thanks for cooperating by promptly submitting your cards. For your informations the gifts are half completed already, credits go out to lactic and em who stayed back today, and those who helped out in one way or another. Upon developing the photos, we'll seal it up and tadaaa. Anyone who wish to see the final product besides seeing the photos of it should come to school on Monday or Thursday when we give it to the teachers.

Kindly retrieve your cca testimonials from the class pigeon if you drop by school next week, before wednesday since wednesday is the deadline for uploading your testimonials. Thanks for your prompt submission as well.

Please bring along your verified cca records on Wednesday morning for submission, as Wednesday is also the deadline for subimission.

Due to a lousy state of mind thanks to a horrible immunity, pardon the unsystematic collection of funds and such. The class fund will need urgent reimbursement after Prelims, and to those who have paid $4 for the ice cream today, I'm happy to inform you tht you will only have to pay $6 for class fund next term while the rest will have to pay $10. An estimated number of 12 ppl have paid for the ice cream today.

In addition, the following individuals who have yet to pay for your class photos, pls do so by Wednesday - Sheldon, Swin, Ying Tang, Sam, Minyi, Brendan, Jonathan and Meixuan.

Those who have yet to pay Hui Yi and Wee Loon, pls do so asap as well.

All the best.



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ArLoz, hope you read this tonight.

To the 5 who have yet to finish your testimonials, pls do so by tml morning.

To the 9 who have yet to finish writing your cards, pls do so by tml morning.

To the 26 who have yet to pay the $5 extra for subject rep fund, pls do so by tml morning.

To the unknown number who wants to eat ice cream tml, pls bring more money tml.

To those falling sick pls rest well and dun burn out.

To those, oh well.

Bring your CCA records and hand it to me on the morning of GP paper. By hook or by crook. Or maybe by Tom.



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class page update II

hey all!! class page finalised!! yea! - click the link then click "Download for free with FileFactory Basic" to dl

coloured (4.7 mb)

b & w (3.3 mb)


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photos for everythinggg -.-

hello! finally uploaded the photos. hmm. i'm too lazy to choose which ones are nicer and which ones aren't, so check them out at my photoblog. i'm even too lazy to change captions for some of the photos -.- haha.

i've also uploaded some photos taken during the cooking session for chem pract and urm.. today's celebration for august babies (:

err. i've a few videos, but i'm still laZy. next time :D

here are a selected few!

once again, THANK YOU SAM for the nice design of our class page!!! :)


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class page

hey all! latest updates on the class page! finally got down to do a design and here it is! (will be replacing the center pic by the one we will be taking 2mr ") yea.. here it is after hours of editing and stuff..whoo..

Free Image Hosting at
thought it made a rather cool and minimalistic desktop wallpaper so i've uploaded this too =)

Free Image Hosting at

in colour

Free Image Hosting at
in b&w


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hey..... anione interested in dinner together after sch next friday?
i mean like we can play frisbee or something after sch first, den go out for dinner at adam's rd food centre or the prata shop opposite beauty world..
need to exercise and destress after a wk of sch mar... so how?

tell me!



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click the link!!!

haha don't want to thanks up class space so pls click this link!!!


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haha...another post frm me...

this was sent to me by my friend...happy mugging T.T don't be too stressed otherwise give weird answers like this =)


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When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM
When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER
When you rearrange the letters:MOON STARER
When you rearrange the letters:A ROPE ENDS IT
When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE
When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE
When you rearrange the letters:HERE COME DOTS
When you rearrange the letters:CASH LOST IN ME
When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY
When you rearrange the letters: LIES - LET'S RECOUNT
When you rearrange the letters:ALAS! NO MORE Z 'S
When you rearrange the letters:IM A DOT IN PLACE
When you rearrange the letters: THAT QUEER SHAKE
When you rearrange the letters: TWELVE PLUS ONE
When you rearrange the letters:WOMAN HITLER
Yep! Someone with waaaaaaaaaaaytoo much time on their hands! (Probably a son-in-law)Bet your friends haven't seen this one!!!DON'T FORGET TO SHARE THIS!


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Things that make us singaporeans

since national day just over let look at the things that make us singaporeans(from talking

1. Thanks to SMS, you have an extra large thumb.
2. Tks 2 SMS, u oso dun no how 2 spel n e mor.
3. You pat MRT and bus seats to cool them before you sit down.
4. At lunch, you start discussing what to eat for dinner.
5. Your wedding photos include shots of you dressed up like Louis XIV, Michael Jackson, or Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic.
6. When speaking to foreigners, you somehow feel a need to adopt an accent. (If you’re a DJ, this happens even when you’re not speaking to foreigners.)
7. You won’t raise your voice to protest policies, but you’ll raise your fists to whack someone over Hello Kitty.
8. You’re forever talking about businesses you want to set up but will probably never get around to starting.
9. You don’t know ¾ of the people attending your wedding.
10. You separate food into 2 basic groups: ‘heaty’ and ‘cooling’.
11. You’re never completely sure how many times you’ve sung the second verse of the National Anthem.
12. You think that what makes you ‘married’ is not the legal registration but whether you’ve thrown a 12 course dinner.
13. You marry for the real estate breaks.
14. You have kids for the tax advantages.
15. You move to where you want your child to go to school.
16. You feel you can’t walk around naked in your own flat.
17. You force your children to take Speech & Drama classes, but pray they won’t wind up in Arts later on.
18. You suddenly realize you’re very interested in biotech - just like you suddenly realized three years ago that you were very interested in e-commerce, and before that, engineering, and before that, medicine and law.
19. You think being an entrepreneur is setting up a bubble tea/Portuguese egg tart/gao luck/porridge shop right next to an existing bubble tea/Portuguese egg tart/gao luck/porridge shop.
20. You think people are inconsiderate when they don’t leave their table immediately after eating at the food court but think you have every right to take 25 bites to finish the last red bean in your ice kachang.
21. You find it impossible to make suggestions without drawing a fishbone chart first.
22. If you’re a guy, whenever you get together with your guy friends, you invariably trade army stories.
23. If you’re a girl, whenever you get together with your girl friends, you invariably trade stories about how your stupid guy friends are forever trading army stories.
24. You think the most important sporting event in Singapore this year was David Beckham switching from Manchester United to Real Madrid.
25. You somehow feel that food tastes better when eaten by a longkang.
26. It actually makes a difference to you being called an ‘NSMan’ rather than a ‘Reservist’.
27. You’ve eaten more times at the Esplanade than you’ve actually seen shows there.
28. You need campaigns to tell you how to be courteous, to flush toilets, have sex, etc.
29. When you visit the Zoo, you wonder what the animals taste like.
30. You feel the urge to add the suffix ‘-polis’ to everything, viz. Biopolis, Airtropolis, Fusionopolis, Entrepolis, etc.
31. You always feel oddly hungry at 11 pm, and are willing to drive to far away places for supper.
32. You meet in hotels a lot.
33. Your children have a rudimentary knowledge of Tagalog or Bahasa Indonesia.
34. You work at McDonald’s when you’re old rather than young.
35. You’ll gladly spend $50,000 on a car, but will go to great lengths to save a few bucks on ERP charges or even a few cents on a parking coupon.
36. Pork floss and mayonnaise on bread is a completely natural combination to you.
37. If you’re pregnant, you have the strange ability to make people on the MRT fall asleep instantly.
38. You ask for the bill by miming a signing movement.
39. You’ve started referring to foreign employees as ‘talent’ instead of ‘expatriates’.
40. At the dinner table, you’re always discussing which other food places serve better versions of what you’re eating.
41. You copy down licence plate numbers of cars involved in accidents.
42. You think your boyfriend doesn’t really love you unless he gives you part of his liver.
43. During sales, you book hotel rooms near malls to enable you to shop more efficiently.
44. You pronounce the letter ‘R’ as ‘ah-rer’ and the letter ‘H’ as ‘haytch’.
45. No matter how old you are, you keep associating people with their secondary schools. (alternative: No matter how old you are, you secretly need to know what other people got for their PSLE, O levels and A levels.)
46. You’re always on a quest for the definitive version of your favourite local dish.
47. When you explain things to people, you keep (a) using alphabets, and (b) speaking in point form.
48. You believe that you can generate ‘creativity’ through rules and committees.
49. You ‘chope’ a seat by placing a packet of tissues on the chair.
50. You’re very forthright with your criticisms of the Gahmen, unless there’s a chance they might actually hear you.
51. You diligently track the whereabouts of your favourite hawkers, know that the famous Tiong Bahru Bao is now in Jurong, the famous Outram Char Kuay Teow is now in Hong Lim Centre and the famous Lau Hock Kien Hokkien mee from the old Lau Pa Sat is now at Beach Road.
52. Your mother probably can’t speak your ‘mother tongue’.
53. You’d rather drink your own pee than pay someone more for water.
54. You secretly find that the best part of the Speak Good English Movement is hearing the Singlish bits in their ads.
55. You have an automatic sensor in your head which categorizes people you meet into stayer/ quitter, cosmopolitan/heartlander, normal/ express/ gifted, etc.
56. You think we’re living in a modern, sophisticated country even when our leaders still insist on wearing their school uniforms.
57. You wish your constituency is in a walkover, because otherwise it’s damn ‘leceh’.
58. During elections, you decide that there is no credible opposition even though you don’t know the name of the opposition candidate in your constituency.
59. You think having a constitution is like the condition you get when you don’t eat enough fibre.
60. You can never quite remember what “the core values” of Singaporeans are.



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class page

heez.. saw kegan's tag jus now so i thought i ought to post something to get it started =D (whee.. this is one of the rare times that i m posting!)

haha... ok.. guess we've all decided to include e 75 pic (above) in it rite? but in addition if we are going to include another 'us as j2s' 75 pic next to it we must take it fast cos the deadline fer e page is just another wk away..hmm.. yes! & we have to decide on a day on which everyone will be present and looking gd =D.. and considering this ndp week being laid with many 'potential ponning' days.. lets take on monday the following week?? rmb must take early cos must leave time for e designing =] and must decide on our photographer too..

oh yes on to e design part.. so who's designin?? sam is willing to help but requires kind assistance of many cos he's kinda busy lately (with pushing up his grades).. heheh.. so anyone with creative ideas pls contribute generously! .. (or mayb can do smth like e td gift idea??)

and yes which photos to include? 75's a trigger happy bunch so we have tonnes of photos to choose from.. do we want individual pics like <---those over there ? or random pics (like yz and brendan with the sunflower during bio prac)? or both?? haha.. or minyi can draw a 75 manga pic too.. or we can oso include doodles of a 75 net frisbee game~ being random

yup yup basically everyone jus try to think of ideas to make our class page look nice and special.. yea.. cos we stone we rock we boulder!! yep.. dats all frm me now.. just to start it rolling ~ =D nights!



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Lolxz, enjoy!

Anyway a few things which keep slipping my mind:

1) Teachers' Day Performance Application
If any of you guys are interested in forming a group to perform anything for t day, pls get the application form from me, deadline for submission is... not stated.

2) Teachers' Day flower order
SC is selling flowers again for teachers' day. This year there are daisies ($1 each), sunflowers ($2 each, $6 bouquet of 3) and roses ($1.50 each, $7.50 bouquet of 5) The problem is today is the deadline but i think there'll be a lil grace period. If you want, pls sms over the weekend or buzz me online.

3) J2 dedication in Prom Magazine
All J2s CTs get a page of prom mag free. Deadline for dedication designs is 17th. Any creative juices, pls go ahead and design, have exactly 2 weeks. Any additional dedications beyond the page, including dedications for frens from other classes, ccas etc will be separately charged.
Every 50 words - $6
Half page - $30
Full page - $50
Design specifications : 300 pix/inch, 21cmX25cm

4) Teachers' Day gift
Awyong has passed her idea around. If you have any better idea/improvement, pls let us know soon else we have to start work soon while we are still slightly freer.

5) Post-prom
Anybody keen in booking hotel room after prom? FeL said her father could help and tzeyi says it's bout 300+. I'm pretty clueless bout the procedures and cost so any kind so with the know-how pls do step forward lolxz.

Wheee, we have our own brand of frisbee lolxz, and so we've decided to name it Flying Mooncake ha. No more Ultimate Frisbree!




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PhYsiCs PrE-pReLiM ReVisIoN LecTuRe SchEduLe

Week 7


Revision 1: Dynamics
LT2: Band 2 & 3
LT3: Band 4 & 5

Revision 2: Waves

Week 8


Revision 3: Forces, Work, Energy and Power
LT2: Band 2 & 3
LT3: Band 4 & 5

Revision 5: EM and EMI


LT3: Circular Motion and Gravitation
LT2: Electronics

Mock Prelim P2



Revision 6:
LT3: Electric Field and Milikan Oil Drop Expt
LT2: AC and Capacitance

Revision 7: Fluids


Go through Mock Prelim P2
LT2: Band 2 & 3
LT3: Band 4 & 5

Mock Prelim P3
Homework: Mock Prelim P1

Week 10

Monday's lecture: Go through Mock Prelim P3

BT2 Marks Range
Band 1 : 60% - 100%
Band 2 : 56.3% - 59.9%
Band 3 : 50.9% - 56.2%
Band 4 : 41.0% - 50.5%
Band 5 : 0.0 - 40.5%

Please be informed that there will be no physics lecture/revision on the wednesday of week 7 as it's time to celebrate our nation's birthday (rejoice...). Those people who indicated that they are taking the Mock Paper (all the XY chromosomes), please be present. As for the rest of those who are not taking the Mock Prelim paper (all the XX chromosomes, coincidentally), Mr Lee said that he'll ask the teacher-in-charge regarding the issue of giving us the Mock Prelim paper to practise ourselves, because he's not sure whether they are printing for the whole level or not. As for Revision 4 & 6, please proceed to the respective venues where the lecture of the topic of your choice is conducted.

Hmmz...that's all folks...Other than the paragraph right above, the rest is brought to you by the Physics Department. Enjoy!!


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


  • class gathering??
  • xmas party??

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    27 - Justine

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