25 jul 2005

lol just wanted to say happy birthday to





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hmm =p

harloe...at national library nw...or mayb nt, decided to post cos blog stoning, n oso push down sum posts =P
neway the newly opened library qt niceee, realli tall, design oso veri beautiful, but mostly ref. books. veri funnie lorh, went up all de way to like 10th floor larh, den the books all ref one, summore got so many storeys all got nothing on it, nt even de lift...so waste money can den aft gg down den realised de borrowing section is at B1! diao.. so stoopid larh, whr gt ppl put library at basement one. aside frm tt, everyting is great, shld visit sumtime when u all are free =) yesh tt's all

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This is ruowei, jiaying, huiyi and minnie reporting from the fish tank! Mr chai is not here again cos of shooting competition so we are not having maths tututorial. so we have 3 consecutive periods of BREAK!! woohooz!! lalalala....tinky winky...dipsy...lala....po.....Finally, we feel like humanities students...
So....there's 2 bridge groups, 1 nine-cards group and a few people pia-ing bio. haiz....but anyway, today is quite slack lahz...we are left with one physics lecture which minnie will probably sleep throughout the lecture again.

lalalal.i finally gt the card trick!!!=)
hi i'm karin :) and i had 5 consecutive breaks :DDD
yayy as i was saying.i gt the card trick aredi!!!wooo!after like one year=D=D=Dyayy smart rw hahahahaha.(karin: like real.)

any further updates, we will blog again!!bye!!
better publish b4 rw sees the comment.

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end of year class chalet!

hello people! just went to our seniors' blog and saw some pics of their class chalet. damn nice la! so... we must have a class chalet at the end of the year ok?!! den can go havoc and have fun hehe. and ya if we want chalet, den i tink must start asking ppl when dey're free/not free cos better book asap cos dec hols is like PEAK PERIOD. not very easy to book chalets. so does anyone second a chalet?? anw let's have a class outing soon leh like maybe next week when dere are no tests? go fel's condo (oops sorry fel again =p) and watch movie or sth. like SAW. hahaha. ok just a random suggestion la. anyone got other suggestions just say. =)
hai this thursday so sian. got chem test, still got class photo taking. den still getting back bio block test. some more it's racial harmony day yet they are not even giving us half day off so sian la. plus i still got trng until 7.30. wahhh. long day sia. i am gonna die of exhaustion. oh yes the rgs yearbook is finally out. think i am collecting it tmr afternooon. haha den can bring to sch let u all see ahaha.
ohwell tmr got pw. sian la. hope everyone's pw is doing fine! jiayou mans let's make our whole class get band 1 for pw. wheeee. =)
see you guys in sch! =)


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in any case which you do forget. We are having a CT Photo Shoot this coming week... you know... those pictures of the class with our form teacher inside it? yes? yes.
Our class is scheduled to be shot on THURS 21 July 11 AM. So... for those who wish to cut your hair, nails, or wear make-up, or anything else... you will have these few days to do something about them.

There'll be two informal shots as well.
thanks. :)

*yours sincerely,
Deity Zhen
your faithful messenger

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heyy anyone sian of the blog layout yet? lol.


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announcement from miss keung.

hellloo! miss keung wants us to go read this announcement at her class blog: http://03s78.blogspot.com ya it's regarding some help she needs with an event.. so pls do go read k? thanks loads =)


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Mp3 players

ok...so i shall "crap" here for the moment to add life to the half stagnant blog. Anyway, i shan't care whether the content is entertaining or not horz... cos i know it wouldn't be anyway..
So yepz...after feL mentioned the offer regarding the ipod, i was tempted to buy cos it's sooooooooo.. cheap lahz... Kiasu, Kiasi and whatever me went SimLim Square with Huiyi to check up on whatever we could on mp3 players. I consulted my senior and friends on these mp3 players too, and this is the "not-so-accurate-but-true-to-a-certain-extent results"
Not tryin to dissuade anyone from buying but ya...some "facts"...

Zen Micro
this happened on that day...
"uncle, is there a 4GB Zen Micro?"
"No....4GB Zen Micros existed during the times when the police wear bermudas. Now...they wear long pants. so they don't use 4GB Zen Micros anymore! They use the new 5GB Zen Micro!"
So why did the 4GB Zen Micro became extinct? Simply... the package does not include ac adapters for one to charge the batt of the mp3 player and lacks some other stuffs...It costs around 299 bucks for a 4GB Zen Micro and 57bucks to buy a separate ac adapter. Therefore, shopkeepers sell the 5GB Zen Micro instead. It costs 338 bucks (the cheapest so far in SimLim) for the package which includes the ac adapter. By the way, the 6GB Zen Micro doesn't include the adapter in the package too.
Conclusion is, if you are contemplating of purchasing a Zen Micro, get the 5GB one.
Then wad are the reasons for not buying it?
- ULTRA sensitive touch pad (according to zinnie and my experience)
- unstable
- my senior sent it for repairs for 3 times after she bought it during dec.
- due to the existence of offer, it seems much more expensive
Reasons for buying it?
- it has 2 extra functions as compared to the ipod mini
- radio + built-in microphone for voice recording
- more colours available
- it's easier to change the battery after it has worn out
- Creative created it. support singapore's entrepreneurs..

Ipod Mini
FeL's fren's uncle (izzit??) is offering it at 250 for a 4GB and 280 for a 6GB one. The price alone is enough to tempt someone to buy it.
Reasons for buying it?
- cheap lahz duh... i've never seen an ipod mini costing less than 300 yet...
- Aesthetically, it wins Zen Micro
- show off lahz duh...
- easier to manipulate, according to the salesman (not the berms one)
- you can play games
- other functions....go check the apple website...
- thinner...
Reasons for not buying it?
Ok....both my senior and fren whom i consulted both commented about the battery. Battery is non-removable. Once it dies, say bye to your ipod mini!
no lahz... you can send it to the service centre to change the battery for a price of 100bucks (as quoted by my fren...dunno true or not...) or....if you are good with such technologies, buy the battery at 36 bucks from IT HUB at level 4 of simlim square and change it yourself. yupz...
- the colours are limited
- i don't like the blue!! i thought it was light blue...the manufacturers got their colour scheme wrong....
- the ac adapter is not included in the package therefore you'll need to buy one yourself or you can charge your ipod mini through the computer. anyway, it costs 20 bucks...much cheaper than zen micro's
Lastly...Huishan commented that her ipod mini has no probs so far, so dun worry! go buy your ipods now!

Creative MuVo Micro
hahaz...ask huiling whether it's good or not...
Reasons for buying it?
- small lahz duh...
- it works by means of a flash player (dunno how it really works)
- it's specially designed to cater to people who need music while exercising
- range of colours
- FM radio and Voice recorder
Reasons for not buying it?
- EX... VERY EX...
- Difficult to search for music stored inside.

Ok..this is the conclusion i got after some sort of product research...aiya...i researched on 3 products only cos they are my potential mp3 players mahz...hahaz...so if u wanna know more? go simlim lorz...bus service 67.

PS: the above information is up to you to believe it or not


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yoz. update information pls...

some people have changed their contact no... are you one of them? if so, pls update your information with me, preferably through email, so that i can update the contact list accordingly.
my email:


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story on happiness

hello everyone. koped this from s7C's blog. (oops =p) but anw, yeah just read la. quite meaningful.. enjoy =)

Story on happiness

Once upon a time, there lived a kind hearted man. After he died, he ascended into the heavens and became an angel. After becoming an angel, he often comes down to earth and help those to attain happiness.Once, he met a farmer who was sulking. He told the angel that his bull just died and he couldn't plough the fields. The angel gave the farmer a healthy bull. The farmer was very happy and the angel could felt his happiness.

Another time, he met a young man who was despondent. He told the angel that he was robbed of his money and couldn't travel to his hometown. The angel gave him some money. The young man was very happy and the angel could felt his happiness.

This time, the angel met a poet. He was young, handsome and full of talent. He was also rich. His wife was pretty and gentle. But he declared he wasn't happy.

The angel asked, "You aren't happy. How can I help you?"

The poet replied, "I have everything. But I lack only one thing. Can you give it to me?"

To which the angel happily said, "Sure. I can give you anything you desired."

The poet stared right into the angel's eyes, "I want happiness."

"All right," the angel nodded.

And the angel proceed to take away everything the poet possessed.The angel took away the poet's talent, destroyed his looks, robbed his riches and killed his wife. The angel then left for heaven.A month later, the angel appeared in front of the poet. The poet was lying on the ground, half dead, hungry and struggling for survival. The angel then returned him everything he once possessed and left for heaven again.Two weeks later, the angel paid a visit to the poet. This time, the poet, together with his wife, thanked the angel profusely. He finally found happiness.

Often, a person needs to lose everything before he knows how to cherish. Actually, happiness is right in front of you.Just what is happiness?
When you are hungry, a bowl of hot noodle in front of you is happiness.
When you are tired, a soft bed is happiness.
When you are crying, a gentle tissue is happiness.
Actually, happiness has no definition.

Sometimes, small actions can touch your heart. Happiness or not, depends on how you look at it.


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Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is your Captain James' Santa Singh welcoming you to Punjab Airways.

We apologize for the two-day delay in taking off, owing to bad weather and some overtime I had put in at the highway Dhaba.

This is flight no.9211 (Nau Do Gyaraah) to Ludhiana.

Landing in Ludhiana is not guaranteed, but with luck we may even be landing directly on your village.

Punjab Airways has a unique record for safety. In fact our safety Standards are so well known that even fully trained terrorists and hijackers are afraid to fly with us.

It is with pleasure I announce that starting this year over 90% of our passengers have reached their destination. For the ones that don't quite make it, Punjab Airways staff has all the requisite experience for consoling the next-of-kin.

Our Hostess Bubbly Kaur will be happy to brief you on our out-of-court settlement policies.

If our engines are too noisy for you, on passenger request, we can turn them off for your convenience. To make your free fall to earth pleasant and memorable, we serve complimentary tea and biscuits.

For our religious passengers, we are the only airline who can help you quickly find out whether God really exists.

We regret to inform you that today's in-flight movie will not be shown as we forgot to record it from the television. But we will be flying right next to Air India, where their movie will be visible from the right side cabin windows. These windows have been removed for your viewing convenience. For passengers with sight problems, we have also put a pair of binoculars under your seat.

As per the rules, smoking is not allowed on all Punjab Airways flights over Punjab. Any smoke you see in the cabin is only the early warning system on the engines telling us to slow down.

Life jackets are placed under your seats and free bathing costumes are made available for the aunties and swimming trunks for the uncles, for emergency water landings on any of our five rivers.

Kindly be seated, keep your seat in an upright position for take off and fasten your belts. For those of you who can't find a seat belt, kindly fasten your own belt to the arm of your seat. And for those of you who can't find a seat, do not hesitate to get in touch with Bubbly Kaur for your arrangement to sit on the bathroom seat. If you do sit there, please do not flush frequently because it may result in shortage of water we require for your tea.

I won't be flying with you today because I have to attend to my nephew's wedding. But co-pilot Kaptan Singh will have wireless access to me in case he needs flying instructions from time to time.

For an extra 500 rupees or two tandoori chickens, our attendant Bubbly Kaur will allow you to come forward and occupy the captain's seat in the cockpit for 5 minutes each, for an extraordinary view.

Thank you once again for choosing to fly with Punjab Airways. :)


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S75!! woohooo!! end of blocks =D Posted by Picasa

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chem independent learning test

hey guys...i just went to the EMB....and well...the good news is that the chem indept learning test (reaction kinetics if u cant rmb...)....is scheduled to be in the wk of 18-22 July....which is 2 wks later...(wk 4 lar)....yupz...and it will be held during a tutorial period...and will consist of mcqs and short ans qns....20 mins or sumthing liddat...yupz..so we can slack after blocks le.....((((((:

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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