nature presents

to all those who have a thing for

scrapbook-making/beautiful textured papers/artsy-fartsy yet sophisticated envelopes & cards

or just looking for paper materials to handmake or personalise a gift for friend(s)..

please visit:

Nature Presents..
Beautiful things for beautiful people

Bras Basah Complex, #02-93 (corner store opposite Popular bookstore)

selling unique hand-made paper that cannot be found anywhere else in singapore!
freshly imported from London and India.
a wide assortment of designs and patterns available.
guaranteed satisfaction!

so what are u waiting for?
Grab your cash and go now!
(actually, not really. my advice is to wait for a week or two, cos that will be when the big shipment of paper is coming in!)


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hellooo, it's boring feL again :) hahaha other people, blog leh.

i just wanted to let you know our blog has FINALLY moved -.- they forced me to la, crap.

so now it's the NEW blogger. pui.

password: the same :)

HAHAHA. crap, i wanted smth like HC.05s75 cos it's so bloody felneo.rox. right.

yay 24feb07! it's going to be officially one of my favourite days of this year la. everyone try to turn up ok! :)


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chinese new year reunion dinner 2007

hello people! kailing here. :)

anyway, just a little note to inform you all that i have made a reservation at essential brew @ holland village for this saturday, 24th feb. i told the person that we would be there from around 630pm. we can stay for as long as we want, i supposed. and the place closes at 2am on saturdays. lol.

yups, so you guys can either meet 605pm at buona vista MRT or 625pm outside essential brew (see .

please confirm attendance asap to me. also tell me whether you will meet at mrt or at essential brew. (some of you might want to go suntec for the allied health career fair in the afternoon)

and on that day, please wear comfortable clothings which you can sit down on the floor with.. cuz this place is the sit-on-the-floor kind. and do bring enough money as each person will spend around 15 to 20 bucks. you can click on the website above to take a look at the menu to have an idea of what food you will order and how much you would need to pay.

hope to see you there and happy new year!

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cny 2oo7

hello =)

for all those who couldn't join us today.. photographs!

from 4th level

the redcarpet :) nice symmetry

Group photo before jaey left!
yahting, Mrs Lim, huiyi, huiling, minyi, jaey and i :)

before minyi left!
from the left, Kai Ling, Aw Yong, Minyi, Huiyi, Hui Ling & Yahting.
extra bren at the back :D HAHAH

cheryl, yuchuan, lekchia, toon, sean, awyong and i :)
3 generations!
awyong and cheryl were toon's mortals & sean's angels
yuchuan and i were toon's angels & lekchia's mortals (though jaey was lekchia's mortal too :D)

fac dances!

apollo, black with specks of yellow

athena, green

ares, red

artemis, blue

all facs together waiting for results!
lovely colours :)

lol omg i almost lost my voice from screaming. was quite disappointed with apollo cos they were so unenthu! though our grandjuniors were superrrrr enthu =) hahaha!

and we did the hoogashaga cheer, if you all still remember. HAHAH. the one we did during orientation? we must make a point to say the cheer everytime we go back to hwachong la, it's so FUN because it's totally embarrassing and unglam. HAHAHA.

anyway ARES won the fac dance competition >.< but they kinda deserved it haha. i dont know why they didn't take off the jackets in the end leh, if they did it'd have looked damn cool x)

ok happy cny everyone!

the rest of the photos can be found at my photoblog, or a similar collection + detailed recount @ my friends-only LJ (if you can read, good for you =D)

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happy v day!


ok sorry i unscrewed the words! :O
the page wouldn't load on my comp so i didn't know >.<

remember how we spent our vdays for the last 2 years? :) well, no surprise from the guys these year since 5/6 of them are stuck in army. i hope they celebrate in there somehow! xP yeah, no balloon bursting, no nice cookies, no pretty shoe laces, no comfy pillows, no photo-whoring. memories :)

it might be a normal day for many of us and a special day for a few of us, but whatever it is, be thankful for your friends and families and other half for all the love they've showered us :)

click here for the history of vday :D:D

eh well, just some updates. haha! yes as i complained on the tagboard i failed my basic theory test. i was just really pissed with myself cos i found some stupid mistakes after all. and if i didn't make them i would have passed. lol. so i was meant to fail anyway and i'll learn from my mistakes :) thanks dearies who have sent your regards, and minyi i think i won't give up (yet), i just hope i don't fail all the rest of the tests. LOL. i'm going to look for some pro instructors HAHAHA. but hoh, if the student is stupid no matter how pro the instructor is, he/she will still fail. SHIT. haha. urps.

YESS please don't smoke it's bad for health :( and makes you unpopular among girls in class! hahahaha seee :) that should make you motivated NOT to smoke WAHAHAHAH.

ok i'm really looking forward to CNY hope to see many of you then! and emily! get well soon okay! :)

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3 recruits and a civilian

haha here to upload pictures from the dinner we had too. mass painfully needed a respite at Sakae..hehe and first time seeing clement's shaven head! got to hear very interesting army stories for the past 2 days now..quite looking forward =) snapshots..

Recruit #1 clem was really tanned. just came out from 6-day outfield camp

Recruit #2 haha sam recounted how he had the standing board jump test..and everyone did 230+ sam did 260+ and the officer told him to jump dear more!

sam looking really cute in the cap

Recruit #3 mass said he ate a lot..and proudly still maintained 60kg frame..u w.a.i.t.

civilian #1 cant wait to get his green army card..and struggling to go beyond 30 push ups.

poor mass..waited an hour for the bento set while the three other pigs tucked in. kegan quite politely asked for a feedback form after the 3rd reminder..(this time to the manager) eventually i asked, even more politely this time xp , for a tiny token of compensation, and got 10% off our dinner haha! equivalent to waiving the service charge..or ahem..the lack thereof.

but of course.. xD

group picture

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class girls' dinner (:

sorry em! we didn't really take a lot of photos lol. haha cos we just sat around and chatted whole night :) nice meeting you girls! and it felt really good to chat up like that :) we should do it more often! xP

but too bad em, minyi, awyong, kailing and yat couldn't join us! :( next time okieee!

i'm looking forward to the reunion dinner :) hope many many people can make it! :D

lots of love!

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cny reunion- info needed

okies. i need the dates which these people can make it.

those who are darn free, can help me ask them. need the dates asap to confirm with you guys when reunion dinner will be. and of cuz, the location and stuff like that. so deadline is most likely monday before i start chasing after them. lols.

anyway, how is life? you all should update here in the blog if you are free! :)

so here is my update:

i just joined amore fitness! it is a fitness club for females only. haha.. went for pilates lesson and i must say i quite like it! have been going to the gym quite regularly too. yay! hopefully i would become fitter. :)

work is busier for me now since JAE is starting soon. did a lot of movers stuff, aka shifting furniture and transporting cartons of things. wow. i see muscles building up. HAHA. and i got to work this saturday too.. haha. boo.

going to have an early reunion dinner with my mum side this sat, so wun be joining the girls for their fortnightly gatherings. hehz. either way i would be eating a lot. oh wells.

i cant wait for our american dream to come true. will it really happen? i hope so! i will save up for it! :) it would be quite cool to travel together as a class. :) whee~

alright. i guess that is about it. haha... awyong recommended to me. think that it is quite a nice place to watch serials. though i haven actually got down to watching them yet. lols. okies.. take care people and see u all soon!



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cny reunion

hello people! got the cny dates available from SOME of you people...
as of now, we will be having the reunion dinner on the 24th of feb, which is a saturday.. so please keep it free.. and it will prob be a DINNER at essential brews located in holland v.

and as for the army guys, i will confirm with them again this wkend. if possible. yups. keep the 24th free! thanks a lot.


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shine on, dazzling 75 :)

nice top :D

have fun everybody, or work hard at work, see you guys soon :)


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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