class day 2oo7!


Thank you all who have responded and told Aw Yong your availability & preference. We've decided to go along with catering, the choice of the majority. And since no one else has volunteered their place...


Date: 5th May 2oo7
Time: 7pm till as late as you all want :D
Venue: feL's place
Meeting details: 6pm @ Yew Tee MRT [maximum allowance to be late =D but please try not to be!]
How to get there if you'd be late:
- Nearest MRT stations are CCK & Yew Tee
- You may take 307 from either station and call me when you board the bus
- You can also walk like about 15-20 minutes from Yew Tee, call me if you need walking directions
Things to bring: YOURSELF, at least $15 for the food

Please let me know by this friday (or for the guys, ASAP) if you are NOT coming, or can't meet at the specified time. otherwise i'd just assume you ARE coming & meeting us @ 5pm.

i hope this year's would be as good as last year's! sorry my house is not like some mansion and it's not like superrrr nice & comfy and i'm hoping the company is more important than the venue. See you guys then!

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heys everyone. long time since i last blogged here can't even rmb when haha. hope everyone's doing fine =) shall update abt myself a little. 9 more hrs to book in! ok as some of you might have already know, i've joined the Navy a month ago so now i am currently training to become a NO (Naval Officer) yea. might be quite unexpected for those who still dunno yet but yar i am in the NAVY now. guess i will be leading a kinda different life from now on, and yes since i signed the contract le so i can be officially considered to be officially employed under the SAF. yea doing fine so far. hope i'll be able to complete the course sucessfully =) haha. everyone try to blog more! & keep the blog alive like what bren said during our christmas dinner. yup dats all for now. need to study for test 2mr. heck it's like taking A lvls again. just dat the books that we study is all abt navigation, communications, gunnery and stuff. haha. ok lar think most guys shld find them interesting to learn. but what the heck to study! memorise chunks of info. take 2mr's ROR test for example. (ROR=Rule of the Road) -> those who took driving le shld noe, but this version for the sea. haha.

oh and spidey 3 coming out on 1st may! u guys want to watch as a class? say yes pls =) till then all the best to everyone!

almost forgot to put my name.

swtmas scribbled here =)


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arLoz! It's been ages since I could access blogger mans poop. My google account's been disabled so I can blog at no more. Change ya links! An LJ convert now, haha.

Using Opera now, my explorer was badly screwed, probably thtz why I couldn't even load the blogger home page a couple of weeks back.

Anyway just a lil update, while our last guy from class enlisted last week, I am into week 4 of my bslc course in sispec. Lots of running, pull ups and standard obstacle courses every shit day. Coupled with a grumpy and senile platoon commander, ain't exactly an ideal life mans. Ying Tang, tzeyi and weeloon are in sispec too but i think yingtang just got out-of-course. Yaozhen and brendan still in BMT. Junhong and sam in ocs. Swin in media security department. Clement in rsaf. Somebody enlighten me where jon and sheldon are now.

Hmmms, academic wise, offered education merit scholarship by moe. Not much reason to turn it down so probably gonna sign on the dotted line soon. Shall be reading physics and chem in Japan two years from now.



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inability to accessss

LOL how frustrating! i haven't been able to access cboxes (and hence our tagboard) and livejournal ALL weeeeek. so i have no idea how active (or inactive) the tagboard is =P

i hope everyone's doing well! and the guys are alive and still kicking. tsktsk. all the best to those who are still waiting for replies, or waiting for interviews (: sad to say, i'm waiting for both. the aussie unis are taking forever to reply to me, i wonder why. but i'm still pretty hopeful :) am shortlisted to go NUS Nursing interview. i'm hoping to meet the king there (x but his test is in the MORNING.. mine's in the afternoon. how very depressing.

updates on class blog please.. it's always the same few of us blogging! :( anyway yes i've successful passed my BTT & FTT (hoorayy!) but waiting for my private instructor to return from his holiday trip before i book for my test date and start my practical lessons. long story. if anyone needs/wants extra practice for your FTT within this 90-or-so days, please let me know! :D SMS me/email me/comment no this entry/talk to me on MSN (i'm perpetually online). heheh HULLO news about my driving-learning progress is exclusive, i didn't even blog on my LJ =P [okay stop sniggering.]

hahaha. i miss 75 la! i was looking through our photos and i realised how few class photos we actually have. hmm. we hardly took any proper big group photos last year. at least not at every event =P anyway some of the photo links @ my photoblog is dead la. i might re-upload them when i have the time.

yay. i'm really looking forward to 5th may! let's photowhore =P i hope people would offer their houses :D awyong (and I) somehow hopes that this particular nice person would offer his condo function room, urps. or any other kind souls :) if not don't complain if it's going to be at CCK again! (my mom has given the nod, hurhur) those who have yet to tell awyong your preference, please do! i kinda assumed you've all tried to keep 5th may free.. =P seeee i rejected the invite to a VIP's (VIP in my life) birthday party for 05s75 leh. uh.

we're going to invite TEACHERS after we settle & confirm everything (or maybe we have to), so teachers please don't complain that we're ungrateful or anything xP

okayokay this entry is turning longer than i've intended it to be (blame my long-windedness). everyone good luck with uni&scholarship applications/interviews/tests yadayada =)

uh, i honestly didn't plan to have 7 paragraphs. i changed the font colours after i've typed the whole entry, REALLY.


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class day celebrations (5th may)

how's everyone doing?
hopefully things have been going great for all you guys and girls! (:

anyway, as the title says it all, this post's gonna be all about class day.

please inform aw yong by 23rd april of
1) your availability on the evening of 5th may
2) your choice of dinner: either bbq or cater

please feel free to offer any other suggestions that you have. and it'd also be greatly appreciated if someone can volunteer their place to hold this very important event of the year.. =p

take care everyone! (:


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class day 2007

yes.. it is me. guess who? lol..
going to blog about class day! alrite.. class day is on 7th may.. but it is a monday, so i was thinking maybe we can hold it on 5th may, a saturday.. cuz then it would be more convenient for the army guys right? any better suggestions?

then i haven decided where we should go or what we should do.. but i guess a dinner at least is a must.. so please give lotsa suggestions now so we can plan it!
we can have like bbq or cater food, or go to some nice place to eat, or go someone's house for potluck, etc etc.. anyone have anything in mind just say k? it shall be a CLASS event, so everyone shall take part in the planning process...

but more imptly, keep ur 5th may free.. esp the dinner time and night.. KEEP IT FREE yar?

okays.. i wanted to update on my life also.. but i am lazy cuz it is like 2am now.. zzzzz...
shall go to bed soon..

have a nice wkend my dear classmates! see ya soon.


[EDIT] hey all! i've added this commenting system for each entry, click on it to leave comments for specific entries like THIS ONE to facilitate event planning :) everyone please try to be active!! feL ♥[/EDIT]


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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!!

Aloha! Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is back!
It's an annual world-wide ice cream event, and Ben & Jerry’s will serve up the funkiest ice cream to thank their fans for their support, and to celebrate its 29th anniversary.

It's availble at 8 selected Scoop Shops for free cones on Tuesday, 17th April from 12noon-7pm.
- White Sands
- Downtown East
- Vivo City
- United Square (Opp Toys R Us)
- Suntec City (Tower 4)
- Great World City
- The Cathay
- Raffles City

If a single serving doesn't deliver enough of a sugar rush, join the queue again for seconds or thirds!!

It's to say thanks to loyal fans, spread awareness about taking care of the environment, and raise funds for charity.

[i ripped this from
a LJ community =p]

too bad it's on a TUESDAY the guys can't make it =p HAHAH we can have a girls' outing! =DD


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SpiderMan 3


it's coming out in a month's time (3rd May)!!
Anyone wanna catch? :D (Please say yes :D tell me if you did HAHA)
anyway the pic reminded me of Jun Hong's blog haha

Urps it'd be 5 months soon, since we left school :( how fast! heh!
i remember we girls saw the trailer of Spiderman 3 and said we'd watch it together.

but BOOOOOO in these 4 months our blog already dying le! cannot let it die pleeeassseee.

okay last thing.

7th May is coming too.


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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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