hi guys screwed up my cts if u nv notice... anyway anyone else wanna go for my concert? come lah very good. we playing...star wars, the incredibles, phantom of the opera... i playing solo for tt.. small one but haha still solo mah... our syf piece and much much more! these are the ppl confirm ar...
  1. Kegan
  2. Kailing
  3. Yah ting (?)
  4. Fel
  5. Swin
  6. Jonathan
  7. Huili
  8. Weiloon ( bot liao)
  9. Xinyi
  10. Clement
  11. Yao Zhen

Anymor wanna go? go lah... i friday coming to give u all the tickets! all the best for your common tests! U all help me promote can?(cough) presents(cough)

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In case you haven realised, which I didn't until i checked out another class's blog, there will be a chem lect test during the FIRST lecture after blocks, effectively Thursday. -,-"'

Please check IVLE and download the necessary notes on heterogeneous catalysis. The test's on Kinetics.


ke9an :[

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Fac Comm Interview..

oh yay im blogging.. =)

oh yar..how was the fac comm interview? i dun really know much abt it.. but jinrui did tell me some interesting stuffs.. and well..from other sources too...haha..

for one..i found out kegan was the only one contending for male dance ic.. woohoo...3 cheers~~ =D buttt..(must put three "t"s for but or it'll look bad.. ... ... oh, okay..no link..lol =P ) anyway.. sam toh (MAD dancer..apparentlt, she dances pretty well.. ) was quoted that she was willing to displace our class rep and take the role of the male dance ic!! how can?! no brownie points for herrr...LOL.

oh i know there were some compulsory qns asked... like.. "what's apollo?" ..and ur supposed to give a confident answer... "the greek god of the sun!" brownie points for enthusiasm =P other qns...which u are so-going-to-get-right-or-it'll-prove-suicidal.. "what is ur favourite colour?" no way u are going to give any answer other than yellow..unless its your favourite colour.. aiyar..the qn was lamee..

um.. qn to debbie ( humanities programme applicant) .. "why did u decide to run for fac comm..?" her answer went along.. "....oh because during the holidays i felt rather sedated.. ... " immediate response by someone from the panel.. i dunno..probably jinrui....typical...lol. "huh?!" okay... normal singaporean terms... sedated = sian. like why cldn she say sian right... i mean how many ppl heard of the word rancid. erm....cao seng? like smelly? spoilt?

was noted that many many capable applicants from apollo..a number also come from TCHS SUST (council exco) kep yong.. dingo.... to name some. our president as well. boo... our class peeps a bit shaky.. still...all the best =)

and lastly..weiwen was very nice to all the applicants..smiling away wasn he... =) haha...wei wen is really nice... even during internal elections...weiwen's qn to jinrui was "what is unsatisfactory abt me.. " and he added..." im sure this should be easy.." haha..very lovable guy.. i mean..like apollo ROX =)

oh one more..jinrui did try to interview mingswin while on our way to coro to buy food for council.. but they din make it pass the hwa chong gate..jinrui chased mingswin away...LOL. cos the interview was really too informal (jinrui was walking barefooted to coro lah..formality huh. haha cant blame la..he was very enthuly painting the council room..have to take out shoes) ..and it was really difficult to ask the qns and get the mood straight. swin did the interview on friday..

okay..haha jus some interesting things i heard from the interviews.. once again...good luck to all the class peeps who applied.. =D

` brendan

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hi people... it's a long time since i wrote an entry on the class blog... okay. let's be truthful. i just want to flush the entry below away... naughty me but i dun really like reading the entry first up after such a long period of not touching the comp....

okkie... well, perak camp is great!!! there's been lots of memories added to me this few months... esp with the increase in activties over these few weeks. inline skating, perak camp, rda, hnf,... all's part of things now. i will not forget being part of this class too, being part of the things that the class do together.

i'll like to say that i just like living life as it is, having in mind that i have certain control over what i want to do. i believe that some things just happen, and we cannot do much but to face them. but for others, we have to choose how we want to live them. jiayou!

for people interested, an abstract of perak camp is in my own blog.


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Note on Class Outing

Hi pplz.

It has been rather, well, disturbing to hear that some of us are not going for the class outing, not because they are not in town or on some camp but just simply, don't want to go. Some of us are going overseas but what about the rest?

But that's not the worse; imagine hearing things like "Oh so and so is not going therefore I think I'm not going."

Class outing. Meaningless if the class doesn't wish to turn up. It'll be as good as a group outing then when a handful comes. Then why have we been complaining that there hasn't been class outings?

EVEN more ironically, some of us questioned, how come we don't have chalet. Like haven't we just answered ourselves. If it's so hard to get the class to come together besides academic days for a day outing, let alone a 3 day 2 night chalet. It'll just be a waste of time and money if we don't learn to appreciate one another's company cos probably we won't stick as class and start wandering off in groups. Which defeats the purpose of such chalet.

Yes, no doubt we all wish to mug and do well or even pass our blocks for ppl like me, thtz why the outing wasn't scheduled on the last week?

I dunno if I sounded hostile or what not cos I just sense a chain reaction coming, starting shortly after the previous entry was posted. Hopefully I'm just oversensitive. Really hope to see you guys there. Every class outing ought to be a good gauge of what to do next e.g. cost, venue, like our sakae dinner, though most of us din really enjoy it, at least it was class decision to eat there, almost the whole class turned up and it was a class experience?

If not then we'll have to reconsider organising class outings and let small group outings be as they are. If any of us still choose not to turn up, I guess we'll just have respect his or her decision.


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Class Outing


So only Felicia and Jun Hong cannot go I suppose since nobody else mentioned anything... Yeps and so let's fix it.

Class Outing @ East Coast (15th June)
Meet at.....
Bedok MRT station (beside escalator)

Be there! ;)

Anyway anybody keen on going to see off the Perak pplz on this Sunday night? =P if at least got a handful interested then let's go lahz, haha, show some class spirit =)


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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