hello you guys n gals...i am writing the 516th entry...WOW..thats like soo many entries...*hope we will reach a 1000 soon!*
so bored now..i have been bored since the hols started...growl...haha...so decided to write a random entry....since i haven blogged for a veri veri long time!
hmm...blocks are coming at the end of hols..so everyone must remember to do some studying...dun watch too much soccer..haha....eh..drink lots of water and eat your veggies n fruits to stay healthy!
erm...wanna thank all those people who went for the class cip thingy...yar...i haven submitted the list though..so the CIP records wun have this... =S... haha...submit after blocks lar..haha.. okie? hmm....oh yar...probably we will have GTG again after blocks? haha...it is like kinda delayed yar?
hmm..not much more to say liao..have a nice holiday!!!

*kailing (tortured by her monster cousin)


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MODELS NOT INCLUDED (don't worry.)


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LOL neoprint taken ermm last year.. after visit to St Luke's Hospital for MAF celebration.. hahaha long enough!! helping huiyi to upload cos she scanned, forgot abt it until now. stupid machineeee.. anyway it's huiyi&me the current interactors, ruowei, minyi and Ms Liew (ex interact teacher) the ex-interactors and a very cool photog soc vp =p



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lol maplers neoprint =D


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"Men are like fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something which you'd like to have dinner with."


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you can stand amidst fields of gold and green
and hear a billion hearts that beat unseen.
you can fill ninety minutes of fleeting time and space
with tragedy, triumph and amazing grace.
you can carry it forever in your soul,
their names carved on every gold.
this is where you will always belong.
this... is where legends are born.


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melvin asks who wanna go to his sch funfair this sat???
since spa is over, those who can make it should go n enjoy!!


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Class Day Ice Skating Pics!!!

haha.. i noe a bit outdated but finally got down to transfering e pics from my phone to my com.. haha... so here they are =)

the gals

the guys

on the ice!!

choo choo!

hui ling & hui yi

bren and jun hong

on the ice 2

on the ice 3

jun hong and his pink gloves

happy smileS!


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enlarge the pic... spot our harmonica players.

young harmonica player -- chia. with flowers.

take 1. some people got blocked.

so we got lower... take 2. (:

yaozhen. 9 days slow


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HI140&HI141's PW qing gong yan

this is for shitheads and HI141 (BEEP! it's not the MRT, it's not the bus, it's GRANDPA!) and for anybody else who's interested (like secretly in love with (fill it up yourself) [:)

grp photo! sorry tzeyi blocked your mouth =X

photos are UP! (:

had lots of fun at qing gong yan =D shitheads we rockk. hahaha. lalala~ so do other grps la (: thanks HI141 for allowing us to crash and eventually reaching a compromise on where to go and what to eat. yay. we totally love pw -.- and mario rocks!

our neoprint! this neoprint is like a million times better than the stupid machine with wind (cos we didnt know how to operate it and obviously weeloon's consistent failing in jap in sec sch didnt help =p) though they didnt have SHITS. the deco options kinda sucked. =p haha LOVE IT ANYWAY!

sad that minyi, meix and i had to leave early >.< hope the guys and jaey had fun! =)

neo shithead

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photos and neoprint


really love the neoprint we took! (: big and spacious, lots of deco stuffs, lots of time to take (provided there aren't a lot of people there) AND the print quality is REALLY GOOD. hahaha. yay.


the other individual prints i scanned can be found here, along with all other shots (random or non-random) taken throughout class day! click click :D

i uploaded like 90 over photos at a go that blogger started asking for word verification for EVERY SINGLE additional entry i post >.< hmm. anyway, happy loading (:

all others who have photos pls upload tooo! thankew (:


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Falling asleep and nose starting to run but in any case, let's put a nice period to today's celebrations. =)

It has been an entertaining and fun filled day for me and I would like to thank every single member of 75 who made the event possible and what it was.

Amongst those I have to thank, as you might have already realised that tht would be every one, there are as follows, some of whom I've already mentioned:

- Em for keeping track of the admin stuff and check list while I was caught up with my trainings and practices.
- Yahting for the venue and the nice Happie Class Day 75 deco
- Fel for making the tokens of appreciation under tight budgets and despite being informed only 2 days beforehand
- Kailing and gang for taking to trouble to source out cakes and buying the rich chocolate one eventually
- Jonathan for the excellent suggestion of pyramid game
- Awyong for jointly coming up with the idea of catering which offered much interaction with really minimal hassle
- Karin, Jaey and Clement for the wonderful afternoon at k box
- Wee loon and Jun Hong for the fun at the arcade and also for helping to clear up the food tgt with yaozhen and gang while we were preoccupied with the Pyramid game
- Brendan for eating a lot for making me wear the same top for reducing food wastage
- All others including huiling, huili, sheldon, swin, meixuan, minyi, sam, justine, huiyi, yingtang and ruowei for your presence, participation and company, AND making the class photo complete :)
- Our three tutors, namely Mrs Lim, Miss Tan and Mr Lee for taking time off to join us for this special occasion

Despite earlier controversies and minor disputes over various issues, I would just like to clarify tht this is all in the spirit of putting less of "I" in the picture and at the same time looking at more "we"s. I should think all tht we have done, including spending the afternoon doing different activities is justified for when at the end of the day we find ourselves satisfied, happy and our money well spent. I would rather have a happy class day than a pseudo-united class day. And thanks for all the compromises and tolerance because no one can be clearer than ourselves as to how much we've given in.

With that, enjoy your week ahead and long live 75.

na9ek :[


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Class Outing (Sunday)

Day Activity
Schauplatz: Jurong Entertainment Centre
Zeit: meet at 1pm [pls be on time:)]

Tätigkeit 1 : Ice-skating
Mehr Informationen: To prevent over-taxing your body's homeostasis mechanisms, please wear long pants/ jeans and suitable clothing and bring along gloves. (If you do not have gloves, you can borrow one from someone or buy one at Fuji.) Yup, and to prevent over-taxing your body's repair mechanisms, please wear/ bring along socks.

Anyway... For first timers, don't worry... You will have our utmost support (moral support). Just in case, here is more information for you.

First Time Beginner
1. Wear thicker socks to prevent blistering
2. Get skates that fit tight to prevent blistering. Our instructors will be there to help you.
3. Lace your skates up all the way, and snugly. If your toes go numb within a few minutes, you've laced them too tightly. If, when you stand up on dry land, your ankles flop to the inside, you haven't laced them tightly enough (or else the skates are too big, or possibly are just worn out). Don't let your laces flop around loosely. If there is extra lace, do something such as double knotting them to keep them from tripping you!
4. It is compulsory to wear gloves. They protect your hands in falls. You can bring your own gloves or buy them from our Technology Sport or Snack Bar in Fuji Ice Palace.
5. Start out by just "walking" on the ice.
6. Stand up straight (don't bend forward, it will make you fall forward), and hold your hands/arms out slightly to your sides.
7. Skate WITH traffic. Don't go into conned up area for the Skating School.
8. Falling is quite common for beginners so please be careful. If you fall, get onto your knees, and then bring one leg up so that one skate is on the ice. Help yourself up with your hands, and stand up on the skate that's on the ice. Don't try to stand up with both blades touching the ice. They'll just slide out from under you.
(provided by Fuji Ice Palace)

Group Admission for 4 Group of 4 enjoys unlimited skating time but the group has to ENTER and EXIT at the SAME TIME.
Group for 4: $36.80
Skates Rental: $2.10 per skater

Admission Rates (2 hours)- Admission is strictly for 2 hours in Fuji Ice Palace and this 2 hours include the 20 minutes Ice Resurfacing Time at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.
Child/ Student: $8.4012 years and below are considered child. Age above 12 years old have to produce student pass for verification.
Skates Rental: $2.10

Tätigkeit 2,3 : (other options) If you're seriously against entering polar bear den, here are some other options for you- Kbox, movie watching...


Evening/ Night Activity
Schauplatz: YahTing's hse (function rm)
Zeit: 7.05pm

Tätigkeit: Buffet dinner + games
Mehr Informationen: For your information, there will be loads of food available (buffet, free ice-cream, cake) so please do not eat too much during the day. We will need to borrow your stomachs for this evening. Anyway, don't be paiseh in any way. Help yourself!
We will be playing games like the current fat (oops, er... fad) , Pyramid Game and perhaps other games (time requirements). Oh yar... Judging from the relative close proximity the f(n) rm is to the pool, we would suggest that you bring an extra change of clothes unless you want to go home as a "drop into soup chicken".

Aiz... Sorry ah... I'm a very luo1 suo1 person... Congratulations on reaching the end of this notice.

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for a worthy cause 2


The Hwa Chong Interact Club is working with our parent club, The Rotary Club, to collect old spectacles from YOU!

These old spectacles probably mean nothing much to you now with such funky new designs (heh!!), so instead of throwing them away and wasting resources, or keeping them to collect more dust, why don't put them to better use? (provided you still keep them!) they would mean A LOT to other people who don't have their own!

Donate them to the Interact Club! The Rotary Club would be sending these spectacles to countries such as the Phillippines and Cambodia, where people cannot afford to make their own spectacles.

The collection would continue for the whole of May; just drop your spectacles in boxes found in the Education & Career Guidance room. Specs should come with their boxes, or wrapped with paper so that these specs won't be scratched.

!! i know the no. 1 qn that comes to your mind is, how will the degree match?!

i know, it came to me too and was brought up. well these people cannot afford their own spectacles, so they'll gladly accept whatever they have. what you can do it DONATE your specs and ENCOURAGE people around you to do so as well! so we'll collect MORE SPECS, giving them more CHOICES! the chances of them getting a better match are HIGHER!

so do your part (= the Interact Club would really appreciate your efforts. don't worry, i'll nag till everyone brings their old specs to school =D

thank you all, in advance! haha.

feL neO rO x


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class discussion (=

heyyo 75!

think the 13 of us who stayed back after GP had quite a good discussion on certain issues that are.. directly or indirectly related the class outings or class day. hmm. i thought it was good that we had a peaceful discussion although we might have sounded a bit too aggressive at some points and ideas might have clashed. but at least most of us did voice out what we think (i hope? =D) i guess i haven't been contributing a lot to the class and haven't been compromising and accommodating a lot, so i'm not in the right position to say too much about class day, but anarchists support individual choices!

everyone has a part of play in this class, it's up to the individual to decide if they want to be involved in something related to this class. yeah, to a certain extent we want to do what we can, but then again, how are you going to define what we really can do, what makes a good/great class outing? i think the least we can do is to try our very best and we'll have no regrets. some people may complain like 3 weeks after the event, but ahemZ. if these people can't even be bothered to go or be involved in the planning, then we can just ignore their comments? anyway, we cannot change a person's thinking just by forcing him/her to go for class outings, because being left out is really a painful thing :( let's not say who's at fault that a person is left out because it really depends on the situation.

perhaps we thought too much, and want to make the class outing as ideal as possible. whatever it is.. in jon's words, time will tell (:

like kegan said, we don't organise a class outing to form bonds, but to strengthen the bonds. i think for now our class is not too bad, we just keep going and keep trying. the more you force people, the more unhappiness there will be. so just let things be and.. time will tell.

at this point, i'll just like to thank those people who have constantly been putting in effort to be involved in things for the class, including and especially for this year's class day [= you all know who you are so.. heh. don't be humble!

yay. err. hope i made sense. and hope we have more of such class discussions! =D

feL neO rO x


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for a worthy cause

Hi! The OCIP Shanghai group will be going to 2 rural schools in
Shanghai to refurbish their libraries.

We will be collecting
1) simple English pictorial books
2) board games
3) old toys (e.g lego sets, uno, monopoly..etc)
4) alphabet mats
5) english flashcards

You can drop them in the boxes placed in the inner plaza from 3rd
May to 9th May 2006.

We will also be selling popcorns and kaya toast in the canteen to raise
funds for the trip. Do drop by our booth and support us! =)Thanks!



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Press Release, 01/05/2006 for 75 Corp.


Somehow or another the company has yet entered another deficit. equities have been going down, as such we have taken up bonds with the bank and are in debt. the forecast for the next quarter is bleak, with the projected growth of the company being -4.73%. Share prices are on the low. We have been trying to decrease the total variable costs and attempting to reduce the fixed costs associated with our monthly traditions of celebrating out employees birthdays, but to little avail. There has also been a large change in the top management but no commendable results were immediately obvious. Therefore, after several sleepless nights, the management has decided to alter the accounts employ top financial advisor Legan Kee and Associates to provide a thorough analysis of this dire situation in hopes of reversing our imminent doom. We are pleased to announce that he has come up with the final solution, and this solution is as follows:

1. Instead of us paying you, you pay us!
2. In view of 1., all employees are to pay a token sum of $20.00 on tuesday, 2 may 2006, to ensure the continued survival of our company. (and our company d & d on 7 may 2006)

3. The following employees: jonathan, tzeyi, justine, felicia, huiling, mingswin, kailing and jiaying, have demonstrated unprecedented dedication and devotion and hence have a 50% discount, needing to pay only $10.00. The class accounts can be viewed for proof of this.


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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