sentosa photos

sorry ppl... here are the photos..

the gals..

minyi and ruowei

colours of the rainbow... very pretty =)

the girls in black

group photo =D

it appears that brendan is piggy-backing kegan (picture taken by emily)

erps.. and then he dropped kegan? (picture taken by emily too)

Then we played dodgeball (oops.. i sort of forgotten the name.. is it right?)

*huiyi =)


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SeNtOsA OutINg


So sorry about this late notice.. there aren't many people who can make it this saturday, so nope, the outing's not on. we're thinking of postponing it to next sat instead (24th March i think)..kindly book the date!! and let either huiling or i know as to whether you can make it or not. thanks:)

heard the guys had passing out parade! congrats!:)



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arLoz pplz!

Private na9ek here muaha. ok nonsense. Just to inform yall tht my address is officially changed to (PRIVATE) Haha sorry lah huh, going budget (primarily why we shifted) so dun have housewarming =/ lolxz oh and yes, my house number, (PRIVATE). So change ya contact list now!

Hmmms, what happened to the outing? I thought there was so much buzz bout it. Hope all yer uni and scholarship apps went fine! Till we meet again =)


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HEY CLASS PLEASE READ THIS OKAY! (for those applying for the global merit scholarship awards and didnt receive the sms i sent out ><)

this is regarding the referee report most of us asked mrs lim to write for us. mrs lim said it would exactly the same report as our testimonial, so mrs lim suggests (better word to use would be advise) us to get another teacher to write the report because it would be to our advantage if we used another teacher's report (cos the testimonial already got her signature). however since its such a short notice, she decided if u guys cant find teachers to make another reference, she would send out the referee report for us nonetheless, by this coming thursday. so its really up to us now...

so decide ok! and tell mrs lim if u found another teacher to write the report/if u decide u want mrs lim to send the report for you.

jiayou everyone! thursday is such a busy busy busy day. good luck!!



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NEXT class outing!!

WAH I can't believe that I actually managed to log into this blog.I tried to log in previously but it always hangs, or else I couldn't even access the site. screwed site. anww yup I know all of you out there are busy with applications and essays, the ns guys busy trying to pass ippt on monday(or have you all passed??).sighs the applications are really giving me headaches.*pulls hair* sigh.k bet many girls are feeling the same way now too.JIA here's sth which you can look forward to..


This is suppose to be organized by Justine and I. Somehow, the dates which we sorta confirmed are like the dates in which both Justine and I won't be free. haha. Of course everything ain't really confirmed yet. WE NEED RESPONSE from you guys. yea. The ns guys will have their POP on 14th 15th march so we have decided that probably...

17/18 March (Sat or Sun) will be a good date as more people may turn up (due to the guys' involvement and girls on leave?). of course like I said ealier this does not include Justine and I..

and the location wld most likely be...SENTOSA! yeah!!!! EXCITED right. been ages since we last visited there..

yup and we will prob be playing the usual games of frisbee or ball and prob go into the water for some wet fun. HAH. The details cannot be confirmed yet until we GAIN RESPONSE. YUP so plssss reply asap via either the tagboard or hp to justine or myself if you can make it on either date.yupps. Please check the blog for updates on this matter. yoooohooo and yipppeeee!




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ahhh i'm so excited! [and so's fel and garbie! =p]


so we were thinking of planning a class girls shopping trip to hongkong somewhere in may/june.
and we'd like your feedback cos planning this sort of thing takes alot of time, and we need to see if the response is favourable to go ahead with planning.

we were thinking of a 5day sort of thing.
NOT with a package tour, cos that sucks alot of fun out of it.
cost [haha isn't this the most important? xp] would be about $1000 to $1500.
and that's INCLUDING expenditure on shopping and food (:
cos the flight and accomodation will be about $600-$700.
sounds good doesn't it? [haha. oh man i'm talking to myself. too excited le]
andandand! flight will be on SIA or cathay pacific, not a budget airline!

so how?
are you'll interested?
please tell me or karin or ruowei asap k.
need to plan =D

we got these price figures on zuji lahh. so should be quite good le.
and of cos if more people go the cheaper it'll get(:
yupps. hope you'll will come!
think it'd definitely be an experience worth remembering for life(:

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reunion dinner 2oo7

hehe! it was pretty nice to laze around and talk. though i think my seat sucked, cos i didn't move AT ALL. but i still enjoyed myself.

24feb07 :) thank you kailing for organising! :) next one to sentosa huh.

sorry i don't like those kinda romantic lightning lor, i prefer bright bright ones then can see my face clearly HAHAHAHAH.

oh please pardon the red eyes! forgot to turn on red-eye reduction, and no time to edit la!

Essential Brew. and we thought it was a cosy place. hahah!

i was sitting with them! yahting, em and awyong :D

the inner row!

hehe! class photo, before kegan left.

got this artistic feeeeel about this photo :D

huiling, minyi, huiyi, yahting and me!

there, that's swin and his cap! oops, haha i just like the text on it :)

not gay at all, really ;) weeloon and brendan.

whee so cute la yaoZ! haha!

grp pic with jaey ard this time round :D

hahaha! karin looks damn funny. they wore the colours of trees xP

awwww :) love this photo! so sweeeeeeeeeet. HAHAH.

hahah! when he insisted that CNN is CCN, when awyong accidentally said BBC is BCC :D

royal family of ????, with tzeyi missing. tsk! who ask him to pon.

the people i've been closest to the whole of 2 years in hwachong :D
from left, jaey, minyi, meix, me and huiyi!

the rest are at my photoblog :) got like 99 photos altogether or smth. so wait patiently! if you want the original of any photos just let me know :)

cross-posted to my own LJ xP

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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