to aussie part 2 ((:

haha read fel's update and i feel like updating too since it's roughly about e same thing and i haven't posted anything on this blog for eons.

i've accepted University of Melbourne's offer for vet science, so i'll be in melbourne too!hah you all could consider an outing to melbourne then visit the both of us :p like we are so da pai like that heh.

anyway, i'll be staying in uni melb's hostel cos it's near and recommended by e agent to, mix around more with all the international students, networking, networking :) my sem starts on 3rd march so wouldn't be leaving so soon...dunno whether it's good or bad news...i still have about 8 and a half months to rot here T_T will be leaving around the 19th of feb cos there's orientation on the 22nd...not confirmed yet tho cos still far...

been going for more volunteering stints lately cos i'm rather free.teaching tuition to keep my brain in non-rotting state and going back to hc quite often to train with my juniors...other than that nothing much =) hmm everyone update on your lives more too k?


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to aussie ((:

HELLO. since our class blog is dying.. i shall post some updates!

i've accepted La Trobe University's offer into their nursing course (: i'm flying on 7 Feb 2oo8, which unfortunately, or fortunately, is first day of chinese new year hahah!

click here, then on Latrobe University/RMIT Bundoora to see the kinda place i'll most likely be living in :) initially i was planning to live in Le Student 8, which is really cool cos it's a hotel, just that the first 5 levels are meant to be student accommodation. hotel, so got gym la, swimming pool la, cafe la, everything you can find in a decent hotel. but compared to the kinda apartment i'm now intending live in, the apartment's right opposite school (gotta take shuttle bus from hotel to reach school), it's a little cheaper, it's newer, it's bigger, and there's free membership to this country club so if i want the facilities i still have them =P in terms of security... i don't know yet. wait till my agent's another customer updates her about it :)

rawr. i got into NUS nursing also, saying this because i didn't bear much hope of getting in. i screwed up the interview, couldn't even answer the most basic questions they asked. what a disgrace. for a while the fickle-minded me was considering if i should just ask for a refund to my deposit and stay in Singapore. after all, i'd have some company here in NUS nursing (minyi :):))! but then. i was just being silly. hehe.

yah lor, that's all. i'm still working in my dad's office, if anyone wants to know. nothing much to do yet, still. i've been here for 5 months! and still nothing much to do. got something to do with my attitude la. alright. and i've dropped all tuition assignments (except my neighbour, because he's my neighbour) so i'm quite free on weekends now. yay. anyway i'd be likely to continue working (maybe not here, but working) till my school starts.. which is HAHA MORE THAN HALF A YEAR LATER. good news or bad news you all decide la okay =P

enough crap :D:D hope to see you all soon(: and hear more updates from all of you! our class hardly have any events now, boo.


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bio prac days!

hey alll! hahahx here's to spice up our dead blog abit. i just came across mrs goh's photo album and saw our rat dissection photos. the poor rat spread eagle xP haha what great memories it brings back! lol i was just recounting that dissection experience with my other friends that day and how interesting it was to skin the rats and all. ahhh i miss schdays agaaaaain!

nice picture rite! LOL it was named loooooong intestines. hurhurrs looks super funny they all looked super elated/amused whaha and i just hafta upload it here=D

haha okies enjoy the rest of ur week! 1 more workday left n its weekend=)) one more workweek left and..
i'll be jobless zzz hahax we'll see.
take care and have fun!

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happy class day 2oo7!

hello all x)

thanks to all those who came, your presence/attendance is appreciated. Ms Tan, Awyong, Karin, Huili, Huiling, Yao Zhen, Clement, Jun Hong, Yah Ting, Swin, Jaey, Meix, Minyi, Sam, Ying Tang, Huiyi, Justine, Kailing, Yat! pity those who couldn't come, you were missed! hope you all enjoyed yourselves.. (: thanks awyong for helping me with the preparation, meix minyi jaey yaoz for helping to clear up (and some attempts by the girls to eat more of the food), meix minyi huiyi and yaoz for staying back - that chat was great :)

the class tee pple x)

group photo once again.. but yahting and Ms Tan went home already!

the rest of the photos can be found HERE. not a lot though.

[edit] OH. & YAOZHEN SAVES THE DAY BY KICKING A COCKROACH AWAY FROM US (meix, minyi, huiyi & i) ! sorry about the caps. hahahah. i think we were convinced that army has changed him. *grins* not bad. [/edit]

yupyup. i wonder how Class Days will be like from next year onwards, but i wanna skip the emo crap for now. sometimes i feel stupid being one of the very few who blogs often, but at least i know there's ONE person who appreciates my entries. thanks yaoZ xD well, hope, like kegan said, that today's celebration mark a great start to reunions after graduation.

for those who have yet to know, i got offers for nursing courses in Curtin (in Perth) and La Trobe (in Melbourne). nevermind if you've never heard of the universities, though sometimes it affects me how most people just assume i should just go for all the top well-known/prestigious schools, or if you've never heard of it then it's not good. if the course isn't good, i wouldn't be heading there ha. ok i'm getting. emo. again. yup i'll be likely to accept La Trobe if i have to live alone (i.e. not living with jaey in Perth), have yet to accept, but high probability that i'll fly next early feb. no scholarship.

pretty glad to say i'm going to live my dreams, and i hope that if you've found yours, you'd go for them too. if you haven't, keep looking, you'll find. :)

meanwhile, take care all.

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>ok... just adding some laughs to the blog... Kopi...
>Speech by Pulitzer Prize winner: Anna Quindlen
>a little update on the melb girls
>Answers to Your Life
>the cab ride
>please take note: change of venue
>games day


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