at 8.10pm and the plane is leaving at 10.35pm. TERMINAL 1...

NEW UPDATES..IF U CANT MAKE IT FOR THE COMMONWEALTH ONE THEN U CAN CHOOSE TO MEET AT 7pm at CHANGI AIRPORT MRT STATION...jux make sure u inform someone..preferably me larh..thanx.

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class photo with ms keung =) great piZza. haha. a pity the counsellors and yingtang weren't with us.

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ermZ... HAHA

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Physics make up lessons

Hello people, for those of u who haven heard, physics make-up lesson will be on the 1st june (wed) and 3rd June (fri), 10.30am-12.30pm. Cum on either day. @ LT5. This will be her last lesson with us, so pls try to make her happy by attempting all the qns n responding, sound qt impossible, afterall it's june hols...double the torture...lolx, she better not see this...but i wun be there anyw, lolx...
~mei x~

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msn, hotmail all gone crazy. what internal errors. don't care it liao. use windows messenger.

well, for those you have yet known, mr joe lim wants to check our group working file on tue. he would also like to see your own personal notes. good luck and happy putting the stuff together. eg. gpp draft 1, minutes...

and... today was quite good screaming for approx. 4h at toa payoh, at the basketball finals. go take care of ur throats now... esp ocip people...

i guess we'll have a mini send-off on sun (departure to mongolia). that erm... huiling organise? wad time dunno... and for the girls... terminal 2 quite nice to shop or have a look around. i think it's terminal 2 lah. bad memory. dun need to check in passport- i think. guess xy and mx better start packing soon and pack fast...

y no news on perak trip and the imech camp arh... dunno wad to do. blur. oooh... imech people can hehe... go search for info on self-propelling toys. hmm...

well, xtra physics lesson on 1st wed of june (1/6/2005).

what else? oh yar. eep week. good luck to everyone at eep, and happy self-enrichment at home to yt... u can do the imech thing i guess... hehe.

and a few more days b4 start of eep. and hmmm tue hy, hli, i can have a happy 2.4 run given good weather conditions. i guess we also cannot forget ms yeo's assignment on dunno what masculinism...

have i finished recording what's going to happen in the next month or so? oh yes. happy pwing.


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haha i am sitting in front of the com in the comforts of my house while you ppl are in sch listening and studying. but i pon a lot of lectures die liao.... but anyway i go sch also sleep during lectures so no diff. Sianz whole day cooped at home, so tired cant even study.Reallie, not that i slack. Just walking around in a daze like a zombie. wah lao, it better to have chicken pox at young than now... haha i heard one person kena at 28... anyway lucky i kena now if earlier a bit then my o lvls win liao if later then my a lvls will be screwed... but i gonna miss eep week!! sianz.......yeah just finish downloading the new msn but no one online..... shall go play dota hehe
ying tang

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Heyz ppl,
I dunno who has seen the sms which is supposed to go around...but anyway ya...
Latest updates on PW
i) subtitles included as part of the 500 words
ii) no annexes allowed in PI
iii) description of site under citations (i think it's not allowed). anyway, the words u write there will be counted as part of the 500 words
iv) best is, add it as part of the accessibility in the body of the pi....
that's about it....
GPP...Mr Lim says, send him by mail best by thurs nite or as early as possible. He'll vet for us. He say if he can't meet the group or wadevaz, he'll contact by mail, or he'll call the grp up for "discussion".
Deadline for PI : fri
yupz....that's about it.

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green mass =S

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class photo!

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happily playing

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eXotheRmic rXn

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the pen =D

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our table~

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their table =b

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their table [=

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their table (:

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wahhh shuaige and chiobu [=

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spastic.. =P

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and that's another =))

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caMeRa on cup, self-timer, 7 of us @ Mac after dinner =))

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ELDDFS production

hello, does anyone want to go on saturday night? or friday night?

or just want to go and haven't got tickets?

LOL. pls goooooo.


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From the "votes" ,i have concluded that it gonna be kingdom of heaven. venue junction 8 cos it nearest sch and most neutral. Cant be monday cos too late liao. too last min no one will go. So it gonna be tue after sch.. no complain is allowed... cos majority win. Tue after chem prac meet at class bench?

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dun read this post

Okay i proven my point that title dun matter. U all still read. Anyway seeing how slack the welfare sec is, i decide to be lame and ask for another class outing. i am sure most of u want to watch star wars(like sam) or kingdom of heaven( like me) might as well watch together.
Anyway so lets be democratic, we have a vote on wat movie u all want to watch and the time u want to watch k? So the time is either mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun or u all want another week?

PS please respond and vote. Otherwise if in the end the whole thing screws up then i very malu... U all are 75 ppl leh!! Muz be enthu like john ng like said u reallie will remember how hard u mug during your jc life loh... its reallie time spent with frens that u will cherish. i sound so not myself...

Anonymous( u noe hu)

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simple but true

Don't be afraid to admit when you know you are wrong. It is not a sign of weakness, but shows character and responsibility. Others will respect you for that.

Always do the right things, even when everyone does as they please with no consideration for the feelings of others.

Never compromise your values and beliefs, even if it means risking ridicule and rejection.
Be true to yourself. Live your own life and don't allow others to decide what is best for you. If you do, you will be unhappy because you're untrue to yourself.

Refuse to run away from the things that scare you. Confront these situations and overcome your fears so that you may grow as a person.

Don't compare yourself to others. You are a unique special being and therefore you should express your individuality.

Happiness keeps you sweet,
Trials keep you strong,
Sorrow keeps you human,
Failure keeps you humble,
Success keeps you glowing,
And God keeps you Going.

some meaningful stuff for u guys to read =)

*awyong aka xinyi aka zinnie aka ayxy

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haha i feel like blogging!

hello everyone! just suddenly feel like blogging la. feel that class blog is too dead already!
anw yay damn happy that uchenna and joyce won the amazing race!! it was so exciting towards e end la!! i thought rob and amber sure win! but turned out otherwise hehe. YAY. so nice.
anw thanks for all of ur support and pretty flowers during guitar concert. we all appreciate it =)
the week's finally coming to a close!! just two more days and we can go play until we shuang hehe.
anw, just to update u ppl, our sch's girls' softball team very unfortunately lost to rjc. and yeahh we're 3rd.. =( oh well. hopefully everything goes well for the other sports cos hci has currently ZERO titles. anw i bet it's cos they changed the name from hcjc to hci den the feng shui got affected. and according to my coach, she said that the sch crest last time was 4 arrows shooting upwards so we damn pro keep on doing well in sports. but now if u look at the "xue" word, the "arrows" seem to be all pointing downwards. sad huh. but oh well just hope for e best la.
anw i feel like crapping. do u all realise that this friday is friday the 13th. haha wad a bad day for bio spa and maths lect test!
and try to blog more here la. at e beginning of e year we all so enthu abt blogging den now so dead le. cannot liddat. must have more life haha. oh yes jiayou to everyone for PW. really takes alot of effort to carry out e project i tink. so hopefully all of us will be able to cope.
can't wait for class dinner on friday nitee!! =)

oh ya everyone go and d/l hard to say i'm sorry by chicago leh. it's e song e saf acapella group sang during ct session that day! very nice! and we are the waiting by greenday also very nice! and stilll got. dreams by the cranberries also very nice. go and download!! haha.
i tink im gg crazy. must be cos not enuff sleep hahaha.

*awyong aka xinyi aka zinnie aka ayxy. ahh whatever =p

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ting ting*

Whoa. It's almost a month or two since i last blogged here. Yeps just a few things to say...

In case I sounded too pissed again the day before, I hereby apologize, for the previous time on the jacket issue also. Seriously, that was not the pissed off side of me, just needed the attention and for you all to listen up cos it directly concerns you all. Yups, and as you're speaking in front one of the most disturbing thing is to see people engaged in their own conversations and laughing away, yah, so pardon me.

Just to repeat that day's announcement, Class dinner, 13th May, Sa-ka-e @Bishan, meet at class bench by 6.45pm wherever you may be. The earlier we gather the earlier we can leave and eat cos since quite a number are staying in the west so it's quite inconvenient to stay to late. Please prepare at least $20, one bento costs 15 bucks on the average, other stuff, all your different don and ramen are around $8 plus, side dishes range from $1 plus to $5 plus.

Last but not least, body lang reminder :) ticket holders pls try to enter the audi btw 4.00 to 4.20 cos the thing must start at 4.30 without delay cos we must clear the audi latest by 6.00 for some parents thingy. Pplz still interested to come and support can buy their tics tml or on the actual day at $2/tic. Remember to scream! Lolxz, and you are welcome to buy things with petals for huiling and me.... waha, lolxz, bhb, kidding lahz, you all spent quite a lot on them for the four of us in guitar liaoz so save up for your dinner at sakae. Yah, so body lang will def end before 6, so after tht linger around but be sure to be back at class bench by 6.45! If you want to change out, your choice lorz. Thtz all...yah pay for class fund before you get holes on you, haha, whoever posted the earlier post. Tze yI! financial report next week!


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Everyone please remember to bring 10 bucks for class fund tml or tze yi is going to use his claws to scratch a few holes in your body and if u survive ms yeo is gonna send u for 20 hours of cs.

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support guitar concert!!

hey everyone! please please try to come and support us for guitar concert k?? even if u haven bought tix, u can still come cos we'll be selling tix at e door! we really need e audience cos there's no point performing to a half-filled audi.. it's gonna be really good k.. so please come and watch!!

*xin yi

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new blog add!

hello everyone! i've got a new blog add. wont be using e old one anymore. i have relinked the link to my blog on e class blog.
anw it's:
oh yes can we please have class outing after the SPA week. like go out and have class dinner or sth. haha okae take care everyone.. =)

*xin yi

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NE Quiz

hello people..

don't forget to do the NE Quiz!!


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
  • xmas party??

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