75 reunion dinner (directions)

1. generally for everyone, meet at bishan mrt at 6.30pm

2. if u tink u wanna come to my house straight, buses going to my place are:
162 163 132 167 130 166 980 52 165 855 410

3. if u are coming from school, take 157, 74 or 852 to the macritchie double bus-stop. then go to the inner bus stop to change to any of the above mentioned buses. get down at the 2nd bus-stop after macritchie.

4. for more directions (especially for those who want to come straight to my place) / still dunno how to go, please call xin yi at 98265465

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CNY tuan bai!

harlowxx.. i smsed john ng and he replied!! hahah we can go his house.. and the way he described his address and how to go there very funny. =)) ahahax yays so we have mrs anna goh, mr john ng now. we see who else to add to the list kk? anw those who can make it please tell me.. its on tuesday, chu 3. coz i think they wanna gauge got how many ppl going. gogogooo!!! =D=D
anw india pics are COOL. ahhahax. weeeeee =) take a look at THIS:

hahaha damn cute rite!!! =D=D=D he looks like the.. msn tt big GRIN emoticon!! =D=D=D

haha. this is super niao. look at VLAM. (the only one in blue).. doing his ZHAO PAI DONG ZUO of flicking his ultra long fringe (:

hahahx. right.. i'll upload the rest on my webshots err.. soooon. =)


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hey guys..i guess all of you will be coming to sch on fri rite??
(hopefully)... (justine...if u are reading this, though i dun tink you will be, please STOP reading!)
aniwae, its justine's birthday on that day too...so as usual, we will be having a birthday cake for her..i will be getting the cake (chocolate one, as preferred by her) on friday itself cuz i dun tink there is anitime to buy it on thurs....
so yar...i guess sometime during the street market thingy or even after the whole CNY celebrations, we will be doing the usual singsong eatcake thingy..so...please come along okie???? dun disappear!!!
alrite..thats all..please help to pass on the msg to others...thanks!

happy chi new year...wishing you WEALTH,


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DEVUDAAA (the 400th post)

omg CCK stadium has been blasting INDIAN MUSIC the whole morning. effectively woke me up from my sleep =(

can't do any work and was hoping that they stop BLASTING. unless they play DEVUDA DEVUDA or POKKU PARA PARA.

and haha. next song i heard was DEVUDA DEVUDA.. wheee~! REPEATE!

no idea what event they are holding for the Indians. they're talking about Depression now. it reminds me of the Children's Day party we went anyway, just that it's not as large-scale, there isn't as many kids, and there's no banner painting. =(

i want my tamil nadu photos! tinggy, kailing, huiling, toh akah, minnie and em.. wanna go to YC anytime soon? haha.. bleahZ! slap the king. oh no, so violent.

eh! miss Tamil Nadu la.. we plan our own humanitarian trip after A's ok? if we don't get niao-ed by V LAM. think he doesn't even remember us already.

kailing get well soon! -hugs-
think of the kids in Tamil Nadu!


P.S. do you all still want to do anything for the people in Tamil Nadu? if we want we ought to brainstorm for ideas or something. hoho. suddenly inspired. and probably won't last. s h i t.


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hey people....kailing here....thanks for all the care and concern you all showed today....it still hurts like damn a lot...and the bleeding wun stop at all......and when i took the gauze off...it nearly stuck to the wound...okie...i was pretty disgusted at my wounds and nearly puke...
just wanna say that though i m physically hurting like hell, i feel a warmness in my heart....thanks to all those who walked me back to the pull ups area, those who cleaned my wound, those who sang me songs, those who said jokes, those who smsed me, those who got me the water, those who walked by me, minyi who let me cry on, huili who went home with me, and all those who showed care and concern today.......i m reallie reallie touched...and i m so sorry i was such a crybaby...but the mixture of pain and warmness in me just kinda turned on the taps.....i dun care if i m going to be scarred at the knees for life, but yeah...just wanna say that the nice things u all did today is enough to make the scars worth it......
btw...wash the wound with soap n water?????!!!!!! oh man....water is enough to kill me....i cant even bear to look at my wounds.....they make me feel faint.....


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take care

Follow these instructions to promote healing and avoid infection:
1. Keep the wound clean and dry.
2. If the wound has been covered with a dressing, keep the dressing clean and dry. Cover your wound with a plastic bag while bathing.

Self-Care Measures
Clean your wound thoroughly with mild soap and lots of water, especially for ground-in dirt as is common with “road burns.” Continue to clean it with soap and water 1 to 2 times a day—more often if necessary.
OTC antiseptic solutions or antibacterial soaps are acceptable for cleaning the skin around the wound.
Apply an OTC antibacterial ointment to your wound 1 to 2 times a day.
Keep your wound covered with clean gauze or an adhesive bandage during waking hours. You can leave it uncovered while you sleep if it isn’t oozing or painful.
Don’t soak your wound when bathing. Don’t swim until it’s healed. Brief contact with water from the shower is okay.

Information from: http://www.utexas.edu/student/health/guide/cuts.html

Interesting thing while searching for the above information is that pets, and horses came up in the results! Especially horses. Hmm... I'm pretty sure that our first casualty is a homosapien. Nevermind.

Anyway, girl, you can just keep in mind the tender loving care you received today, or perhaps you'll like to cut and paste on a special someone's face. Take care!


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wiki 4eva

Touchpads commonly operate by sensing the capacitance of a finger, or the capacitance between sensors. Capacitive sensors are laid out along the horizontal and vertical axis of the touchpad. The location of the finger is determined from the pattern of capacitance from these sensors. This is why they will not sense the tip of a pencil or even a finger in a glove. Moist and/or sweaty fingers can be problematic for those touchpads that rely on measuring the capacitance between the sensors.


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Inventions: the touch pad

A touch pad is a device for pointing (controlling input positioning) on a computer display screen. It is an alternative to the mouse. Originally incorporated in laptop computers, touch pads are also being made for use with desktop computers. A touch pad works by sensing the user's finger movement and downward pressure.

The first touch pad was invented by George E. Gerpheide in 1988. Apple Computer was the first to license and use the touch pad in its Powerbook laptops in 1994. The touch pad has since become the leading cursor controlling device in laptops. Many laptops use a trackball. IBM ThinkPad laptops use a "pointing stick" (called a TrackPoint) that is set into the keyboard.

How the Touch Pad Works
The touch pad contains several layers of material. The top layer is the pad that you touch. Beneath it are layers (separated by very thin insulation) containing horizontal and vertical rows of electrodes that form a grid. Beneath these layers is a circuit board to which the electrode layers are connected. The layers with electrodes are charged with a constant alternating current (AC). As the finger approaches the electrode grid, the current is interrupted and the interruption is detected by the circuit board. The initial location where the finger touches the pad is registered so that subsequent finger movement will be related to that initial point. Some touch pads contain two special places where applied pressure corresponds to clicking a left or right mouse button. Other touch pads sense single or double taps of the finger at any point on the touch pad.

Try this.
If you have a laptop with a touchpad, touch your touchpad with your finger and move it around. Obviously, the cursor moves. Now, touch your touchpad with your fingernail or even a pen. Does the same thing happen? Why?

The above is brought to you by someone very bored who happened to stare at the touchpad and start wondering. Please answer the question by posting on the tagboard.
Information from: http://searchmobilecomputing.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid40_gci213159,00.html


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good heart

Hi students,

The CIP exco and First Aid Club have collaborated to organize a
joint food drive for Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens. They will be
collecting both food and sundries.

Different faculties will concentrate on bringing certain items.
However, all are still welcome to donate any of the mentioned food
stuff if you have the means to.

The following donations are recommended:
1. Milo powder, anything but the 3-in-1 packets.
2. Dried ikan bilis for soup stock
3. Dried shrimp
4. Dried mushroom
5. Various canned foods such as condensed milk, sardine fish
and anything suitable for an elderly?s diet.
6. Chinese new year goodies (Please note that food items must
not be too sweet or require too much chewing.

The items that each faculty will focus on:

the info seems a little weird. i tot apollo supposed to get paper kitchen towels??? or my hearing got problem?

Venue for collection: Career Guidance Room
Time frame for collection: 16 Jan (Monday) til 20 Jan (Fri)

There would be labelled boxes there. Please place the food stuff

Please donate generously and let this Chinese New Year be a
meaningful one for yourselves and the residents at Ju Eng Home!

Ms Lim Siew Hui
(on behalf of First Aid Club & CIP Exco)


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"Elodea is a genus of aquatic plants often called the Water weeds. Elodea is native to North America and it is also widely used as aquarium vegetation. The introduction of some species of Elodea into waterways in parts of Europe, the Australia, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand has created a significant problem, and it is now considered a noxious weed in these areas.

Silty sediments and water rich in nutrients favor the growth of American waterweed in nutrient-rich lakes. However, the plant will grow in a wide range of conditions, from very shallow to deep water, and in many sediment types. It can even continue to grow unrooted, as floating fragments. It is found throughout temperate North America, and is one of the most common aquatic plants in Washington."

Good luck Wee Loon :)


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some 3rd job piccys

shall put at external link to save bandwidth and not clog up the blog :X
Thunder Spear
Shadow Partner
Combo Attack
Holy Symbol & Arrow Rain
Fire Shot
Shining Ray

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s75 rocks!!

always got the urge to say this after class outings and all. =P 75 ROCKS!

awyong and i even said hi to BEAN our grand senior (03s75)!

campfire rocked and glad our seniors came back though the GUYS are stuck in NS.

YAY. so fun (: hope everyone had lots and lots of fun too! hohohohoho. Looking forward to JTS!

One more thing! juniors should start their own BLOG really soon! think 05s75 was the first in our level HAHAHA. yay.

FELicia NEO ROng Xi
P.S. my angel if you ever read this, please write soon! =P okie okie should stop harping on it.


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F3...pout..lolz...i sent wrongly juz now...hehhhz...ok...the seh girl here...=p Posted by Picasa

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Final shot...summary for all the facial expressions...lolz...thanx to maplestory! maple rockZ! lolz...end of my maple craze at the blog le...some entertainment here...enjoy the limited fashion show nia...lolz...now if u here us F-ing here n there..u noe wad the maplers meant...=D pics to beautify the blog =DDD Posted by Picasa

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F7...hmmmz....=_="' Posted by Picasa

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F6...errrz...i dunno what description to give to this...2 big white dots... Posted by Picasa

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F4...sobz...=( Posted by Picasa

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F5... WHAT??? u toots!! Posted by Picasa

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F3...pout...i look cool ehz? Posted by Picasa

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F2..smile!! =D anyway...note the fashion show...lolz...if only the rest were online to pose =p Posted by Picasa

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Ok...the last few maple pics i shall post on maple...unless there's any "class photos"...maple language understanding lesson time... F1...frown... Posted by Picasa

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woohoo....hope many many of us will be attending the J1 auditions and campfire tmr!! just here to suggest a class supper at KAP after campfire tmr nite..*if it doesnt rain lar*...yups...hope got people will wanna go! i tink we (seniors) should enjoy ourselves more now before the real mugging starts....yups....thats all..cya tmr!



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jan 09 - the very first outing

Eh... Hope that today was an okay start to snr-jnr interactions. Keep the spirit going!

Anyway, 05' angels should already all know who their mortals are. So please start writing to your mortals. Official revelation should be on Valentines' Day according to tradition (if you have yet blown your cover by then that is).

Hehe... All the best to jnrs. Need ur contact list (with email addresses/msn addresses) so that we can add you ppl- or you can get ours and add us! (Of course, the latter is preferred.)



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The maplers with random people after counting down... Posted by Picasa

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All the smiley faces!! At happyville...the gathering of the maplers... Posted by Picasa

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Diaoz...from left...yingtang, jaey, huiling, yaoz, jon, mx and minnie...on 1st Jan!! Posted by Picasa

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The maplers in noob outfit...quite noob... Posted by Picasa

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Happy New Year Peeps!!! Posted by Picasa

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class mapler photo...05s75... Posted by Picasa

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mass class dinner

We need a place/ restaurant that is big, able to hold about 45 rowdy ppl. (plus walls need to be scream/squeak-proof) We need a place that the majority want to go. We need YOUR grand presence. Other considerations: $$$? Proximity to school?

Event: 05s75 + 06s75 first outing aka dinner
Date: 9th January 2006
Day: Monday
Time: 6sth (to be confirmed w details ie. meet where)
Where? : to be discussed and filled in

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chalet $$

attention to those who went for class chalet:

please pay $18.50 to aw yong xin yi by friday, 6th jan. to make things easier, those who do not need to pay are: karin, brendan, sam, ruo wei, kailing, justine, huili and jonathan.

thank you! (:

*aw yong


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updates for 2006

ylime now not in much mood to write anything nice.
just doing what i did at the beginning of last year.

if i did not get things wrong,
ct rep -- kegan
actrep -- em
treasurer -- tze yi
es.manag. -- sheldon
w.fare rep-- kai ling
GP rep -- jonathan
phy rep -- min yi
bio rep -- wee loon (good luck!)
chem rep -- hui yi
math rep -- clement
PE rep -- ying tang
IT rep -- jun hong

btw, reminders to bring $12 and thermometer.



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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
  • xmas party??

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