we fight.

"Some of us give up on life with only a resigned sigh. Others fight a little, then lose hope. Still others - and I am one of those - never give up. We fight and fight and fight. We fight no matter the cost of battle, the losses we take, the improbability of success. We fight to the very end."

- life of pi

i'm too bored with nothing to do and this is my first time adding a new entry since the change of blog template! anyway, this quote is smth that i've read from the book life of pi by yann martel. hope you guys will rmb it whenever you feel like giving up in the things that you do.. i think it will be particularly useful next year haha. take care. and another reminder to keep 13th - 15th dec free for class chalet! =) happy holidays!

your beloved awyong hahaha.


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Reporting from changi airport terminal 1.

It's raining heavily now. As we walked through the shops, we were tempted to buy the items...ex nia...

this is so exciting!!!! and the class blog's v v v v nice!!! thanks SAM!!

Feeling apprehensive, nervous, excited, anxious...

1 more hour, and we are taking off, heading for KL.

The plane is delayed!!!! by 45mins!!

ahhhz....i'll miss my parents...but we'll work hard to help the children there

Weather report: 24C to 31C

We won't freeze there =D don't worry peeps!!

Can sms us anytime...but dun sms minnie's hp...cos she brought her mum's phone...hahahaz...

Huiyi, yahting, huiling, felicia all brought. Sms them k? hahaz....

Guess who's typing all these???

We are making use of the free internet access now to blog for the last time before we leave s'pore.


we just went past the liquor shop. duty-free. Hennessy. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzz....

Henesys...we'll miss maple and i bet some people like jon n ty will catch up with us in no time....

"boring maple!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That was a random comment from a passer-by. hahaz....

That's the end of our report from changi airport on 24th nov, 7.24am.

Reporters: emily, minnie, huiyi, huiling, kailing, felicia and yahting

Acknowledgements: thanks to awyong for sending us off =DDDD and thanks to the free internet access at changi airport that allowed us to blog and view the new blog layout =DDD

That's all folks!! have a nice week and we'll enjoy our week too =DDD


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Humanitarian Trip to Tamil Nadu, India


this is felicia & huiyi =D=D at YC. hahaha. got this meeting room got a lot of bean bags and pillows and cushions and everything comfy! haha. nice for sleeping! (where kailing and minnie are pigging out in)

we're leaving tmrw! will be at airport at 0530, flight is at 0735, flight no. UL 316! haha. if you want to torture yourself and wake up at 0400, you may send us off!! we'll appreciate it, though we know it's just because you'll miss us a lot =D=D

okay la, we've crapped enough. will be back on 2nd dec!!! don't miss us TOO MUCH!!


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moviee treat

heyss pple!
mi kailing awyong n justine are caroling for xmas, n we're given free movie screening fer the show- chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe on the 27th of dec... we can invite pple with us but they wun ged to watch it totally free =P hafta pay 5 bucks for it .. so pple who're interested pls tell any of us yea(:



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one more thing...

Attn: Apollo Faculty Outing Participants:

Please meet at Pasir Ris MRT station (EW1) on 14 November 2005, Monday, at 1315h. A shuttle bus will ship you to Pasir Ris Park. In addition, to those who have not paid Lee Jiang Hao Kegan the designated amount, please bring the relevant quantity of Singapore Dollars (SGD) for payment, failure of which would put human lives at risk.


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a few things

hi class.. here are a few things i'd like to say =)

0. i apologize for that not very nice entry about the class chalet. i typed that cos i was super pissed at that time so err hope u all forgive me for that rather offensive entry. but i do hope that my point was driven across. yup. sorry abt that!

1. i know i'm one week late, but if you guys have the time and if you can get your hands on the 7 Nov issue of TIME magazine, please do read the cover story from page 38 to 68. something meaningful which i think all of us should read.

2. three cheers to everyone for being able to survive one year of pw! especially with our ST haha. my gosh. i hope he doesnt read this.. anw time to rejoice cos pw is finally over and done with! woohoo!

3. to my bio group doing fossil fuels: pls get everything done and send all your research stuff to me, wee loon and junhong by 4th december. if you know u are gg overseas etc, then pls get it done earlier and send the info to us earlier. thanks!

4. in case some of you still dont know, class chalet has been booked and confirmed on 13th - 15th dec, tue to thu. venue is costa sands (east coast). and coincidentally 7D is also having a chalet during the same time and at the same place! anw everyone pls do keep 13th to 15th dec FREE. must keep those dates free ok!! details of chalet such as who to bring what, eg. bread for breakfast, extra toilet rolls, cards and games etc. will be put up on the blog at a later date.

5. again, i know i am like 1 year+ late but everyone pls go watch SCHOOL OF ROCK. it's super nice!! and it's super cool! must watch!

6. what else. yes everyone, pls err do your holiday homework. cos i think if we leave everything till the last minute, we will really die a horrible death when sch reopens next year, unless you have smart brains like jonathan, clement and yahting =p ok so er do homework wahahha. and next year's gonna be TOUGH. so everyone jiayou. oh but of course, hols must enjoy urself too. so keep a balance! =)

okie dokie. i've fully utilised the 7 colours of the rainbow. happy holidays!



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Popiah making session!

HElloZ everyone...

popiah organisers talking. we shall tell you about our progress...
Here's the tentative list of ingredients. You can suggest more if u feel like adding them in your own, personal popiah =D eg. apples, orange, mayonnaise, chicken...whatever... it's your own popiah...

lettuce (washed)
sweet sauce (buy)
garlic (chopped)
prawns (chopped into small pieces)
tau geh
eggs (hard boiled)
crab meat
popiah skin (buy)
fried shallots
tuna (canned)

yes... the most difficult part is probably the turnip part. We could cook, but mx says that we need to cook it like..overnight... we could buy, but this means we need to pay a lot more than cost price. Others could be found in the market or supermarket. So give us your suggestions ya?

The date is, 12 nov (sat). We intend to make them and have them for lunch. agreeable rite? but we have a prob here, which is a location for us to gather. We need the kitchen too to cook some of the ingredients. Or would you all prefer distribution of work? simply, it means that each person will take charge of each ingredient. This increases efficiency, and we could start on our popiah on the spot without having to cook anything there. Ok...who can volunteer your house? who prefers cooking together or distribution of work? please give us your comments ya? we need them...

Hope all of you will come =D It'll be a different experience to try your own hand-made popiah!

~popiah organisers~


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i'm getting a bit zen here but yup...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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entry has been deleted by author cos she finds it too offensive haha! =p


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class chalet (impt!!!)

hello class. kegan and i have just checked out the chalets online. and now the tentative details are given below. PLS TAKE NOTE and KEEP THE DATES FREE. tentative cos we haven booked yet. i'll try to book it tmr morning. so yes. once it is confirmed i will post here and say it is confirmed. so here are the details:

venue: costa sands (east coast)
dates: 13th dec to 15th dec (tue to thu)
cost: $258 for 3D/2N
type of chalet: 2-storey costa sands kind

ok please keep the dates free. im very sorry to those who are gg overseas. bleah. cos we have to try and accommodate the majority.. so very sorry. yup so everyone please go for class chalet ok!!! and yes, if more people go, the cost each individual has to pay would be lesser too. so everyone please go!!


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haha sorrie hafta post such a crappie entry amidst all these talks abt chalet n fac outing..so sao3 xing4 rite but here goes=P

- 5 MIN group time will not contribute to individual marks, onli group marks.so put in ur best effort during ur indiv. 5 mins time cos u'll be judged based on tt.
- good to make use of the time to enhance group dynamics/reinforce points

Individual section
- tk note of gesture, eyecontact, talking tone, pace etcetc(basically the things he always nags abt la)
-refer less.dun read off notes.present as if u're having a convo wif sb.
- fully test run ur ppt(esp those who hadnt tested b4)
- go find mr lim tmr(fri) cos he'll be in sch to test it if yall want to
- those who HAVEN'T put their op slides into his thumbdrive, can email him or go school to give him.u can choose not to if u tink u haf enuff backups..

- consult him face-to-face on fri if there's a need to.

OP day n the day after
- make sure u noe the reporting time..check the papers given
- prepare ur GPF
- make sure it's paginated
n i think yall should bring along ur entry proofss..

yep tts all(: happie holidays and all the best fer pw^^



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nth to do?

nth to do? really? i really doubt so lah. but anyway, if you're really bored, you can test your multi-tasking skills here: http://www.eddiezone.net/flashgame/Restaurant.swf

bored em


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class chalet

hmm..so are we having a class chalet anot huh? if drag summore den cannot book le...but aniwae, i got a chalet that we can use for free on 15-16 of dec..supposed to be family chalet then but no one is going on those days...its big lar...got 2 bedrooms upstairs and a living room plus mini kitchen downstairs....yar...and a bbq pit on the foyer...but rite, its at sumwhere near changi village...which is like very inaccessible to most of us...and there are no facilities....onli the bbq pit, a playground and changi beach (which is like veri near...cross the road n walk thru another block of chalet)...and changi village lor....so if anione wanna pig out and relax for that 2 days rite, tell me k...maybe we can have a mini chalet/bbq??? *shrugs*

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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