sport meet

and for the coming SPORTS MEET...its gonna be held at hwachong track (duh!)heats on 13th,18th,19th,20th,24th and 26th aprilfinals on 11th may Thursday
race:100m,200m,400m,800m,1500m,3000m100m hurdleshigh jumplong jumptriple jumpdiscusshot putjavelinrelays:4x100m (inter ct)4x400m (inter ct)#8x200m (inter ct mixed) meaning 4 boys 4 girls each run 200m

credit goes to jnrs cos i kope from their blog. IF u nid reasons to be convinced t ojoin please visit And i have no idea how to sign u all up anyway cos i have no form or notice.
pe rep


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slipped my mind after Physics tutorial today. Yeps, initially we were told to use our non-existent half hour P.E. on monday to go support the waterpolo team. Anyway, I dun wanna put words into Kailing's mouth nor compel anyone to go, but if you can make it, why not? Pls reply either on the tagboard or sms to let me noe if you're keen on going, those who dun indicate, I'll still ask you in person tml during STJ. The match's against ACJC on close-to-homegrounds so I reckon they'll need all the support they can get. Can go support Lek Chia also! Anyway the bus will leave college at 1.40pm.

Oh and yes, please be, on time tml. :)

na9ek :[


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post-blocks neoprint

27march2oo5, originally uploaded by vitaMoN.

post-blocks neoprint!
huili, kailing, yahting, huiling, meix, tzeyi, jon, clem, sam, junhong, yaoZ, feL

print1, originally uploaded by vitaMoN.

squeezy print one

print2, originally uploaded by vitaMoN.

yaoZ & junhong! =D

print3, originally uploaded by vitaMoN.

print 3! it says, post-blocks (=

print4, originally uploaded by vitaMoN.



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good friday!

hahax actually just wanted to post a verse.. but anw since it was mentioned, yes good friday(:
i came across this poem tts quite cool..

One Guy Didn't
3 guys were tried for crimes against humanity
2 guys committed crimes
1 guy didn't

3 guys were given government trials
2 guys had fair trials
1 guy didn't

3 guys were nailed to crosses
2 guys deserved it
1 guy didn't

3 guys knew death was coming
2 guys resisted
1 guy didn't

3 days later
2 guys remained in their graves
1 guy didn't.

((: anw the verse tt i wanted to share was..
".. but hope that is seen is not hope, for why does one still hope for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance." -Romans 8:24,25



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Coming up events

Event: Council Elections stuff
~ 1st 6periods on Fri, meaning no lessons for those 6

Event: STJ
~ coming up this Saturday, 5.30pm @ Fish N Co, Glass House, Dhoby Ghaut

Event: Good Friday
~ A Friday (sorry I don't know the meaning behind Good Friday)

Event: May.
~ Long way ahead. Later then see. Yes. Got Labour Day and Mother's Day.

NOTE: Apparently everyone MUST got for event no.1. Disappear at your own RISK- which I don't advise taking.


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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, (ever wondered why they don't go "gentlemen and ladies"?) here's your occasional word pick.

Horse (n.)
A large hoofed mammal (Equus caballus) having a short-haired coat, a long mane, and a long tail, domesticated since ancient times and used for riding and for drawing or carrying loads.

A horse of another/a different colour
Another matter entirely; something else.

Beat/flog a dead horse
To continue to pursue a cause that has no hope of success.

To dwell tiresomely on a matter that has already been decided.

Be/get on (one's) high horse
To be or become disdainful, superior, or conceited.hold (one's) horses
To restrain oneself.

The horse's mouth
A source of information regarded as original or unimpeachable.


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Yoz all boys and girls

In case u all do not know napfa is coming up around the corner. Seeing that blocks is over, u all have plenty of time to exercise. I am sure no one will want to get bugged or get condemned by pe teachers and train while the rest of us are playing games. Anyway for the guys, u are definitedly welcome to go National Service a few months EARLIER to have the honour to serve our nation. For those applying for scholarship seeing as so many ppl in our class taking s paper(otherwsie take s paper for wad??) , u can have the opportunity to add a napfa gold to your otherwise maybe empty cv or show that u are someone more than just a mugger who only knows who to study. So those getting bronze and below can aim for silver. Silver can aim for gold and those who get gold can aim for 30 points and apply for platinum award... Anyway for those not interested in the above mentioned, u can tink abt your health as well. If u are the kind who always have flu have cough or fever once every other week. Well i can only say u are supposed to be at the prime of your life when u are 16 and 17. i cant imagine wad happen when u grow old. Ok i am done doing my role. None of this is directed at anything or anyone. Thank you for your attention.

Your pe rep


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You cannot post- you are banned from this cbox!

Hey!!! Excuse me? Why am I banned? My posts, though rather frequent at times, contain ZERO expletives or unadvisable comments. A clear explanation for this unwarranted action is required.


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Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

- V


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Noodle vs Bao

Chapter One
One day, noodle quarrel with meat bao(bun).They had a fight but bao was too clumsy and lost badly. He was very angry and he told noodle to stay behind if he has the guts and he'll get his pals to assist him. Meat bao went to find bread, man tou, jian bao etc to get them to reinforce him. Along the way, they saw maggi mee. They ah bish ah bish ah bish and beat maggi mee up and maggi mee beri puzzled why he kena beaten up. He said, "Why u all beat me? What have I done to deserve this?" The meat bao said, "Noodle! Dun think u perm your hair then cannot recognise u!"

Chapter Two
Maggi mee, who was beaten up for no reason, was very angry. So he went to find bee hoon, udon, fried noodles etc to seek revenge. But on the way, they met small bao. Maggi mee looked at small bao for a while then told his brothers, "Bra-der! Whack him!" Maggi mee whack small bao harder & harder. After the noodles family has left, they asked Maggi Mee why he hated small bao so much and beat him up so badly. Maggi mee said. "At first wanna teach him a small lesson only, but then see him act cute, made me so angry."

Chapter Three
The more small bao thought of it, the more buay song he was. So, he found the bao family to whack Maggi mee. Then they found ying shi juan (noodles covered with bun). They brought him back as hostage and were about to but him on the stove to force him to talk when the bao head said, "That's not noodles! That's our undercover!"

Chapter Four
The family of bao and noodles are now enemies and they have gang fights whenever they see each other. One day, the noodles family was having a walk when they saw char siew bao alone. Seeing the good chance, all of them attacked him. The noodles family shouted, "Beat him hard hard! Don't give chance just because he's vomiting blood!"

Chapter Five
Poor char siew bao, with his injuries, went to the bao headquarters to look for help. All the bao family was activated and together with red bean bao, green bean bun etc. they went to seek revenge. All the passerbys siam them as they look like they will kill. They saw french fries jalan jalan along, shopping. The bao family attacked him. The bao head shouted, "Noodle people still wear gold go shopping! Whack him!!!"

Chapter Six
Finally, the bao family manage to kidnap noodle, the one who started up the whole show, and brought him back to the bao headquarter. All the baos took turns to whack him. At the end, the chief of baos - dua bah bao took a final roll over noodle before they dump him. When the poor noodle finally went home, none of the family members could recognise him bcoz he is totally disfigured and flattened. In order not to let the family bear the bad name, he appears as a new member named Mee Pok.

~ i rockz ~


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Image hosting by Photobucket


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helloooo! spa finally ended! hahah not too good news though coz this means normal sch days are gonna resumeeee. eeeks.. dread lessons n tutorial days and TOM'S favourite gp kls. xP

Right.. anyway 12 of us, meix, fel, huili, kailing, huiling, sam, jon, clem, yz, jh, ty, me wenta plaza sing today and had lunch, took neoprint and watched V for Vendetta. After having March bday celebration in school, the few of us lagged.. and lagged and lagged. Finally decided to move outta school haha.. but we stoned at the busstop again! Okays finally we decided to go ps :) yuppx had lunch and then there was this really strange women. she umm, is quite old, but has a super appetite?! :X noticed her coz huili said tt woman said why are u making so much noise.. when we weren't making any noise at all la. we just decided to sit on the cushy chairs la -_-" okay anyway she has this really HUGE specs lol. and she ate 2 slices of bread. the next time i turned to look at her was when she scolded a baby for making so much noise! omg how can a baby KNOW enough to tell -_-" yah.. tt time she was eating a plate of food. then the next time i turned again, she was eating dessert. lol and muttering other stuff.. den coz it was hard for me to look right at her (coz i was closest to her) so asked huiling to see. hahahx den huiling din know and suddenly exclaimed 'shes talking to herself!!' =x hahahx quite funny=p hahah yah den she wenta buy more dessert and purposely knocked her walking stick on the floor very loudly. hurhur.

okies.. after tt we hurried up to buy the movie tix. decided on V for Vendetta. den we went down to take neoprints. we had barely half an hour to take la.. so rushed around and decided on the yellow machine. got pullup bar / monkey bar thingy inside.. hahah its a pity the screen so small la cant see the back! hrmph. anw we were taking the shots.. and the screen was so tiny we couldn't fit ourselves in ESP since jh and clem decided to block everything haha. ok anw as usual when u take neoprints make a lotta noise one rite.. den after tt some, well, disturbed woman came and opened our machine curtain (or wdv) and asked us why we're making so much noise. and asked for our sch and wdv. (*&^%$#@!~ grrhs.. was so pissed la spoiler. yah when drawing tt time she came out to niao us again! and tzeyi spoke to her i think. whoa i think u v cool hahahax. bollocks. she decided she could no longer tolerate it because for the past few weeks there was so much noise. hello and u vent it on us?! yaya and she thought writing to the school would allow us to be more discliplined. what crap. pffft.

okie den forget it. we piaed up for our show. only to watch nearly half an hour of ads. *thumbsup. hahah budden the show is gooood! i enjoyed it lar.. thought the portrayals of lotsa stuff were very thought provoking. hahah shant talk bout the contents of the show la.. but for those who havent watched it, its highly recommended:) BOLLOCKS =p

haha yah after tt coz it was raining so we decided to walk around a bit.. wenta carrefour lar. the most unisex place. hahahh den was calling yaozhen mummy.. and shui ko call jh daddy. whahahx. shiiit. lol reached the milk section of the supermarket and went "mummy i want chocolate milkkkk" den wth evbd laughed?!? hahahah i din think of it that way lar!! but after tt mummy said her factory closed production. lolx. damn funny. and den theres also the holey tom&jerry cheese ;)
hahah okay go watch campus superstar! hahahh damn funny lolx imitate renfred rofl. yayys cheeyang rocks! yuyang & adriano oso!! =)



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photos are up! =) for those who were there :D


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haha.that was lots of laughter..and ear piercing screams from we-know-who.good choice on choosing to watch ridiculous..but good way to loosen up after blocks xp

den mr and mrs smith had slghtly more intellectual jokes.but had to keep changing the volume! action scenes too loud..conversation parts cannot hear.haha.think i'll cringe when i see the photos.

yay.blocks over =)

Cindy Campbell reporting, The Morning News =P

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CHEERS! we survived this block test.

whatever poor performance, LOUSY FENGSHUI, horrendous papers etc (you fill it up yourself la haha) it's already over =) though i dread results day. but anyway! have a good rest before trying to study a bit for bio spa =X

so a few of us went marina for lunch. yay. kenny rogers, something close to our hearts.. urms. so cool :D got room to ourselves. heh! thanks awyong & sam, who pangsehed us! hmm! shopping was.. tiring :( hope the guys had a better time though.

YAY. then we went to my house for SCARY MOVIE AND MR&MRS SMITH. sorry if i looked so stoned or urm. said what crap stuffs on the way there or when we were there, cos i was really struggling to stay awake. though i think.. someone else suffered more >.< heh. i think they're still on their way home.

lucky pig i am.

brad pitt is hot.

ok i'm getting random.

and sleeeeepy..

kudos to the one who stays the furthest from CCK. kembangan (sp.??!?) :D

will upload photos soon!



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haha dunno how many of you'll will see this but some of us were thinking of having a slpover tmr aft bio paper at fel's condo. yupp. we'll prob be having movie marathon lah. oh and dunking ppl in the pool! haha. yupp so if you'll want quick reply by tagging or sms-ing fel so that we can see if there are enuff pple to have it or not. yupp. will confirm if there is tmr in sch k? yupp. so mug hard for bio everyone! it's only ONE day left! (worry abt bio spa on sunday lah. haha)

~huili (:


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the 461st post.

hey guys!
feeling bored after attempting d.c circuits, so decided to blog. for the second time? cant remember when was the last. okay, nvm!

good luck and jiayou for block tests 1 people! :) but also rmb to take care of yourselves hor. take a break, have a kitkat!

here are some websites i found (from another blog) which you may find interesting.
they are GAMES ok. hahaha have fun!

please play in moderation! hahahaha take care and tt's all from me now..

*guess who am i?? muahahaha.check out the coloured letters!*


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check your mailboxes!

haha everyone check your mailboxes! as in the real one, not email. the jnrs are so sweet. they sent each of us this nice picture together with a good luck msg for block test! haha sth that will sure brighten up our dull muggin days ya.

anw THANKS jnrs. (:

and everyone good luck for bt1 lol.


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class cip

heya...dunno how many of you will read this.....haha...but if you are taking a break from mugging, READ this okay?? thanks............

i called the children's aid society, melrose home just now......and spoke with one of the social worker (or admin person??)... yups....they welcome us to volunteer there (i told them it is not a cip project, but a volunteering thingy instead...dunno wads the diff lar....they asked so i said lor)....
BUT......they say cannot do tuition cuz everyone is doing tuition there!! as in other schs doing cip there all give tuition...and cannot be playing games also lar....cuz everyone is doing so alreadi..and they dun want too mnay volunteers doing the same thing.....
so she suggested we think of other activities (like recycling with the children, art lessons etc.) OR help out with their existing HERBAL GARDEN......the herbal garden thingy will be quite flexible lar...but we need to be committed or else all the plants will die...haha...if we take up the herbal garden project, we wil not be interacting a lot with the children.....yups...but we will still be benefitting the organisation cuz the children can learn abt more plants and they can eat them!!! haha...if we take up the herbal garden thingy, we will be in charge of buying new seeds and deciding on what to plant to make the garden more beautiful...den will have to make labels for the plants also the kids can learn...den when we visit weekly, we can do the weeding, watering, fertilising, harvesting tink might be quite interesting and fun lar...can get a tan under the sun too :)

so, now we have 3 choices:
1. take up the herbal garden thingy
2. think of other activities (to cater to 40 kids..primary sch age)
3. find another organisation to work with (this is not easy cuz there are too many volunteers here and there liao...and many dun need any more...anyone got contacts of organisations which NEED volunteers???)

need to confirm by end of next week tell me your choice k??
erm....yar......will need to confirm who wants to volunteer can give them a more accurate make up your mind! (i tink the veggie garden is quite flexible in the sense that not all of us need to be there every week....but i tink we have to go there once a week or at least biweekly...or else the plants will die :S )

yups...thats all....happy studying.....all the best!



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"Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again. "


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yo what's goin' down, dawg? i see tests an' examinations, y'all! hope ya'll dudes an' dudettes out there feel no stress, dawg! this ain't nuthin but a block test, yall! ain't worth stressin, ain't worth dyin', ain't worth cryin' over, y'all hear me now?

yo yo yo im outta here DUDE


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hiExxX come uu all sho lamex dE..hahas.never mind..i lamEx wif uu all can ba? ke ke.nah.dis is what mi found on dah internet..quitex interesting worr..

adj 1: pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness; "a feeble
excuse"; "a lame argument" [syn: feeble]
2: (of horses) disabled in the feet or legs [syn: spavined]
3: disabled in the feet or legs [syn: crippled, halt, halting]
n 1: someone who doesn't understand what is going on [syn: square]
2: a fabric interwoven with threads of metal; "she wore a gold
lame dress"
v : deprive of the use of a limb, esp. a leg; "The accident has
crippled her for life" [syn: cripple]


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haha i hope u all dun mind i just feel v sian so im blogging! i dunno if u noe who i am, but here goes aniwae.... my very first attempt at blogging here k...

i can't wait to go back to sch! cannot imagine having to imprison myself at home and mug n mug like this for one whole week.... k not one whole week, but close lah... who wanna go out study and mug together? our snr class got ppl do that leh, and it'd be nice also! can help each other mah... i also dunno alot of stuff that im reading now, so i might need help too... hais... super unmotivated today. YAY LETS GO OUT! we go taka or smth? got library there but yah quite crowded all the time... how abt the main national library? we can go sneak around in the ancient books section thing.... very nice view from there:) asiyah anyway can someone organise yeah, id definitely go.... =)

to tell the truth next term is really proving to be quite sian... think it'll just be mug and mug and mug again.... always look forward to class day cos thats so lame! at least wun fall asleep so easily... and yeah can't wait to go STJ :) i gonna get a nice haircut and nice clothes just for STJ k.... everyone pls come come

yah... tze yi very ke lian lah.... resort to posting on class blog, where else can u see such a dedicated treasurer one? i also nvr pay lah so i abit guilty but im gonna try come up with the money by hook or by crook! so if u all tmr newspaper see some DBS bank robbery, just pretend u nvr see ok... tell ur friends also, otherwise i cannot come up with the money to pay tze yi.... the treasury...

ahahz anyway by now if ur sharp enuff i tink you'll know who i am lah.... ok im off to spot sirius now even tho all i can see out of my window is the neighbour changing.... oops =X

unoewholah dun pretend pretend kaes...


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applying acquired knowledge

hello...shall try to imbue myself with more proactiveness and responsibility =[

was quite awestruck that still got so many people havent pay (my fault)
for those who have paid, terrific! your promptness should be extolled
so for those who are oblivious, if your register number isnt listed below, means you owe me S$10.00/- class fund =D
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

and if your register number isnt listed below, means you owe me $20.00/- for STJ (S$18.00/- goes into treating them the remaining S$2.00/- goes into class fund)
1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

remember, paying of class fund is pivotal to the success of our STJ and proper functioning of the class!

and uh if you still refuse to pay after repeated personal requests from me then you shall be labelled a shakespeare-quoting philistine

just applying what ive learnt =)


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Proposal 1.0: Curry Rice Day

Recipe Ingredients:
2-3 cups of cooked rice
1 package curry sauce mix (S&B Golden Curry or other brand, I like medium-hot)
2-3 lbs. of chicken or pork butt roast
6-7 cups of water
5 potatoes - cubed
1 onion -diced
1 cup of frozen sweet peas

In a large stew pot add the pork or chicken and cover with water (about 6 cups). Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and cook till tender. Remove meat and cut into cubes. Place broth in an oil separator and discard oil. Place broth back into the stew pot. Break the curry mix and add to broth (add additional water if necessary). Stir until curry cubes are completely melted. Add meat, potatoes, onions. Simmer until potatoes are cooked (20 min.). Add frozen peas. Stir and cook 5 more minutes. Serve on a bed of rice.

yes..we can all buy the curry chicken rice from the japanese stall. if this gets thru..jon will leap for joy.brendan will happily leap with worry.this isnt the first sign of stress.nahh..what are u talking abt..its the second...hahaha.kk really got to stop self entertaining..

- anon


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haha....due to unforseen circumstances, we did not have a class day sorry about that....aniwae, some people told me they still want it, so i guess we will resume after blocks since term 2 wk 1 tue is FOUNDER'S DAY! hope we will get that day off to mug!
oh..for those who still dunno, we will not be having cip at autism society le...instead, we will most prob be working with a children home in clementi....going to contact the person they referred me to on thur (tried today but she isnt on her shift!)...
oh.....sheldon's bdae will land on phy i dun tink we will have a cake that day....maybe will have it on fri or following monday instead...sorry for the belated-ness.... i come to the main point of this entry......for those who have forgotten, there will be GTG after the blocks...and it is a GUYS treat we girls hope that you guys will start some planning and stuff!!
yups....rmb that STJ will be term 2 week 2 weekend...sat or sun will be confirmed later? (maybe will change place cuz if got more juniors, we will be overbudget)
erm yar.....i dun want to have pe this thurs....haha......i know quite many people dun want too!! haha....hope PE rep can go n negogiate!!

*kailing (red rocks!)

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chem s!!

hello! finally back from chem s!! woahx. today's chem s was scary man. x.O We thought it was Mr Loi so we took our own sweet time to stroll in larx.. den after that when we went in, not only Mr Loi was there.. but ppc was there too! (urps he's a chem tcher if u dunno). okay larh everything still fine at this point. budden.. the tchers thot the LT looked empty so they decided to spotcheck. and VOILA. guess which class they called -.-" yess s75! =S okay and den got our kls to raise hands.. budden becoz we had like half or less of chem s students present, its damn obvious la! yes so. =S urps. ppc was originally there just to announce his qns (in term2) and the assignment he want us to hand in laa. yess but he O.O at our class' attendance. yeah so for those who were sposta be at chem s today but werent there.. u're sposta finish today's chem s questions plus the assignment qns (J99Q3, J97Q2, J93Q7, N92Q7) and hand them in to him personally on friday after GP blocks. oh and he also warned not to get replicated answers (frm ans script) coz he has a copy of the ans. yeah. ohwells.



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for the uninformed, due to probable unforeseen circumstances, this Saturday's STJ has been postponed to Term 2 Week 2's weekend. Kindly attempt to your best effort to keep tht weekend's evening free especially if you have been consistently crossing or writing "No"s on lists passed around. A list will be passed round again after blocks to confirm attendance. Venue should remain unchanged unless otherwise stated and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In addition, amidst all these planning of activities and events, just take note we'll be celebrating Class Day on the 7th of May. Hoping to make it an event worth remembering and preparing for! Will probably be a day event coupled with party or dinner in a condo function room? Planning begins post blocks and since we din really celebrate it last yr let's make it big this yr. :))

Ok feeling quite sad reading Jian An's short entry on senior's blog.


One day.

na9ek :[


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
  • xmas party??

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