PhYsicS ASsiGnmeNt for the Week.
Qns 10 and 11 found in the Magnetism and Electromagtism TuToRiaL.
Hand in by Friday 12pm. Do by 12pm. wAnnA CopY oSo cOpY in the MoRniNG...duN laSt MinUte CopY.

Mon ( 6/3/2006 )
PhYsiCs LecTurE TeSt

okk? g0t it? No? KnoCk uR hEaD ! GoT iT?


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hey guys, singapore autism society dun need volunteers at their children's centres yups, we have to look for other centres.
anyone violently object to Children Aid Society?
from their website: (please view to know more)
The Children's Aid Society is registered under the Societies Act. An Executive Committee is formed from among its members, and this is the governing body for the operations of the Home. The Society operates the Melrose Home for children who require residential care.

The Children's Aid Society is probably one of the oldest philanthropic organisations in Singapore, having been formed in the late 1800's as the St Nicholas Home. Its present name was established in 1902. The Society celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2002. basically i tink if we go there, we tuition the kids or organise stuff for them...

yeah...thats all...too many tutorials to do....grrrr...



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there will be a chem tutorial tomorrow, 28 Feb, after Physics tutorial as sam is unable to make it on wed so ya. "dont have to bring anything". just letting you know, so you cant go till around 1pm. yi will tell us the classroom tomorrow.

not too important anyway.

-robert chua

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alright, i am soooo happy that the CIP voting thingy took SOO FAST today!! yippee!! the results: 24/26 indicated their interest, 19/24 wanted to help autistic children anr 5/24 wanted to help with admin at animal centres. so, it is quite obvious that we will be helping out with autistic kids.
Please note that we are not to counsel them (counselling require professional training..), i tink the most we can do is to help out with the activities the centre organises and coach the lil ones.
however, it is still not confirm if we ARE going to volunteer there, as we first need to seek approval by the centre and stuff like that. i have already emailed them to enquire more. if possible, i hope we can start at end of March, preferably at the centre at clementi since it is most accessible.
i hope that all those 24 people who indicated your interest would really commit to this CIP. if you tink you cannot commit at least twice a month for at least 2 hours each session (most likely weekends), please please tell me now so i can strike off your name. i dun want to make empty promises with the centre.
yups...thats all....please seriously consider okay?

oh..haha..went for parliament seating with 4 other classmates + 8 other schoolmates + ms tan was quite cool lar...though the real 'debate' was slightly boring...haha...the best thing is that clem, yingteng, huili and i had HIGH TEA with ms tan after the thing at Raffles City....haha...we ate at this posh bakery thingy and their food is good (though prices are steep) was the highlight of the trip i rocks!

please bring $1.50 for chem and $18 for stj tmr!!!! see you guys.....dun forget tmr is SPEAK MANDARIN DAY!!! greeting of teachers (mr lee onli) will be in chinese too...and yar, running team calls for more interested participants tmr at 7am!

*kailing, 05s75 :)


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me AGAIN....

alright...dunno if this will work....but just to show those who will read the class blog a voting thingy....list will be passed around on monday and COLLECTED back on please look thru and have in mind your options first so you can cut down the passing time! Thanks.....

Class CIP- Have you got the heartware to do it?

If you do not know yet, we are thinking of organising some kind of class CIP (not really a Service Learning Project). As such, your opinions are required and appreciated. Please indicate your interest by ticking the boxes below. Thanks. (this will not be a one-off CIP, it will be over a period of time)
*note: please pass this fast so that we can scale down on the options in a shorter time, thus allowing us to liaise with a suitable organization ASAP. A second sheet will be passed to vote for the choice of organization.

1)Please tick or cross: I am interested in being part of the class CIP group.
2)**Fill in number of the choice of people you want to work with. (one option only please, do not have to fill in if you are not interested)

1. Elderly
2. Kids from broken families
3. People with terminal illness
4. Autistic kids
5. Animals
6. People with mental illness (age limit??)
7. Disabled people

Other suggestions (please give me TARGET group and not associations)


thanks for BEING PREPARED!
please try to participate in this heart-warming activity!! help others is a way to help yourself too! want to understand your friends and yourself better? this is a good way to find out!
it is the heartware and not the hardware of a person that determines the quality of life he leads. contribute to the community........

*kailing, taking care of your welfare as well as that of the community


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photos recovered!

YAY. my PC is finally fixed.

photos of Jeremy's farewell party [including photos taken during bio pract (the chrysanthemum one)] and of our CNY reunion dinner cum melvin+justine's birthday celebration [:




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who am i?

Okay whatever...
Anyway, we wouldn't get sick of reading your posts, KaiLing. We love you so much! Hehe... Thanks for being our lovely Welfare Rep!

Er... What is this post for? Okayokay...

Date: 4/3/2006 (Saturday)
Venue: Fish&Co @ Glass House, Dhoby Ghaut
Cost: $18 per person X 2
(tzeyi pls be prepared to collect $$$ next week
and everyone pls be prepared to hand in $20 next week too!)

Confirmation on number of people going by Tuesday!!!

signing off,


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hope you will read this

sorry...its ME again.....i know you all must be sick of reading my entries lar...but right...i reallie have to write with me!!

alright...we all have napfa trial know how well you did...hmm..a few of us are going to jog regularly in the morning before well as do some pullups and jumps...we will start at 7am on almost every morning, so if you are interested, please come to sch early, change into pe attire and join dun have to be a napfa failure (quote JOE LIM) can just join for some SWEAT and adrenaline rush...and to keep healthy and radiant, of cuz.....and well....feeling sleepy during lectures and tutorials all the time?? jog for a while in the morning then....and well, you will find yourself more refreshed!!
grab your towel and join the TEAM!! you will not regret it!

as many of u have observed, there seem to be an increased interest in sports in our class.....(i guess the smell during lectures and tutorial says it all!)and so, in line with the government's policy on healthy living, we will have GAMES after school and during breaks!!! (cool idea by minyi and co) yups.....perhaps we can play other games captain's ball and frisbee....instead of bball all the time (people like ME cant shoot!!) :) whenever there are long breaks or early days, we can all pop into the courts for a nice game!! it will strengthen the class spirit too!! as usual,if you want an interesting and memorable year 2, join in the class activities!!, try to bring your pe tee daily (or on days when you tink have games) if you dun wanna be sweaty in uniform......
worry about not having enough time to grab a bite during break due to games?? dun worry......cuz once we kinda confirmed the days when we will play games tgt during break, we can start a potluck some people bring loaves of bread while some bring sandwich fillings....and den we can tuck in quickly after the game!! cheap cheap and healthy too! and if no one wanna bring anything, maybe the welfare rep will be nice and buy boxes of cereals and muesli bars for the people.... (have to split the cost....dun tink will claim from class fund unless at least 80% of the class is there).... are you waiting for??? BE PROACTIVE and discuss with the class on days you want to have a GAME!!

For those who did not get the message, STJ will be changed to Fish and Co at the Glass House.....we are treating the juniors 18 bucks each......time will be confirmed at a later date.....need to confirm number soon so can see if can book you all must tell me the confirmed reply by lastest MONDAY!

got to know that some people are interested in CIP....will probably be with autistic people?? yups...erm...need to find out how many of you are interested and den can contact the person in charge.....

WHERE is the 2 pieces of paper that i passed down some days ago? i m talking abt the printed copy of the class blog on STJ and stuff....please pass it back lehz.....den i can tear the paper up to make recycled paper!! haha...kidding...PASS IT BACK....i want it!

reminder that next tue is a special day!!! ( is speak mandarin day!!)

all right.....i m freaking tired after the run.....are you??? rest well for school tmr!!! (running team starts on friday!!)

limping around,

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ming swin is playing a sec1 online fighting game in the fish tank..its very childish.

Yao zhen says "get a life.." (in a typical wilk's tone)

then turns to see ying tang playing mine sweeper..

hey people..dont so stress..get more



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PLEASE READ and ask others to read too! :)

hello everyone..

have you heard the BIG news? not yet? well....STJ is 90% settled! after checking with the junior class and having a mini meeting today after school, the following details have been decided....please read:

DATE: 4/3/06, NEXT saturday
TIME: Dinner (will have to check if we can book)
PLACE: Dining at Sakae, at the CPF Buildiing in Tanjong Pajar
MEETING PLACE: Probably at Tanjong Pajar MRT (will be confirmed)
PRICE: $18 nett per head

alright, so that is the general plan for STJ. We will probably have a little gathering thing after it if everyone is still high.
all seniors must pay $18 to Tzeyi REGARDLESS of whether you can make it anot. The date for submission will be confirmed later. any extra money (if any junior never go) will be kept in the class fund. On the STJ day itself, each attending senior must bring along their own money to pay, that is, $18. I know that forking out $36 is a major hole-burner for many of our pockets, but well, there is really nothing I can do about it..sorry! and yar, at least 22 seniors are expected to turn up for STJ. I am sorry some people cannot make it on that day, but this date is the most accomodating one, so please understand! :) anyway, huili will be helping us check out the place THANK YOU huili!

wondering what the heck GTG is? well, it is no other than GUYS treat GIRLS!!!! yay!!! is GIRLS treat GUYS too... isn't this idea cool? it was thought up by some of our class guys including our CT rep, Kegan..
GTG will take place MONTHLY (hopefully)... or at least after exams (blocks, prelims, As)... and it will alternate between guys and girls treating...and being the nice girls we are, we have decided to let our class guys START the treating!! The first GTG will be held preferbly after block tests 1, either on the friday before BIO SPA or monday after BIO SPA...the girls will then treat the guys in either April (April's Fool!) or after block tests 2...
Worrying about that permanent burn in your pocket? No worries! GTG will be a simple affair.. the food to be treated is around the price range of your normal fast food restaurant meal (upsize allowed!)...suggestions for GTG include fast food meals like Mac, KFC, Popeyes, Carl's Jr, hawker centre food like tze char (including seafood!) or food prepared by us like potluck, sandwich party, etc.
The most important rationale for having GTG is to foster stronger class spirit during our last year the most important thing is to have fun.....the cost of the treat is secondary.

Class Days
alongside GTG, CLASS DAYS will be organised to foster stronger class bonds and to insert a bit more fun into our repetitive timetable.
so, what exactly are class days?
class days will be set during curriculum time, most probably tuesdays, and there will be a theme for that day. (something like random day without the randomness)
for example, one tuesday can be 'speak mandarin' day while another can be 'drink carrot juice' day...everyone and anyone in 05s75 can contribute to the ideas for class days. ideas will most probably be collected over the weekends and on mondays and the most fun one will be adopted for the class day on THAT tuesday.
everyone is encouraged to participate in these events so as to make it more want to have wonderful memories of college life right? so participate in these DAYS!

for a start, next tuesday will be SPEAK MANDARIN DAY!!! try to converse in mandarin whenever possible next tuesday! this is IN LINE with the government's effort to promote Mandarin!!
ideas for other tuesdays are gladly welcomed!!!

- CIP: some people still lack CIP hours and others just want to do not have class cip??? we can like contact a home (old folks home/ orphanage) and set up a link with them...then every weekend or maybe even some week days, some of us can go and help out there....that way, the home will have at least a few volunteers each wkend and we do not need to commit ourselves to ALL the wkends too...(as in we can take turns going or go when we are free)....we can even help them raise funds if we have the time to start a fund raising will be quite fun rite? and even after we graduate from college, we can still go there and help out.....isn't it nice to have a mini class gathering every week while helping people? feedback please!!! if we want to start this, we need to start it by end of block test 1??
- overseas trip: some of us are interested in having an overseas trip together after A may be a purely shopping/ sightseeing/ touring trip or it can be an OCIP trip... but well...if you are interested, please say so!! it will be really fun to have a trip together....even if we only go to Asian countries like hong kong, m'sia, taiwan or china (asian countries cheaper mar) will be kinda like a graduation tour!! haha....but well...i know some guys may not be able to make it due to NS....bleahx...nvm though...we promise to bring back photos!!
-Napfa trial: trial run and stuff this thursday, so remember to drink up and rest well on wednesday! good luck everyone! (i haven ran since the day i fell down =x )
- Education Exhibition 2006: if you all remember, there is an education exhibition on 4-5 March... from 11am to 5 pm at Conrad Centennial Singapore...and representatives from UK universities will be there....some of the participants include University of the Arts London, University of Liverpool, University of Edinburgh and University of Nottingham. those interested can go in a group??? aniwae, can go together before STJ if you all want!
- Money matters: please rmb to pay $5 for math funds to clem by this wk and sometime next wk, rmb to pay $18 to tzeyi for STJ.
- Give a life; donate blood: blood donation is a really kind act...and well..maybe we should go as a class to donate blood after the youngest in our class turns more parental consent needed!! imagine the number of people we can save! if you are scared of pain, well, the patient needing your blood is definitely in much more pain.....well...hope those who can donate will donate!!
wheeee....end at last...thanks for your attention....please pass the info around the class!
*kailing :)

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so sianz those early birthday always so lucky. those late birthday always no cards or anything. dun even cake.everyone firs tfew months enthu then after that then stone liao
on behalf of those hu have late birthay


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3rd oldest in class!


the 05s75 treasurer (= thanks for being one! haha. enjoyy!


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haha....back here again to update on stj....
i tink we shouldnt go to ivins??? cuz awyong says that not many pple will appreciate peranakan food...and somemore it is like quite CHEAP compared to marche yar???
So.....we need to settle on another location......ideally one which is expensive yet allows us to be unglam (though it is like not very worth it?) those who get to read this before tues, please spend 10 minutes thinking of places we can go!!! need the ideas tmr!!!
alright.....i tink we can more or less decide the date once the jnr class gives us their numbers...and den we need to set the budget...and COLLECT MONEY!!
yeah...that is like about it?? today's cake nice??? hmm......dunno wad flavour to get for next month.....any suggestions??? ^^

haha...listening to the 2moro song...that one which mixes a LOT of songs.....sounds weird now...haha........cannot register it as a whole song....aniwae......i recommend to you all 2moro's qian zhe ni......quite a nice song!! i tink it is the nicest in the album!



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fill this in!

helllloo! haha can you pple fill this in for me please? thanks loads! (:

*aw yong


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JTS photos

photos ready. not a lot though, grab from juniors! =D




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harlowx.. theres an interesting article on ST today. just gonna highlight the impt parts lar.. FOR CONTACT LENS USERS esp those who dun read newspapers!! hurhur. hahah its abt fungal infection of your eyes. i think tts what junhong kena-ed last year.. issit? >.<

There has been a spike in fungal corneal infections.. since last May, 22 contact lens wearers have been infected, 10 of them this year. The infections are caused by a family of fungi called fusarium, which is one of the most drug-resistant. Sufferers experience redness, pain and blurred vision. All the patients used disposable soft lenses and all but one used ReNu to clean their lenses. Although there is as yet no direct evidence linking ReNu solution with this unusual spike in infections, manufacturer Bausch & Lomb has withdrawn their product from shelves here.

Sooo.. if u are still using ReNu solution (haha BUFFER!) u may consider disposing the remaining supply of solution u have at home.. otherwise do becareful!

below are some tips to keep eye infection at bay:

yuppx. for the complete article, pls refer to ST H4, Saturday 18Feb'06.
take careee.


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JTS Updated


If you happen to read this before you leave house tml..

JTS has been shifted to Marche @Heeren, all meeting at Somerset should reach there by 5.30pm. If you're going there directly, pls reach by 6.00pm. See ya around!

Apollo din get the best play but WE STILL RAWK!

na9ek :[


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arLoz, ages since I posted!

Hmmms, enlightening phy s lecture today with lee li jhuin. oh craps.

Anyway yes, may I draw your attention to the following:

JTS @ Fish & Co, Wheelock Place, 18th February Saturday

Pplz who wish to meet up first can do so at 6pm at Orchard station. Those going direct, pls be there by 6.30pm. Really sorry to Jaey and Yingtang cos after all tht asking, if we shift it to Sunday, more of us cannot make it so got to compromise and accomodate. Really hope all the rest can make it though, junior class really hopes our whole class will turn up cos all of them are turning up. Yeps, any changes let you all noe again.

Big pats to all those who donated life today! =)



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eventful days!

heyoos. hahah the past few days have been eventful yeah.. vday, x-country, blood drive! :X hahax.. wanted to blog ytd but too tired. anw the impt thing is.. Mr lee li jhuinn rawks!! ((: hahah so cool can.. hes so cute!! lolx when we asked him to jiayou when we met him somewhere..he was like "oHhh thankyouu" in his you know.. yah his usual way haha. anw congrats to awyong and justine for getting 7th in competitive and 6th in mass run respectively!! =))

vday thingy our kls guys did for the girls!! ((:

can u spot mine?? its the most.. outstanding one dere. hahahx=D


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OI it's not a little black card!
it's called a BOOKMARK!

so, read more books ppl. hahahahaa.



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this is NOT an announcement =P hahaha. we were saying that this class blog like only got announcements and all, which is quite sad so i'm going to RATTLE ON for the rest of this ENTRY!! hahA!! cheers!

first of all must thank THE GUYS who were sweet enough (after much of our hintings?!?!) so make the balloons with the personal message to us in them. hmmm. burst the balloon to get the message. sounds FAMILIAR. hahaha. but anyway think it was a super cool idea, so whichever netball 75 guy who thought of it, good job =PpPp though i didn't have to burst my balloon to get my msg!

then thank KEGAN for the super nice CDs hahahaha NICE COLOUR GRADIENT for mine and orange rocks!! :D thank SAM for the star in the supposedly heart-shaped wire xP so sweeet.

and JUSTINE for the choc! KAILING, RUOWEI, KARIN AND HUILI for the SHOE LACES!!! i like mine like A LOT!! hahaha YAY!! so lucky get the last pair somemore!! =))) this is COOL haha.


AWYONG for the little black card (right..) bookmark!

of course cannot forget JIAYING MINYI MEIXUAN HUILING YAHTING HUIYI and me =P FOR THE PILLOWS TO BE USED DURING BORING LECTURES (except MRS FOO'S!)!! enjoy your sleep =D HEY so hand-sewn everything OK!!! haha.

yeahhh and of course our sweet juniors ;)

swensens was coool. =P

hope you guys had lots of fun today cos i did. CHEERS!! haha happy looking thru your presents or start using them or reading the letters or whateverrr! haha. YAY.

i'm uploading today's pics liao will try to update my photoblog soon but!! i still cannot upload the reunion dinner and CNY one cos my screwed comp hasn't been unscrewed yet and i haven't got time to call the comp technician =( haven't found a time for him to come la cos my mom wants me to be at home when he comes to unscrew my comp. YESS so please wait patiently shall try next week or smth.

have fun!



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voting results!!

okay, here are the voting results....
marche-- marche voucher will be used next tuesday, 21/2, an expected of at least 12 people will turn up.
STJ-- date of stj will most probably be on 25/2 or 4/3, since majority of the class (at least 22 people expected) is free on those days. it will be confirmed once we got the numbers from the junior class.
place for stj-- it will be at ivins, since most people feel that it suits their budget best... the location will be confirmed later too, but it will most probably be at the thomson one, since it sits a larger number of people.. if ivins is really unavailable, we will have it at cafe cartel.
yups..thats all for the voting...hope you all enjoyed a nice valentine's day with your friends, loved ones, etc.....
reminder- cross country tmr, so rest well tonight and drink more water....wear proper shoes! and bring along ur pe attire....*see you all at the finishing line!!*

anyway, 7 of us went to swenson's for lunch today....erm...huiyi, yahting, fel, huiling, huili, awyong and i....haha...all of us except awyong ordered the set lunch...and it was quite funny cuz we didnt know that there will be a dessert with we were like 'wow' when it came...HAHA... it was a yummy lunch!! felt so bloated...haha...awyong ate super a lot...and at a faster than normal pace!! haha... aniwae, we should have more class lunches like these....really quite fun...talked quite a lot...haha... :) we took pics.....ask fel for them!

haha..oh yar...on behalf of everyone, i thank everyone who made today such a wonderful day... isnt it nice to receive gifts like pillows and laces? and balloons too..haha... (: ...and i must say that the juniors are reallie nice give us the wood thingy and the pink pouch thingy..haha...and well, i tink some of us have got really expensive presents...HAHA.....lucky girl! *you know who lor*

alright, rmb to do your vectors tutorial!



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More stuff

Well, we need to settle the Marche thing soon, and really soon.

Okay. Here are some extra information on some of the places mentioned by KaiLing.
Thai Express can also be found @ Plaza Sing, Junction8, Esplanade, Citylink...
More(+menu) @
Ivins yup offers Peranakan fare and is found at Binjai Park, Bukit Timah and Upper Thomson Rd. The Upper Thomson premises offers more seating space though.
More (+menu) @


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lame stuff

Enjoy reading
What chinese can do.
exclusive only to Singaporeans.

Ah Lek was asked to make a sentence using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.
Not only did he do it 1 to 10, he did it again from 10 back to 1.
This is what he came up with... 1 day I go 2 climb up a 3 outside a house to peep. But the couple saw me,so I panic and 4 down. The man rush out and wanted to 5 with me. I run until I fall 6 and throw up. So I go into 7 eleven and grab some 8 to throw at him. Then I took a 9 and try to stab him. 10 God he run away. So, I put the 9 back and pay for the 8 and left 7 eleven. Next day, I call my boss and say I am 6. He said 5, tomorrow also no need to come back 4 work. He also asks me to climb a 3 and jump down. I don't understand, I so nice 2 him but I don't know what he 1.



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*food and fun* edited

hello people! some class stuff to be planned...and here are some of the information:
editions are in RED!

Marche Voucher
-needs to be used by the end of February
-so we need to plan when to go and EAT
-suggestions by some people:
tmr (sat) -is it a bit too rushed?
valentine's day (tue)
after x-country (wed) -note that bio spa is on thursday
-any other suggestions please say

Valentine's Day
-angel/mortal gift exchange
-seniors end at 12 noon, juniors at 3.30pm
-to conduct a ceremony for gift exchange?? (probably will be after the juniors' lessons)

-those without a date on that day but would like to spend it with darling friends from 05s75, it is my pleasure to announce that some of us are going to Haagen Daaz for a nice lunch after school
-feel free to join us but you are not obliged to

-we can either have it before our blocks or after it (like duh?)
-preferably before?
-for before blocks, the chosen dates are as follows:
25/2 (sat) or 26/2 (sun) or 4/3 (sat) or 5/3 (sun)
-please check and confirm if you will be free and able to make it on these days by NEXT week
-probably will pass down a list for you all to tick the dates
-some suggestions of the restuarants to visit:

1. Thai Express- yummy thai food, average spending of one person is $12+, available at citylink(central location) (huili has got a 20% discount card)
2. Ivins- a more posh version of Curry Wok, yummy peranakan food, average spending of one person is $10, available at thomson and maybe bukit timah (awyong found out for us that it is at binjia park, which is near hwachong)
3. Essential Brew- cosy restaurant opened by exHwaChongian, variety of western food, availability of a room which i tink we can reserve, average spending of one person is $20+ (may differ greatly though), available at holland village (visit website at
4. Crystal Jade- do i need to say that the xiao long bao here is DELICIOUS?, chinese food, average spending of one person is about $15+, available at holland village and a variety of places 5. Changing Appetites- normal range main courses such as fish n chips, yummy desserts and fanciful drinks though, average spending of one person is $15+ (may differ too), available at Marina Square and Far East Square, i have a 10% discount card
6. The Cafe Cartel- nice ribs, western food with free flow of bread, average spending of one person is $10+ for set meals and $15+ for ala carte, available at many places, i have 10% discount card
7. Fish n Co- one of the restaurants which offers the best seafood, large servings can be shared, average spending of one person is $17+, available at many places like the Glass House, juniors may treat us to this??

-any more suggestions?
-please have in mind your budget and indicate your choice of restuarants when a list is passed

-hope you all have a nice shopping experience this weekend (get your angel/mortal presents!)
-try to stuff yourself with more food (especially those who are borderline 45kg) so you can join the noble blood donation drive!
-train up for cross country or be inflicted with flu to escape *grins
-feel free to give more suggestions on the above issues so that we will have a better STJ, etc.
-please cooperate in class when we need to plan stuff like the STJ and Marche thingy
-get your tutorials done before they pile up
-girls, jia you for the v day gifts *hint to guys
-dun panic for fire drill
-check ivle for CIP records
-pay up money- 10 for class fund and 20 for bio
-upcoming birthdays: tzeyi- 20/2 and fel- 28/2 (you know what to do..hints)
-last but not least, congrats to the juniors who have done well for their o levels, and to those who did not meet their own expectation, do not be too disappointed, there is always still a levels~

Thank you for your kind attention if you manage to read until here!

slacking at home,
*kailing, your welfare rep

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Blood Donation Drive on 16 Feb

The college red cross humanitarian chapter is organsing the annual blood donation in conjunction with the Total Defence Week.

Date : 16 Feb
Time: 9am - 3.30pm
Venue: Reading Room

Please donate blood (and money=D) generously.
16 n 17 yr olds need parental consent. ( shit lahz...i few more mths to 18 liaoz....)
consent forms signed by parents/ guardians to be handed in on mon, 13 feb.
You muz weigh at least 45 (shit...i'm over liaoz...), muz be at least 16 yr old on 16 feb ( of cos lahz...) and shud not display any symptoms of flu or sore throat ( die!! i got...)
you shud not be on any medication for 3 days prior to blood donation.
This is IMPT!! BRING UR NRIC !!! or other photo identification showing DOB ( bring passport lorz..)
Students are not allowed to skip lectures for blood donation. (tuts can ba...) Seek permission from subject tutors shud the donation clash with part of tutorials ( prob... ASK)

this is brought to u by: ur dedicated physics rep and emily


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ice kachang!

haha.. xxx. lol lemme type the lyrics here. i figured theres no xxx anywhere lah-.-

U always say im unromantic
Dunno ways to make a girl tick
I must say u're right about it
For i am truly unpoetic
But i am not dumb
Im not that stupid
Its just that sometimes brain not working
So i didn't sleep
Used my little wit
To write this little bit

U are my ice kachang
In this tropical heat
U are my favourite dessert (oohlala)
So inviting so sweet
Would u like to bobo chacha
Come along and dance with me (shoobidoowap²)
For u are my love
My tutti frutti
Someone i like to eat

Everytime when we go dating
First the movie then go shopping
U always hint im unexciting
It has been so since the beginning
But i am not dumbbbb
Im not so stupid
Its just that sometimes im a blur king
So i didn't eat
Used my little wit
To write this little bit

U are my ice kachang
In this tropical heat
U are my favourite dessert (oohlala)
So inviting so sweet
Wld u like to bobo chacha
Come along and dance with me (shoobidoowap²)
For u are my love
My one atapchee
Someone i like to eat

Each time i look into your eyes
I see some pretty colours (very nice)
I wldnt mind paying any price
I kachang over u (my sago honeydew)

*yahting :)

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final maple ss...and the ultimate one =D

Naragesawa was my pq member -.-;; talk about leveling fast...


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those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves (:


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After the cute lil IBS story...let's get back to serious stuffs...veri's so serious u see...too serious...SO EVERY1 !! READ DIS SERIOUS ENTRY!!!


names of ppl who haven't paid: all guys (not being biased but it's a fact) hope tml ahz...i can get mani ang notes from ppl horz...10 bucks...dun mind a few plastic ones...

Tutorial 2 ASSIGNMENT....
LOL... to those who've done...good lahz...keep it and hand up nex fri. Those who haven't done.... sae goodbye to ur wkend and start pia-ing your assignment. i reminded all of u k??


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Dis is a colourful day. Isn't it?

3 absentees aside, the day started with us at the class bench... I know there was sth that happened- but I forgot le. Anyway, Chemistry prac session ended early! Yeah for the 1/2h extra to our break! Okay... Some people went for superdiduper early lunch at 9.30am. Was that lunch?

Okay I went to eat at 10am. Went back to class bench with my strawberry drink and yohoo... I tried to open it and the white thingy to pull on broke!!! Yeah... Am I too strong? Okay thanks for feL's penknife... Okay so I finished drinking the entire drink at one go- as usual.

Wait. While the last drop was still left in the container, I looked up and yohooo.... Itsy Bitsy Spider can gliding down over my bag, beside someone, and right in front of me! Eh... It came down for a closer look on what we people are doing? Guess it was too bored on the red-coloured bar above... "It" aka Itsy Bitsy Spider was a one-centimetre large maomao spider. Yeah... How do I know?

Okay. So to stop IBS from going right down to my bag, I took my files and took a gentle little swipe. Fine. Its trusty spider stringy thing got it attached to my file and my swinging made it swing somewhere I couldn't see. Where? Oh yeah, I heard you Clement... On my skirt. Okay...

My pink strawberry drink container and my files were too much on hand... Okay I realised I threw down my files on the floor a little quick. Container... Yeah useful object. Gently, I scooped up this little IBS and yeah... trusty webby thing hooked it on... This time I wasn't randomly swiping across and yeah... IBS got a lovely short hike onto big yellow bin beside... Yeah... End of IBS story... Into the big yellow bin my pink strawberry drink container went...

Hehe... IBS story...

Okay now you can try this... Mouth the word "colourful" to the nearest person you can find, more the better if it's a person of the opposite gender. Yeah... Good Luck!

Next! PE? Haahaaa... People who can run decided to take a super stroll... Yeah... Walkie walkie... The PE teachers were like shooing some little chicks- runrunrun la... Yea. And I forgot what I thought I wanted to write again. Kzzz...

Now... Finally announcement. $6 on Monday pls, those who placed orders for dramafest tickets and those who still want tickets...


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Hello. groanns. i've been on tpt in plants&mammals since i woke up at wdv time. and i dun catch a thing :/ sarks when u have no background knowledge and the least bit of interest. gulpppps. okie while u all are having gp lesson now, lemme blog bout the tuan bai :)

Below are the fotos.. click to enlarge.

Lalaa.. aiyah. i guess a picture says a thousand words rite.. im lazy to write. basically we wenta mr john ng's house first at casablanca. his house is supaaa cool. its simple & minimalistic.. and it looks kinda zen style. yuuppx i like the design (:
His daughter joanna is supaaa camera shy. she kept running in and outta the room.. u know, like how kids wanna catch ur attention, but when u look at them, they'll run away again :x haha yuppx din realli catch a foto of her coz she refuses to look in my way. anw she has a super cool room.. her room is full of chicken little stuff (bedsheet, softtoy, even an aluminium balloon!) yuppx and she has her own flatscreen tv and her own mini garden.. lucky girl!! she's only 6 years old man. Den we chatted w john ng while some ppl watched ____ (insert title of tt mahjong show. i forgot:X).. hoho i found out mr rudy lee (that chem s lecturer) is from MAURITIUS o.O anw before long it was getting late so we had to leave for mrs anna goh's.

Reached her house like 1 hr later than we originally agreed :X haha.. the way in was rather... ulufied. yuppx anw we went in and quite didn't know what to do coz tt's her in-law's house. heh but yah we sat around and pigged out.. watched this SV orientation video 2003. gullps just realised tt their orientation theme was tsunami. and after the 2004 tsunami nbd really dared to wear their orientation tee anymore :/ ohh yz did some stupid corny stuff too lol. like saying he was from tchs sec1k. hahah. den we wenta this room full of musical instruments.. and titus (her 3 yr old son) played the drumset for us!! cool rite hahax. he's totally not shy coz when we asked him to play again.. he gladly agreed:D lolx justus (the 1 year old.. or less?) used a pen to attempt to hit the cymbals. hahah soo cutee=D okiess.. following tt we continued with tt.. tt show. lol i realli forgot the title. yuppx quite funny show. hohoo lets go play mahjong!! yuppx.. we also saw mrs goh's wedding fotos. heex lotsa different styles in the fotos sia..
hahah we were saying our kls ppl must jiayou! jh go learn all the sv skills and make a 05s75 video for us!! while yz will polish his skills and next time become world-class photographer help us take wedding album:D
ooh.. den when we were abt to leave i said happie birthday to titus and shook his hands. den huili & i took a foto w him.. (uh mrs goh's camera.. i dun have the pic). hahah titus was supaaaa cute! coz forgot what i asked him to do lar.. say happy bday or smth lidat. den when mrs goh took the foto.. he said "Haappie burffday" lol.. as in realli got tt burrfff sound hahah=D=D
yuppx. think tts abt it.. hohooo =)

group foto at mrs goh's hse

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nice flowers of next door. haha


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titus playing the drumset!! hehe supaaa cute


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meixuan n justus


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huiyi and justus :)


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chicken lil balloon:) and tts her personal flat screen tv hahah


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umm the interesting lights in his living.


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john ng's room


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joanna's room! haha full of chicken little!! look below the window. she has her own mini garden =D


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view frm his living room


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group photo at john ng's house (: Posted by Picasa


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heyhey. hoho. yozyoz... It's now February!

As we, erm..., enjoy the next few days left of CNY, here are the updates on events that are coming, or supposed to be coming:

1. Valentines' Day- hehz... get ready to reveal! ahem. reveal identities. and yes, do get ready your angel-mortal prezzies... (and any other v-day prezzies...)

2. JTS - ehemm... i think juniors supposed to plan this one rite? hehe... but still, i think some people may want to provide input on this.

3. STJ - yea... $$$. planning needed!!!

4. Feb babies- TY on the 20th, feL on the 28th...

(5. X-country run 15/2/2006)

Pullpullpull!!! Aheh... Okay perhaps there're more stuff in store... Please add...



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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
  • xmas party??

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