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Here's an update for the previous two posts bout the bio review on the fateful second day of school. Summing up what miss soh has put into her ALL CAPS SMSES, ignore what she has mentioned for the scope of the review test and just follow what Mag Tan mentioned in her last lecture of the year. Due to the various discrepancies in what is considered "what Mag Tan mentioned in her last lecture", a safe stance is to focus from Inherited Change onwards.

Bless you studying.

Next up is an update on admin matters for the new year ahead.

Faced with a dismal status of the class finance as we closed it this year, we had to come up with something to put a stop to it.

Coming to the end of 2005, we have incurred a total deficit of -$307.25. To know the details of our accounts, kindly approach our treasurer of 2005, asst. ct rep of 2005 or yours truly of 2005.

As such, it has become mandatory to collect $12/- from every one of us on the first day of school, 3rd January 2006 before we continue cruising through the year.

In addition, after a long afternoon in Burger King, we have come up with some measures that we hope the new class comm will continue to moniter, to alleviate the situation and prevent similar calamities from occuring again. They are as follows:

1) The $12/- collected on the first day shall be the class fund of the month. Following the collection, the class fund will read $4.75.

2) Any other occasions that require monetary aid in the month of January such as STJ and other treats for juniors will be collected separately as an event fund.

3) $10/- will be collected as class fund for the month of February and March. As activities die down, class fund from April onwards will be set at $5/- per month.

4) With effect from 2006, all subject reps are to collect notes fund individually and by no means will a lump sum be taken out from the treasury to pay for notes. Subject reps are to be responsible in collecting the required fund on time.

5) In the highly unfortunate case of financial difficulty faced by any one of us and the subject rep is unable to collect all funds in time, she may take a loan from the treasurer after being issued an IOU slip which will be filed up by treasurer. The slip is to be signed and certified by the treasurer and subject rep.

6) The treasury should at no point in time, go below the limit of S$50/- as a back up measure. Should any expenses go beyond the limit, a separate ad hoc event fund will be collected.

7) Regardless of the collection of class fund, notes fund or event fund, a fine of S$1/- will be imposed on late payment unless his/her case is filed with special reasons.

That is all for the treasury for next year. We'll move on to a transparent and open job scope for the to-be ct rep and asst. ct rep to prevent malicious statements of either party not doing anything.

Under Act 2 of The General Guidelines for 75 Class Committe 2006,
the CT rep shall:
1) take attendance in the absence of the CT
2) check pigeon hole weekly
3) collect and file OCP forms
4) assist the CT in impromtu occasions

and the ACT rep shall:
1) collect all concert and event order forms and be responsible for their submissions
2) assist the CT in impromtu occasions in the absence of the CT rep
3) assist the CT rep when in need

To top it all, for the records, let's revisit the inaugural 75 Star Awards which took place over the the course of the chalet.

Miss Congeniality - Awyong Xin Yi
Miss Pseudo-accent - Karin Chen
Never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover Award - Emily Choong
Mr Lukewarm - Brendan Chua
Mr Miss/Miss Mr - Chua Yao Zhen
The One Who Mesmerised Clement - Hui Ling
"I"-make-a-difference Award - Clement Khoo
Advocator of the Pink-is-not-a-bimbo-colour Award - Koh Hui Li
Mrs Fields - Koh Yah Ting
Tomorrow-will-be-a-better-hair -day Award - Sheldon Leong

(Thou shall not alter my entry!)
The Misunderstood - Lee Jun Hong
The Billabong Kid - Liaw Wee Loon
The Fishtank Dream Destroyer - Lim Ming Swin
Whatever - Felicia Neo
“晴天”大圣孙悟空 - Ng Jia Ying
Miss Who-needs-nailclippers?? - Low Tze Yi
Success case of "A packet of fries a day keeps my inertia this way" - Jonathan Lin
The S.ilent H.elpful E.nthusiast - Sam Tan
麻雀虽小,五脏俱全 - Tan Mei Xuan
The "I resolve to sign in MSN & layer my hair in 2006" Award - Toh Hui Yi
"I don't need SKII" Award - Yew Kai Ling
Competitor of the Above-mentioned Award - Yat Ruo Wei
Supporter of the Daily Bread - Justine Tay
The Blur Pugilist - Wu Ying Tang

Happy New Year ahead pplz!


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