fac outing

hello class! hmm let's see i've got good news and bad news regarding fac outing for u ppl. so which do u wanna hear first? ok bad news first la haha.

bad news: venue of fac outing has been changed to pasir ris park! cos there are ard 3 classes having chalet there so we figured it'd be better if we hold it there so the classes having chalet can still go! so really sorry for u guys, cos i know u all dont exactly stay very near there except for brendan!

good news: price has been cut to AT MOST $5! =D yayy good rite. but anw i was thinking kegan shud still collect the $15 bucks since we do owe our own classfund quite abit of money. and we dont want to owe mr tzeyi money over the year do we? and also, fac outing will start from 2pm on 14th nov. and ya our class can go down dere and have fun first before 2pm! and if we start at 2 means we wont end too late so still got time for u all to go home or even go out for class supper/dinner after that! plus, fun n games and attractive prizes guaranteed at fac outing! ALL FOR 5 BUCKS! wowwweeee! =D so everyone pls do come down.

see, v good rite. only one piece of bad news. but so many pieces of good news ahaha. yes so pls come down and support my event. thanks! =p


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harry potter!!

hey! anyone wanna watch harry potter? out on 17th nov! i'm so excited la! hope can get tickets for first day!

advanced booking starts on 3rd november, think i wanna go book. anyone interested? :D:D go cine or smth.



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class chalet?

hey class just wondering if any of ur parents work in governmental sectors such as HDB cos they have really good deals for chalets.. so can check with ur parents? den dey can help us book or sth. cos from what i know, these govt organisations have damn good chalets and it is also v cheap. one of my friends has booked a super huge HDB bungalow with 3 bedrooms for my red cross yrmate gathering for only SIXTY BUCKS.. so i was tinking if u guys can check with ur parents whether they have "lobang" for these kinda chalets? yups that's all.

anw i tink perhaps there's another alternative? the most go downtown east or sth. 77's class chalet is on 13th 14th 15th nov den they managed to book two units at downtown east.. yup i tink my friend said if ur parents is ntuc link gold member den it is much much cheaper. yar i tink it wld be v nice to have a class chalet. so ya what do u all tink?

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Sorting Hat

Hiya, just a lil admin matters before term closes.

Bio project sorting! Kindly check your grouping and the first person in the group, pls be in charge of getting the group to meet up at least once in reality, not virtual, to elect a group leader and get going with stuff before you all completely forget bout it once hols start. All other instructions pls
check yellow paper. If you've lost it, pls click here. (yah rite) The grouping is as follows:

1) Fossil fuels
Awyong, Brendan, Hui Li, Jun Hong, Wee Loon, Tze Yi, Min Yi, Hui Yi, Ruo Wei

2) Deforestation
Emily, Hui Ling, Clement, Kegan, Jonathan, Jia Ying, Mei Xuan, Justine

3) Nitrogen-containing fertilisers
Karin, Yao Zhen, Yah Ting
, Sheldon, Ming Swin, Felicia, Sam, Ying Tang, Kai Ling

Please do not come to hagger for changing of groups because this is life. The grouping is a completely non-random and non-biased process and if you must, figure out yourself.

1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25
2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26
3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24

Yeps, other stuff. Go SCREAM tml! =) Wheee, it's the first time I'm actually gonna celebrate halloween! Living under the boulder...ritez... Wear class tee =P bring sweets! whoohoo, treat or trick!

Next up, go for Apollo fac outing on the 14th of November @ Grassroots Club Yeo Chu Kang! =) Guaranteed activity filled (eh lactic, where L = loud), fun filled, good food, high high high! Got bowling alley there too! =) We'll be dancing fac dance so pls revise the dance yea. Details on cost will be out soon. Hope everybody goes!! Plus it's
like so convenient this time since it's virtually just next to the mrt station, no long scary walks.

Enjoy the rest of the school days! And to the two taking clao next Monday, all the best! Same goes for every body, let's all end PW with a bang! If nothing motivates you, think of life without jl... thtz like wow...Utopia...



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yes... some matters b4 the end of year

Okay... I'll make minyi's entry a bit more legible later. Blue font? Yup. Yes, I'm here for some end-of-year matters. Nope, not outings, not the sushi fest. I'm not the type of person in charge. What is it then?

You know the saying that you should not qian4 qian2 qian4 guo4 nian2 (carry a debt past the new year)? Okay, I know that it's still 71 days before the new year. But we can always do things early right? Yes, we can and we shall be good clatizens of 05s75.

So, now, let me propose (yes, there's nothing wrong with the word "propose"), that we pay up the outstanding class debts by:
1. those people, and I'm quite sure you wouldn't know who you are, who owe class fund, pls miraculously realise that you have money in your wallet that should not be there, and happily pay up.
2. well, I guess it's okay to ask a $5 or $10 (the latter is advised) new class fund collection especially if you have no previous debts, especially when we're having a class feast (50% off thanks to kind Ms Yeo but yes, we still have to pay the other 50%) AND when we're owing the class fund aka Mr TY money.

Rallying for support here... Really hoping that everyone will do his or her part for this worthy cause. Now, come on, let's all part with a bit of our savings this coming week.

Wondering who this is? Happy guessing!


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heyz peeps!!
Want a popiah and sushi feast?
Obviously, we won't be visiting those posh buffet restaurants for sushi, or hawker centres for popiah...we'll be having our own hands-on session!! Want? Have a taste of your creations...mix and match the way u like! ermz...this is only a suggestion lahz...obviously...we need a threshold number before we can hold one lahz...who's for it?

Or shall we have pot luck in school? I guess...probably not until post-OP...hahaz....think about it ya?


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Insight and Reflection on gp

i never realised gp so important till now... suxs... let me try to recall wad happen... the day b4 gp at 11pm then iwas oh shit got gp... then i go pore over countless website and compiled every bloody info about capital punishment and write an essay and MEMORiSE it....in the end slept at 1plus...
woke up damn drowsy...then i walk to hall in a daze.... THen the stupid teacher say turn over the paper... then i stare at the freaking piece of paper... no capital punishment then i bloody pissed liao anyhowwhack one topic... i wrote halfway b4 i realised oh shit wad the hell am i writing...like totally no link to question... then when compre came i was like half asleep... i counted my summary at least thrice cos i keep dozing off halfway.... realli not win...anyway that not the best part
today came back gp compo. Then i stare at my paper..MY dengue fever has became dengue "river"... then her comments damn niao... "ying tang, the first part of your essay was unfocused. This is a pity because i can see you know the main arguments from the second half of the essay" LOL.... haiz so in the end screw up my gp...
Moral of the story: get plenty of sleep b4 any stupid exam and dun bother to spot any stupid topic cos it wun come OUT....
sorry for toking so much rubbish cos i dun have a blog and i need somewhere to vent my frustration...



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hmm i see everyone damn sianz of pw liao me too... anyway jia you. just 2 more weeks and its over. must pia op.. cos pi, eom and i and r all togther add up only 20% and we all work so hard for those shit... so no point giving up on op when its like 40%!!!.....time fly so fast... one year over... i tink ip is stupid next year all chs... crap and this week almost everyday end at 4...



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My major flash of inspiration

As I was reflecting on this year which had passed amazingly fast and thinking bout my final month being an underperforming rep two days back, I just had this flash of inspiration.

It may sound silly to you looking at the screen now but yes, almost everything materialised vivdly in my mind.

STJ 2006!

Lolxz, yeps, 2006. Was like thinking our STJ this year wasn't exactly very ideal and successful and thought we could probably come up with something more interesting next year. So here goes my idea, we would find one afternoon not long after O1 next year to fix it STJ day where we'll put up a talent showcase of our class, senior-class-to-be. =) So it's like gonna serve a dual purpose of 1) showing casing our talents 2) introducing ourselves and 3) have fun although it's STJ since next yr's gonna be so stressful. Did I say dual.

Anyway here's how it goes. We'll get two hosts to host the mini-concert. Then we can all xiu4 our stuff. Projected vision:
Item 1: Introduction of non-performing arts pplz and pplz with hard-to-showcase talents including academics including, Yao Zhen and Wee Loon for excellent photography etc

Item 2: Guitar medley comprising, Clement, Awyong, Sam, Meixuan, Yahting, Justine, Hui Li, KaiLing.

Item 3: Some random dance comprising Kegan and Huiling

Item 4: CO medley comprising Minyi, Ming Swin, Brendan and Ruo Wei. Actually I pictured Swin playing tht dynamic chinese christian tune but figured tht can't possible get a place with a piano for him to do so.

Item 5: Wushu mock-spar and duel featuring Jia Ying, Ying Tang and Sheldon. Wheee, I keep hearing the Kitaro piece in my head. =P

Sorry I noe I missed out pplz not, intentionally but because I am merely penning down my very first inspiration and if you have any hidden talent pls showcase it!

It goes something like this too, like after every performance then we can like intro each person one by one, like "And this is Awyong, once upon a time RG prefectorial board treasurer and PM Book Prize Winner and now Apollo's very own actic with a great passion for all kinds of food" or "Introducing Ming Swin, the music pro, piano grade 8 with a love for sciences esp bio, missing every other lecture and has scouts blood flowing through every vein in him"

Beats going round in circles and circles and circles and circles and circles introducing yourself over and over and over and over and over again but the name still doesn't sink in.

Anyway yah, and it can be fun too! Dependin on how much you want to put into it and how enthu everybody is! Then like if we do something nice for juniors then got higher chances tht they might reciprocate and do something nice for us too! =)

Yeps, thtz all for my flash of inspiration. Of course STJ must have food lahz which can easily be catered for, but besides food I thought we could add a lil more meaning to the word "treat" =)

na9ek :[

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open houses

i remembered talking about going to open houses after promos..yupz....got some info from my friends...
NYJC- this coming fri
NJ, VJ, SA- this coming sat
HC, RJ- next fri
yupz...got more lar...like CJ n AC n blah blah blah...but no time to find out..haha..lazy.....so anyone wanna go? *goodie bag* and we can act young! haha



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ice skating

hello class. who wants to go ice skating tmr after bio spa?? pls inform felicia if you are going haha. thanks! =)

*awyong on behalf of fel


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hello people! i've posted the sentosa pics on the 75 shutterfly account! so those who wanna see can go take a look! yup if u want the pics u can just copy and save from there, or u can get the full-sized pic from me.. just tell me which one u want den i send u. cos shutterfly one is not full-sized.

oh oh oh the sequel to saw is coming out!!! hahaha. anyone wanna go and watch it in the theatres? =p

yup anw hope everyone had lotsa fun during this break!! =) and oh yes, time for a change of class blog layout? hehe =p



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final survivors.. at 2.42pm

lalaaa.. final survivors at 2.42pm.. huili, awyong, meixuan, clement, kegan, jaey, fel and yahting. they're watching saw now.. awyong n clements good idea. hahah den like wanna watch dun wanna watch lidat. lolz. so freaking scary.. and just got some stupid tune. dumbb! only 4 ppl watching laa. den clement is like narrator. yawnnz. dun like shows dat need to use brains. lalaaa
watch more brainless chick flicks....after promos shld relax brain cells mah...still need to torture ur brain cells...so sad case...plus sommore only sleep like 2 hrs plus...oh ya, must mention sam's alarm clock!!!when we finally about to fall into much needed deep sleep at 5am plus, then his phone alarm rang la!and is those kind of super noisy tune....and no one went up to shut it up until jaey finally cannot stand it already then go and turn off...but stupidly only snoozed it....walau....after like five minutes or so then his alarm rang again?!?!

some people so PRO.. like minyi and ruowei. whole night never sleep one leh! still got energy play what memory game. lol. zai. ok as you can see our description is getting more and more SIAN cos we are really sian.. TIRED! 2 hrs of sleep?! how the hell do you guys do it on normal school days =X and saw is like.. yucks dont want to have nightmares of whatever body parts. better don't watch (for fel la =P) hehe.


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some photos :D



awyong jumping

sam, awyong and ball!

test 1

test 2

test 3

test 4


now the guys, 1st try

2nd try

2nd try

try 3

trying 4

trying STILL

not yet...


footprints :D



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smaller version

haha this is the smaller version...for bigger one...scroll down..haha..then can see all the flaws =P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hmmx testing to see if it fits the page..yupx...anw it was nice going kbox with the kls=) yea!! we totally rock and stone!!=P haha surprisingly it fits..


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neoprints for free!

hmm...i tink the colour quality kinda sux...well, pardon my scanner, it's old... quality deterioriates with age :S



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"When promos are over ... must be committed to me arh... better start pw straight away... o-k?!"

Without me saying. You know what's next.

  1. Mr joe lim has kindly bought for our class a photocopying card with $15 dollar credit. It is for us to use to photocopy materials for PW PURPOSEs ONLY (he stressed that strongly). Priority goes to people who needs to PRINT MATERIALS FOR EXAMINATION PURPOSES.

    For example, printing of WR draft in the library for him to check? ya. that's for exams. and you can use that card in the library to print.
    (it's no longer free by the way, B&W prints $0.04 per piece, Colour prints cost $0.60 per piece. All Laser printers.)

    This card is now with our dear hardworking pw rep, madam yat. You may reach her at this number : 92738100. Write that down.

  2. Next. ALL the WRs submitted in to mr lim were FAR FROM SATISFACTORY. He had no words to describe them but to laugh and bounce in his cushion chair while everyone gawked at him in the PE office.

    "Still got a long way lar... hehehaha... Cannot lar. ok yaozhen? ...tell them that"

  3. HI139 did not submit your WR to mr joe lim. And he wanted me to ask them if they are indeed so confident in their work.

    "... From what i see so far arh... (then shake his head and twitch his lips)... i think maybe they should consider again ... i mean. IF they are SO CONFIDENT, then of course. I I I im not forcing them. it's up to them lar. but if they need me to look through again. ya. sure. i will help them."

And, these were his last words...
"After promos must start immediately arh... no more pushing around. We've got to be really focus. OK? Still a long way to go arh... I&R, OP... ok?"

"Ya. And give that card to ruowei."
(joe lim obviously doesnt trust me. :@)

Deity Zhen. Channel newasia. Singapore.


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do u all want a stayover or sleepover? like maybe after sentosa on friday den we go someone's hse and sleep and talk and have movie marathon?
or alternatively, we can all go do our own stuff after bio, den during the evening meet at someone's house and sleepover and havoc. den on friday we can all go to sentosa together and havoc havoc havoc.
okae just some suggestions. dont want also can. haha what say you?
jiayou everyone. 3 papers left!!!



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meaningful [=


my friend sent me this link:


[= quite meaningful!

*feL neo rO x ((((:


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
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